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Thursday, October 17, 2013

What are we doing for our children?

This Toy gun wrapped with black tape almost frighten me when a friend of mine took it from his nine year old nephew who was allegedly sticking up his friends with it for joke. I told my friend to put that thing away because in the night, that thing could easily pass for a real weapon and police only want know you have the gun. You would be a dead man if they drove up and saw it sticking out your waist. 

I began to elaborate to the nine year old that " all gangster either die or go to Jail". In Jamaica 90% of them end up in a coffin. He seem to think that this gun business was a joke or a medium for social approval among his peers. He is probably right, It seems only the man with the gun is respected. 

His situation got me thinking after I formed this Jamaica Youth Network dedicated to finding employment, financial aid and avenues so that our young people can sell their creative products and energies. Our society do not care about our youths. I hear of us celebrating youth month and I see nothing being done in our small rural areas for our children and young people. Nothing to my knowledge is being done and if I do not know about it then the majority of my youth population here would not have heard anything about it. 

The people uptown who feel as if they are safe and isolated from the problems of our ghetto communities should know that their friend and neighbors will be using these same ghetto youths to do hit-man jobs against them. We do not all live a vacuum, or on separate planets as we will like to think. If we do not nip crime and violence in the bud. It won't be long before its at our doorsteps. I cannot pontificate enough on this subject. 

You think poor people problem is only their problem. You need to think again. It is only a matter of time if we keep going on these slippery slopes before none of us are safe in this country. Before your gated fortresses cannot provide haven for you. You might have to migrate leave everything you have here. 

I am not saying that rich people should distribute their money to the poor. After all we are all given twenty four hours each day to become who we want to be and it is unfair for someone who has used up their twenty four hours for productivity to share his fruits with the man who sits on the corner doing nothing. 
Some people might say that most rich people in Jamaica are descendants of the plantation owners and therefore already have blood money from Slavery and a head start over most poor black Jamaicans. We have an opportunity to change how we see this world and shape a better society. 

What I am appealing is for "big society" to start offering some funding to youths with good entrepreneurial ideas in rural Jamaica. 

If we would invest more in our human capital and the ingenuity of our young men then we would be a society evolving. 

I once asked a young man why he became a scammer. He told me that he was ashamed of the one room house than him and his five siblings grew up in. And mommy are daddy was not making any foothold on life. He decided that he wanted better and the only way he could do that was through scamming. He concluded that he would rather die or go to prison than go back to a life of poverty. He opined that government says that we should stop scam but they are yet to provide viable alternatives. It is a shame that a people who abhor scamming of white people put up with slavery for over 400 years. 

I know young people are angry and they are all looking for a way out of this place. And soon we will only be left with those that have no other alternative. And then we will have bigger problems than we do now. P.S Crystal Evans 

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