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Monday, October 7, 2013

Note to Self: Crystal Evans

I saw Tyler Perry made a post on Facebook earlier regarding a note to himself when he was younger. I realized that I too have often looked back on my younger years and wished I had known half of what I did now. Truth is I would have spent more time reading instead of playing Jaxs, cricket, bat and run a bound, volleyball and netball. I would change so many things if I could live my life over. 

But then life is all about living and learning. I was born an empty vessel and if I had parents to teach me certain things and create a firm foundation I would not spend so much time trying to find myself. If only my family had sought some of the lofty ideals that they held for me then they would have given me a jump start on life. Truth be told they didn't know much so they could only afford to share with me what was already revealed to them. My dad recognized my passion for my books and he propelled me to seek educational advancement so that I could have a better future than he did. 

I have come to concede that committing to my academically task was not so much of a burden but because I was distracted by so many things happening in my life, I was unable to do my best.i turned out pretty well but people believe that I could have done better. I have come to realize that there might be some merit of truth in their perspective. 

At twenty five, I am committed to making the best of my latter years. I believe for the most part that god has a unique plan for my life and whatever happened in my past was shaping me for the future. God is sculpting me for something great. If Nelson Mandella can go from prison to presidency then there is hope for me. 

Note to myself 

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