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Friday, October 4, 2013

Many hurting Men and Women in This World

People are dying everyday around me and there is not a generic war going on in Jamaica. I am force to wonder what really would propel a young man to take up a gun and kill a young woman. Is the need for money so great? What people are really losing their lives over? I do not validate assassins because in their hit man's mind there are is no value on my life. Makes me wonder when someone is going to take my life? will i be murdered too for a perceived offence by someone who in my opinion has a very low scope of reasoning...I am sometimes afraid because i and many other people around me are vulnerable to this scourge.

But then again this too shall pass but not before many of us are murdered for the wrong reason. Not before many human lives are destroyed, children are left parentless and to become just like the assassins themselves. A young man whose mother or father was murdered, forcing him to live a life of "sufferation"; do you think for one moment that this young man will not seek a life of violence to compensate for the death of his father. How can you convince him not to hate a community that fully well knew who murdered his parent but are afraid to talk about it because they do not want to become victims. But are we really safe in this country? Can anyone be safe when as you open you mouth you dead? Are you really safe when you too can be eliminated at anytime by anyone...?


My friend was murdered almost two months ago and nothing has come of this tragedy. His family and friends are given no closure. They are yet to apprehend his killers. This leaves a community enwrapped in fear. A thousand hearts leave to bear the pain. Just a while ago another girl was shot four times.

As i said before that as a people we rancour about the wrong things in this country. We chase failed relationships yet cower in trepidation when people around us die. It is only a matter of time before we are next. At least that is what i am forced to think when criminals have began taking people's life in broad daylight.

I have learnt a lot from being an adviser for relationships online and i have discovered that there are a lot of hurting people in this world. Hurting mainly because they have refused to accept the reality of their situations. The worst people to give advice to are those that are already deluded in a lovelorn relationship. People only care about themselves and how a situation benefits them with little regard for how it affects others. It is what has destroyed our world. This selfish, egocentric pursuit of our own happiness.

I am often infuriated at how people fail to see how toxic the relationship that are pursuing is to them but then most of the individuals that seek my advice are young adults and teenagers. It has shed some light on how this youth generation of murderers really think...and how we have encouraged a generation of narcissists.

I wonder if murderers who live to see old age realize the futility of their actions. But in this life we all must live and learn because that is the thing about life, it is a great teacher, father time always gives us lessons then it kills us. I often watch to see the people who like Facebook statuses and as profound as the ones i post frequently, they rarely get reponses from people.

Yet i see people give tens of likes to people who posted something about their mundane day and people flood to like their pages. As a matter of fact many of my intellectual Alumnis could care less about what is happening in Jamaica as their University Education makes them exempted from whatever is happening with the "ghetto people" down there. Or so they thinks. I see very upstanding leaders in our communities with degrees and social standings being carried away by some "likkle youth weh cant even spell carcass".
We know that a social revolution is imminent and many of our intellects think that they will be saved from death when it leaves the ghetto and begin to plague the streets of our salubrious community. It will not be just their problem. Jamaica is our place so whatever is happening here will soon be our problem...

I remembered when my Alumni wanted to change the world. We talked about what we would do when we are adults but we have allowed ourselves to become puppets and shit brains, shackled to this meretricious system. We have lost our love for the books, we have become disempowered. We think we living it up but in truth we are all slowly dying because at the rate of things in this world, when you die it will be as if you never lived...My friends have lost their profundity!!

Think about our great great great grandparents who we do not know it is as if they never existed yet we all know who Marcus Garvey is and Bob Marley...


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