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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crime stimulant in Jamaica

I was listening to a debate on the television about the recent surge in violence within our schools. The consensus was that the school children's behavior was a reflection of a degeneration of values within our society.

The school is after all a microcosm of society. It is a smaller community within a larger society with small people who live what they learnt from big people. 

I think the greatest factor with crime in Jamaica is that we have not learnt how to effectively deal with conflicts and resolve the issues that we have with each other. 

A lot of murderers are reprisals or punishment for perceived offenses brought on by others. Many people believe that death is the only fitting penalty or justice for wrongs. 

We have become lovers of things and not of humanity. We have become a people with little regard for human life. We hold instant gratification in high regard. We value our material accumulations than the lives of our kindred. 

People who curse criminals also create them indirectly. When the police kills a man with a baby in the womb, who will take care of that child? When we hire hits on people that we have conflicts with, aren't we contributing to criminality? 

I hear people talk about how technology especially cell phones have contributed to some of the problems that we have in our society. It seems people use technology for the wrong reasons. 

My mom tells me that nothing will change. She's of the belief that we have to live in fear and terror. We must be vigilante. She is of the belief that the only way to preclude oneself from the scourge is to befriend those who are on the dark side. 

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