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Monday, October 21, 2013

Your friends when they were strangers

On a Bus ride from Kingston to Westmoreland I pondered on my life and the people I met in the last few years. 

Sometimes I wished my friends remained strangers. I like them better when they did not know my flaws and when the dreams I sold them was rapt with optimism and not fraught with challenges that my Angel investors now question the validity of the investment of time, effort and resources in me. 
I was talking to a bunch of people I knew nothing about last night and I watch as my enthusiasm for my ideas and my dreams of transforming this society played upon their faces. I took them to the place of perfection in my imagination. They were with me and saw the world through my eyes. I felt mosaic. Like Jesus bringing the messianic message to an eager gathering. 

People said I could sell poison if I wanted to. A man I Dated referred to what I had as " charm". I am very good at what I do because I applied what I learnt in school. I research my idea thoroughly before I present it to my CrowdFunding groups. I admit to the obvious shortcomings but I never leave out the fact that for every adversity, there are solutions. 

People get caught up in what I say because I don't befuddle people with bullshit. I use facts and preconceived knowledge. I do not guess,I use referendum and statistics. People tell me what they want and I try to make it happen. I might not always get it right but I try my best to give people a push start.

After talking to a group of people who knew nothing about me. i reminisce on how completely rapt with attention they were as I used my laptop to not only illustrate but expand on my theories. 

I got numbers and email addresses. People ready to take the challenge with me but I wonder how many of them will stay with me for the long ride. Some will no doubt fall off the wagon because most people have a cash pot mentality to investment. They have not grasp the concepts that an investment is for long term, not short term results. 

The world does not need more professionals. The Buddha says the world need more healers, peacemakers, lovers of nature and validators of mankind. We already have too much people who are committed to maintaining this semblance of a world we live in. We need more people to tell stories, make us laugh and make our life experiences completely fulfilled. We only have one life to live and we only know this life so lets make the best of it.

There are some people who are not made to be collaborators. They are not apart of your success Journey. When you discover that there are people within your group who are no longer suited to your mission then it is time to cut your losses, pay them off and move on. Some might see this as ungrateful but some people were never meant to complete this journey with you. People who choose to be partners must understand that they have a responsibility to the process and if they for some reason become obsolete or a hindrance to the process then they will be eliminated. Success has sacrifices and in many cases in order to grow and bloom a tree has to prune its branches and start afresh. 

Mark Zuckerberg knows that because many of whom started this journey with him are not at the helm of Facebook Today. He has faced challenges with early investors and people who are only interested in their money and not so much in your passions. They do not see your projects the way you do and that is reason why most companies that are sold often end up redundant because only the first owner understood the mission statement of the enterprise. 

People who are concerned with their returns than seeing you maximize their investments and building a solid company will only distract you with their reservations about their money. People who are insecure themselves are not ready to be partners because their misgivings will eventually spill over into your business. Look for people with the same business values. Not everyone with money should be allowed to come onboard. 

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