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Thursday, October 24, 2013

I am sorry Jermaine Foote

Who is a murderer? Do we call the policeman a murderer when murders this young man who is a stalwart in this community. 

I am not saying that Jermaine Gussy Foote was a saint. But god knows he did not deserve to be gunned down like a dog by the very same people who swore to serve and protect us.

He is not innocent in this. He is a lesson to others that we should desist from entertaining certain elements around us. We become collateral damages in a war that was never ours to begin with. When you harbour certain people around you, you are no longer an assets to society, you become a liability, someone that society believes that they can do without. 

You unknowingly, unintentionally begin to be a proponent of a certain lifestyle. People will call it as they see it. 

When you get rich, you cannot live in the Ghetto. It is this fear of living in the Ghetto that makes so many people who get rich leave the Ghetto. 

I often wonder what purpose do we have in this life? Are we only living to die? I am thinking after the derogatory behavior and obscene utterances of members of the police force, I think that we have a real morality decay within our nation.
I know the police officers are frustrated. Fighting crime is not an easy feat especially in a country where police officers are considered kryptonite. I am worried, it may seem that only poor people and lower class citizens do not have any rights in this country. 

We still living in slavery. We can't talk when gun man kill man and we are forbidden by law to speak or investigate when police officers murder civilians. Only the rich, the privilege and the moneyed class are save from the scourge of untimely death. 

Everytime a man loses his life whether he was good or bad, I wonder if it was all for a waste. What are we living for? I often ask whose rights supersedes whom? The right of the police officer to call me a gyal and they know nothing about me? For them to treat my cousin life like a sacrilege? Whose right cancels out whom? Why it is ok for the police officers to say that they encountered a shoot out when we know contrary to that fact. We know a shoot out never occurred so why is my cousin being labelled a criminal. He kept bad company so he was not a saint. But was his bad choices worth his life and who determines how much our lives are really worth? 

We kept a candle light vigil for my blood because we understand that not all of use are given second chances in this lifetime. Some of us are expected to make good choices and if we fail to do so then we will die. 

We are not given an opportunity to do a trial and failure. It is killed or be killed. We must take his life as a lesson to us about the choices that we make. They say you cannot stop fate but I believe man chooses his own destiny. 

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