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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rural Bus System to transport Students

I lost two schoolmates during high school to fatal accidents involving Taxi Drivers. I also have seen drivers who people or children died during a road accident, in a car that they were driving, on the road still running Taxis. 

I always shake my head at the thought that someone who raced and killed two children is still running a public passenger vehicle.

Drivers on these roads, drive as if they are hauling a hearse. They drive with no regards for their passengers week being. It is not just the issue of commute but they also think it is okay to pack their buses like sardines trying to squeeze the last drop out of capacity then drive at  Dover speed, killing off people. 

I don't know what it is with men and speeding? Men for the most part believe that if they are not "pressing gas" then they are so not an expert of driving. Men equate being a good driver with speed. 

Four children were killed in a three vehicle collision yesterday. From the pictures I saw, the truck ran into the side of the bus. Truck drivers are an issue on our roads. Because the units that they drive are very big they think that they are invincible on the road. They are the worst drivers being very reckless on the road. 

They are not concerned about pedestrians or other motorist. I have seen how they take corners at high speeds often forcing other vehicles to stop so that they can pass. These truck drivers need to be held accountable for their behavior. No one is saying that they should creep on our roads but we should put the preservation of life first and everything else after. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Teach your children to be industrious don't spoil them!

This illustrious man died leaving six children that in my estimation don't " make one". 
Imagine you build your business from the ground up and then to have the business decline during illness then eventually shut down when you die because you spent too much time spiking your children than grooming them into the business. 

I can't understand how some children woul not be interested in their Parents family business that put food on their table and money in their pockets. It is beyond me. 
 Have met many of these type, who are living on nothing but the hype of their dead parents legacy and looking for someone to supplement their lifestyle. 

I admire Adam STewart for taking over his fathers business. How many parents can rely on their children to maintain their business empires. Many times the business is run by strangers and children relax and collect money monthly. People are worried with this free mentality that children Embrace today, taking for granted what their parents provide for them. 

Imagine having a lost legacy! 

The Cycle of Violence

Someone said that Violence will never end because when a man murders another man, his son is going to grow up infuriated and have a hatred inside of him because a man murdered his father. 

He's not going to want to be seen as a Softas. He's going to "pree" to be badder  than any other man so as to avoid being trounced like his ancestors.

It is a fact that criminals progeny and children who are victims are more likely to become violent themselves because of the harbored feelings of resentment. 

Three innocent men were allegedly murdered in Withhorn by police officers and they left children who no doubt will grow up loathing police officers. They will also see children of the perpetrators as targets of vendettas. 

I am wondering 

The Spirit of Kindness can change our Nation

II was thinking about how we would have a better Jamaica if people were a bit kinder. We could win the hearts of many people if we treated people with empathy instead of validating them based on how gratifying they look. We are continuing a vicious cycle inadvertently that is destroying our world. 

It takes nothing out of you to share why little you have and help out others but then when you help people they somehow think it is an excuse to "live pon you like a parasite". They don't understand that your kindness is out of consideration for their well being and not a declaration that you have commodities in abundance to give away.

What kind of world are we living in when people think that kindness should be interpreted as wealth. I've been broke and still help people out because I am a compassionate human being. I remembered during my last studies how hunger felt and I know that it is not any feeling that any human being should have to endure. I also see my humanity within every other human being and therefore believe that anything that happens to any one individual on this planet can happen to me because this place is a small place and we are all not so much different from one another. 

I was thinking and this is just a conjecture that what if corporate Jamaica could give entrepreneurial funding to brilliant graduates. I have some great business ideas but I believe corporate Jamaica is not ready for my initiatives. They like my government are shackled to the orthodox business and political practices. 

Extortion is a big black market business in Jamaica. What if business people simply contributed to communities using charities maybe, just maybe they won't be targeted by extortionist. Ghetto people claim rich people have it easy, treat them slaves in their employs and hoard all the money for them and them friends. What if we could cancel out that perspective? The same boy who you fired and called a thief may well become a criminal with a vendetta against you. 

People treat people like money and currencies. You are tested with respect if people think you have money. Anybody who lives near scammers can tell you that scammers only respect other scammers. Why? Because scamming equals money. A smart gentleman once said that "even if you pass and tell them manning, you coming lie fart them don't even look at you because you are not a scammer" . We have a society that put possession of money over everything else. Morals, values and virtues go through the door, if your pocket is heavy. People only "rate"people who look like them have money. 

There are people who go to hospital, child's home and prisons, issue goods and comforts to the less fortunate in our society without looking for any returns. They have assured me that they are still some good people in this world. 

I met some great people in my life including Owen Salmon and Francesca Tisot   who are people who have invested in me both emotionally and financially. They believe in my dreams. They are two good people that I have met in this world. We do not honor good people enough, instead we "hype" the wrong people and endorsed detrimental elements. 

Do good and good will follow you? 

Things work too perfect in nature for you to doubt the effect that nature has on our lives. Everything in this world recycled, so why do we feel that our deeds won't be circulated back to us? 

I am kind to people because I think that god will have mercy on me and bestow upon my grandchildren natures recompensation of good will. I understand that I won't always be here for my children. I do not know what god had planned for their lives or even mine. But I believe that If I leave good imprints on the sand then my child's journey through life will be less arduous. 

Jamaicans wring the wrong opportunities dry

I stopped over in Negril and saw a cousin of mine who began to explain to me how many Lobster peddlers were trying to exploit the business that many water sport workers brought them. 

He emphasized that Jamaicans want a tip from the tourist even though they are selling a commodity at a profit. 

Jamaicans are always trying to hustle people in business. It is one of the  biggest deterrents to doing business in Jamaica.i rented a car once and even after I paid the dealer, he asked me for a tip. A lunch Money. That is just greedy. " him red yeye" for the money that I he saw in my purse. I kept thinking no wonder we are breeding so many criminals because people are just downright greedy. 

Greed is what is fueling this economy. People have greed more than ambition in Jamaica. Everybody wants money, no one knows how to get it and no one is willing to work for it but everyone thinks they deserve it. 

We have some very foolish criminals. The ones who assumed that because month end is payday, it means that you will be having your money in your house. People are getting smart nowadays. People know that criminals are opportunistic to money but criminals don't seem to think a lot.It is the same red yeye" business that parents cultivate in children when theySocialized  their children sometimes unknowingly to think themselves deserving of others possessions  simply by nature of being themselves. 

They do not think they need to work for it. Look at the extortionist, who never shares his spoils with ordinary citizens but thinks he is deserving of ransom for your hard earn money and yet him never see you and " floss" you yet. 
Truth be told, he would readily collect a price on your head and send one of his "squadies" come "don" you. 

We have become a people committed to money, honoring money and worshiping money. We will do anything for money. We have washed our hands in blood for money. Ever tried to get blood stain out of your clothes. Difficult aint it? Same way it can never be washed off your hand. 

Building a better Tommorrow

I was just speaking to a group of students who will be sitting their CXC exams come next June. I explained to them that what you do should contribute to the advancement of your progeny. 

I contend " just imagine if our parents had bought more lands, built a refinery, bought Negril when it was just a swamped and no one cared about it. What if our parents had made better choices we would not have to struggle so much in the present" 

We create the future by what we do now. The men and women who contrived our civilization have long past on but we are benefiting from their hard work. We should strive to improve this civilization, our societies and our world so that our children can have a better Tommorrow. 
You know I admire my paternal grandmother because she's a woman who made my life comfortable as a child. I grew up having tv at my house, electricity, my sisters and I had our own room, we had two gas stove and inside kitchen. My grandmother tells her story so many times about where she's coming from and how the outside kitchen ( dirt bottom) is where she lived with my dad and his siblings and look where she is now. It didn't mean much to me then but now that I am an adult I understand the virtues that she was telling my sisters and I as children. LOL! She also added that "men a failure!"

I could never be comfortable living a certain way because I was not raised exposed to particular values. I do not think I am better than people I was simply raised differently to appreciate other components of culture, life and society. 

It is only natural that I will want to have the best things in my life and provide for my child the way my parents provided for me. My father emphasized the importance of education. He ensured we went to school every day. We had cable tv and all the amenities albeit we were granted limited access. 

My life gold now is to provide for my children so that they will have it easier providing for their children.  I want to be able to supersede what my parents gave me. I have to protect this empire because it belongs to my kinship. We should strive for success not because we want it for ourselves but because we understand that even when we pass away. Our children will inherit our world because we live on through our off springs. 

We must secure the future for our children and the advancement of our race. Progress is never achieved in a day .Tomorrow people should thanks us for what we did in the past. 
 We will be eternally grateful to the founding fathers for this technology that affords me this opportunity to share my perspectives. 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Ghost in the Black Man Genes!

Have you heard of the Ghost that is in our Genes. How we are affected by our ancestors how they experience certain social factors such as famine and in our case slavery and how they dealt with their
environment, their diet or emotional health is implicitly past down to their descendants. Maybe just maybe that is the reason why we are as a people still enshackled, bounded in by the coffles of our ancestral blood to the psychology of slaves, our fears, notions and shortcomings as a race maybe embedded by 4 centuries of subhuman conditions in our genes. 

Maybe we cannot help who we are and what we have become as a people. Failing to lead, always aspiring to follow. But then if our African Ancestors build the great cities of Timbuktu and the pyramids of Giza then why have we not inherited their creative and inventive genes. 

Has the horrors of slavery destroyed our original genetic makeup? Our ancestors fail to cope with slavery and remained oppressed for four centuries. And we are eternally in our minds, subjugated by the ancestral ghosts in our genes. 

Does that mean that someone has to be constantly monitoring us and beating our young men over the backs so that they can be kept in line? 

Do our women believe that like in the days of slavery they are only content to be breeders of children without much care because "backra" will take care of them. 

We should be changing what we pass on to our children if their personalities are inherently shaped by what we did before they are conceived. We would need to be careful what lifestyle patterns we transfer to them in our Chromosomes. 

We want our children to be haunted by the best qualities and help their children react to the severest conditions possible.

Young men and their obsessions with Guns

 I have this theory that the Black Man's obsession with gun stems from their ancestral days in Africa when tribal leaders sold out their weaker neighbors into slavery for Guns and Ammunitions. It is within my opinion that it is where the black's man association with gun as an emblem of power began. This is probably the reason why all if not most black men believe that in order to feel truly powerful or validated in their societies, they must possess, boast of or handle a gun. 

Maybe it was on the Sugar plantation when they lost countless revolts because the militia had firearms and they did not. They somehow think that if they had arms that they could overthrow the militia or perhaps it was when they were murdered by police officers in civil unrest that they confirmed there was some superiority associated with possessing an ammunition. 

I surmised that maybe it was when politicians and people who were politically affiliated decided it would be a good idea to arm young men in garrison communities to ensure that certain constituencies were secured by duress. 

Some hypothesis that our young men's obsession and glorification of gun started when they realized how much power the man with the gun exudes. They don't understand that the man with the gun has been mislead into thinking the gun can protect him from the inevitability of death. The gun merely offers defense. It cannot protect you. 

What about our music? 

People wonder at times at my preoccupation with Tommy Lees lyrics. Read this 
"Mi heart ago laugh when me Step to you door,kick down you door,  kick your head to the floor...glock pon mi side buss four four, nobody wanna see your face when it tore...ambush the funeral shoot up the hearse...shoot up your mother  bible drop out of her purse...##TOmmy lee## We nuh fear DEm...

Read and think about the lyrical impact that such words have on our young people. This song is on a such a catchy rhythm. Truth is I couldn't help nodding my head at the creative lyricism, the grisly images it evoked in my head and the way he romanticize death by violence. He ennobles and worships the murderer, making death look like an art, creative expression. Is the music responsible for how our young men are fixated with guns and the escalation of the crime rate. 

What factors or who is to be blamed for what's happening to our children? Are they just acting out what is in their genetics?  A hereditary trait past down through generations. The ghost that is in our genes. 

The Rebel in Me

"Dignity—the word itself—has come to mean different things to different people, as many words do. It doesn't just mean always being stiff and composed. It means a belief in oneself, that one is worthy of the best. Dignity means that what I have to say is important, and I will say it when it's important for me to say it. Dignity really means that I deserve the best treatment I can receive. And that I have the responsibility to give the best treatment I can to other people."#maya Angelou 

You cannot always be pacific in this life. Sometimes we will have to wage wars even against the people we know in order to defend what we believe is right. 

Conflicts are a must :be careful of what it is you are fighting  for. It should worth the price of the lives that will be lost in this battle. Those who fight must do so understanding that they risk dying than to enjoy this one life on these conditions. 

We must also counsel the grieving so that we do not create enemies unknowingly who will tear their ugly heads at us in the future. When some are dead, they leave others who are ready to take vendettas. 

Don't start a war that you cannot end. Prepare for the consequences for we are all soldiers of our destiny. 
 We created our society but this earth will exist long after our descendants have exited this realm. We are soldiers of our own destiny! 

Distrust among people doing business in Jamaica

Being young to the business world in Jamaica, there are several nuances that you will have to get accustom to. 

In this business sphere older people will use you to do their dirty work. They  will be all talk and no money. They will expiry your cleverness and hopefully you realize soon enough that you are just a paid slave and seek more credible employment elsewhere. 

When you are young in certain businesses, you are a scapegoat for downfalls. Take Kern Spencer for Example. When you young in corrupt businesses, you are more likely to be left standing with the shit bucket when things fall apart. They will pile all the blame on you and skitter to save their asses. 

People don't respect youth and business until you have proven yourself. You are considered more likely to fail than to succeed. Do not for a moment think that people will support your idea. It's your idea, they do not have to like it or support it. Your job is to make it happen and make it come true. 

Looking for investors is like opening a can of worms. Everybody who doesn't look like they have money, must be a scammer. People cannot be legitimately seeking funding for projects. They are all invariably considered to be looking to hoodwink some upstanding citizen out of their money. 

Service industries are even more difficult. You cannot run a consultancy company without people who are seeking your services not thinking that you are first and foremost unworthy of any business transactions until you have satisfied their request. 

In today's business world young people take risks everyday when they alight themselves with people who may kill your career. You have to be careful and do your researches before you become a victim of this classist, genocentric

Monday, September 23, 2013

Showing your new man your vulnerable side

One of the true testaments to whether or not a man will stick with you is how he responds to your unveiling of your most vulnerable side. 

How does he react to your professed insecurities, fears and shortcomings is a sure sign of where your relationship is headed. 

A guy who blatantly states that your reservations about this relationship future are misguided because he cares for you and wants a future with you is worth engaging than the man who gets angry, vague or disappears when you question whether or not his intentions towards you are honorable. 

Does he try to dispel your fears or does she shrug it off as nothing. 

Men won't always be honest because they want to have sex. It is up to a woman to be able to read between the lines, you must see the trees for the forest. If it acts like a duck then maybe it's a duck. 

You have to be able to see that something is wrong and walk away. Your well being is what is important and you cannot be expected to contribute 80/20 in a relationship that involves two people. You also ca never be with someone that you have to play tough with, who will laugh at your fears or discredit your insecurities. 

When you really love someone even his irritating qualities have an attractive element to it. If someone can see beyond your fallibles then that person is worth taking the risk of investing with. 

Knowing when to back out from a bad relationship option

People think I am no longer the Date Doctor but the Social Messiah. I am still committed to improving our man to woman relationships. Good relationships breeds good children with great values and all in all we end up with a better society so the work here complements each other. 
As women we need empowerment in every aspect of our lives from spiritual to psychological. 

I have been vacillating about whether or not I should Pursue a relationship with a man that I am greatly attracted to physically because in he is pretty awesome where looks are concerned. His attitude is unnerving. Something about him is just completely off. And that is why I am wary of crossing the physical threshold. 

What keeps turning me off is his attitude and the way he relates to me. The truth is I think this man is juggling many women at a time. 

A guy who quickly elevates my " boo nickname" from baby to wifey after he discovers what I do for a living seems like an opportunistic, money grubbing don of a gun to me. 

I don't have a problem with a man who wants a woman who can bring something to the table. In truth we all need to have some ambition when we are choosing our partners. Ideally I prefer if my man is financially independent but if he's not but luxuriant therefore he shows growth potential in certain areas then you can help to mould him into a more superior self. 

When a guy can never give you a definitive response or disappears in the middle of a bbm conversation only showing up days later normally over the weekend asking for some nookie. Completely oblivious to the fact that he disregarded your last questions for three days and did not even apologize or lied that his service was disconnected. That is a major red flag. 

In my sessions with young women I try to  demonstrate to them how they should value themselves. Some guy you really like might not be the guy for you because liking someone is not a one way street. You can really be in love with someone who only barely likes you. Men are sexual beings, they don't need to be in love to have sex.  

As I got older, my relationship notions changes. I can easily detect a guy who is not going to invest in a serious relationship and those are out there a lot. 

Jamaican men have a Colloquial term called " do we thing". They do not want to attached any label to your relationship. " do we thing" means that it is not concrete or long lasting. It means that he has not made any decisions about where you stand and he will indulge in whatever you have to offer for the moment with no regards for the repercussions. 

Guys don't think they won't hurt you, they just think that you will get over it. You will meet somebody else who will heal your broken heart. That's the reason why most Jamaican men do not like Virgins because no one wants to know that they are responsible for breaking a girls heart. They prefer if you have been seasoned in the sexing and dumping that you now understand that it is a distinct pattern among our men so you won't feel bad when it happens. 

I mean if I don't have sex with this guy, it probably won't affect him. He has women lined up to sleep with him. But that is exactly what I am running from, being a statistic in his life. I might feel bad now walking away, it's sad but I know from experience that you will feel terrible and worst if you invest yourself, misplace your love on a man that does not return it. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Cult of the Jamaican Assassin

The cult of the Jamaican Assasin

 So imagine that a man can take your life without cause or reason simply by being paid to do so. What does that say about our society? Are we short of jobs? Or are we just short of morality  and High regard for the inestimable price of human life! How does it feel like go about our lives knowing that we are all walking around with a price tag on our foreheads. 

Somewhere in some seedy district, someone might be putting a price on your head and your days are ultimately numbered. How would that make you feel? 

People do not learn to resolve problems anymore. We just opt to kill our problems by eliminating people. 

You can't reason with people who kill for a living because after all this is just a job for him and he does what many of us in society are afraid to do. In truth we the people keep the Assasin in business because we the pretend to be normal and civil citizens are the ones who hire them. 

The Assassin sees us all as people of monetary valued, traded at any convenient time for a suitable price.Birds, fish and even crocodiles have a season but human beings do not have any season, any day you can be hunted down and murdered like a dog. 

Men who play God, do not see their own frail human condition in the acts that degrades the advances that we have made as a people to distance ourselves from the animalism and basal inclination that makes us apart of the animal kingdom. 

Imagine growing my child, investing in her future. Time to nurture her and then someone denies me the right to see her come to fruition in her worldly pursuits. How is that fair? 

What can save our society? 

Education is the key to unlocking our minds from the shackles of ignorance that is giving rise to these devious subcultures. 

We need to teach our people empathy, to see your own humanity in every human being and in doing so be committed to treating others the way, you treat yourself. Valuing someone's life, the way you cherish yours and that of your family.  

But then on the other hand, we too must not violate our brother or sister to infuriate   Him or her to take vengeance on us through death. We too must be careful how it is that we treat people too. We want mercy, we must show mercy! 

Desperate Women call for Desperate Measures

A lady recently married a man who allegedly has a little money and had separated from his baby mother of 16 years. According to community tales, the baby mother obeah the wife and hospitalize her. 

Some women are very desperate and I stay away from men with women whose relationships are their everything. This is the cause of many crimes of passion when women without a job or women who are completely dependent on their partners lose their man to another woman. 

It is said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And you better believe that. And scorned woman who is financially ruined will take revenge at her estranged lover and his new mistress. 

Some women who have no other financial leverage than with their ex lover become insecure of their children's father new relationship and will attempt to sabotage it so that they can feel more secured their children future. Many women see a new wife or babymother as a threat to their economical situation. 

How to go from pennies to a million in a year living in Jamaica?

Jamaicans belief that only people involved in illegal activities do actually make money. With that conviction most if not all persons who make a living without being traditionally employed are rumored to be involved in illicit activities and money laundering.   

I have been blogging for six years now and have managed to create a steady flow of income in the last two or so years of writing online 
I will not say that it was an easy task. For the first year I managed to make only 10 cents per month and that was because I was only blogging sporadically when I felt inspired. I lost my Job and i used the blogging platforms to make my Internet payoff itself. Internet is expensive and I decided that I was going to invest so much time in my blogging that it should be able to pay my Internet bills .That is what they call blogging with a purpose! And it went from 50 dollars every three months to over 50 dollars very month on one platform. Back in the day I did Expert columns, EZine Articles,Bukisa, TRiond and Helium. 

Now I have become somewhat of an expert that I am now teaching young people how to make money online by providing  services online and data. 

This is an uncharted area and a niche that needs to be filled. There are many ways that one can make money online. From writing about what you know to offering your virtual skills to online business people. 
The Internet is a minefield of ideas for money making. Some people charge you at least 200 dollars to learn the courses to make money online. gives you a free consultancy and a autoblogging platform for only $1500 JMD. 

Here is a conversation. I had with a new blogger recently. 

Blogger: And I was jus looking around to see wat a could do to occupy my time , whilst sharing my story, my journey.

Me: Ever tried a free blog on Wordpress or

Which is best? Can I set up a blog on tumblr? Wordpress is good?

Me: Wordpress can be your personal platform. Then monetize it using google Adsense chitika.

Say you want a monthly income???, helium, Bukisa are good income blogging platforms. 

Many platforms that pay you to write for them

Blogger: So Wordpress does not facilitate for an income? 
Me: yes through advertising revenue on your page. It's like t.v. You provide a service, entertainment or data and people advertise with you hoping to get potential customers from your viewers/readers. 

Blogger: I will try 
me: concentrate on your niche, Jamaican living abroad or something like that, RESEARCH IT! YOU HAVE PPL WHO A SIX FIGURE BLOGGERS! MAKING MILLIONS IN USD BLOGGING ONLINE! 

Start up sites are good too you get to dominate cuz you been there from the inception. I joined wizperts a year ago by invitation and I used to give advise for free now I am being paid for my advise. I have over 400 request for advice daily. Imagined if I logged on to that platform more often. 
Me: I don't know if you do hyips online but they are a great way to make money if you know how to integrate and manipulate the process. Not many Jamaicans have gotten a hang on what the Internet can offer them so those who do early will reap the benefits.
There is so many things I could teach people but I don't you know. Been thinking about putting a class together soon and I took down my pics cuz one of the investors told me to cuz he said you can't trust people in these times.
I wished I had created a website like Facebook or tumblr that I could resell for usd millions. If you wanna see how much you can make flipping websites like I do visit some site marketplace. I use and I make great money off referrals like 10% for selling a site for a builder or flipper. 
The Internet is a gold mine and smart ppl like you can capitalize on it.

Blogger: Is prefect money a site I can join?

Yes it's a payment site like PayPal
Me: I often let my clients join it so I can easily make payments on investments through direct deposit or western union
You use it to invest money in hyip funds.And I love that you can top up your account using western union unlike PayPal where you have to use your credit card or bank account. 

blogger: how do I get traffic? 

Me: you can buy it that's the easiest ways. I have a network that sells it. And you can stimulate it using social media sites.And constant blogging encourages traffic. Cuz you gotta build a platform for confidence so that your readers keep coming back to see what you gonna write next. New content drives traffics and it keeps readers looped to you.Your readers will recommend you on Facebook and then their friends will recommend you. A viral article will generate thousands of traffic. When you get one of those its up to you to  keep most of those readers committed to reading you by subscriptions or so forth. Here's another tip. You can sell your subscribers email addressees. That's how spams end up in your email anyways. Someone sold your email address.
Try googling your page to see how you rank using keywords. Say someone should google My Views. Would they find your blog on googles first result page or ten pages or hundred pages down??? Higher your rank, the more your income potential. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Is this the way corporate Telecommunication Giants Digicel treat their Customers?

I was enraged earlier in September when I could not access the Internet for a few days. During this period, I had made several calls to Digicel 100 number complaining of the disservice and the fact that it was affecting my online businesses. Digicel had assured me that I would get a rebate for the four days that I was without service. I wished I had videoed those days instead of taking snapshots because Digicel apparently took me " for a fucking idiot". 

I called and thank them for restoring my service and reminded them of the promised rebate. I did not follow up albeit my family insisted that those days were a lost because Digicel is like so manyGovernment  agencies, poor people never get any satisfaction just red tape, condescension and disregard. Hoping that we will become so fed up of the process that we give up and abandoned our quest altogether because they make it appear futile.

This is not my first run in with Digicel. DIgicel refused to be accountable for the sudden disappearance of my credit off my phone or why even though they say that you get twentyfive minutes   free after five minutes on any International call, the call is miraculously disconnected. I always get a bag of excuses and corporate diatribe about what they supposedly saw on their system. Apparently technology " a human made component" could not err or the fact that they were telling me about a system that I was not viewing simultaneously should confirm that they are in fact telling me the truth. Digicel who sends me text stating that I will get triple credit if my phone is topped up from abroad yet I have to call them to get the triple credit.

This did not just happen to me but to my entire community and Digicel called us all a liar. I do not need to deceive Digicel. I am upset that the average Jamaican has to spend almost fifty grand a year on Internet service and yet Digicel deprived me of four days of Internet where Digicel charges people 300 dollars a day to browse the Internet. 

The other day I said that I am gonna buy a Lime Modem. After all it is faster and I don't get any crap from their customer service. And I can get 1000 petitions from around Jamaica concerning questionable responses Digicel Jamaica has made to customers queries of disservice and dissatisfaction. 

The time alone that you are forced to remain on the line for customer service is enough deterrent for most Jamaicans to never call in to report faults with their system. Even my family told me that was futile to ask for the rebate. it's all good Digicel . Take sleep mark dead...

Peace for the Future of Our Children

We need to take back our world for our children. Why are good people lying around in fear while wickedness and debauchery consumes our land? You are just as guilty as the perpetrators when you stand aside and witness cruelty and fear to condemn it. Remember no one will be there to cry mercy for you. Life has a way  of always paying us back for our misdeeds. 
I do not believe in violence, I am an advocate of peace. I like my ancestors before me who fought for my redemption will honor the sacrifices that they made so that I can have the life that I have now. 

It is said that only lessons paid in blood are remembered and validated. What lessons are we teaching these children when we murder the innocent babies? 
Can someone explain to me what did this child do to deserve to have her life curtailed in such a violent manner. 
I often wonder if people who do these things do not have families or children. Within their own kind. 
Why would any sane person think it is fair or even ok to kill this child? 
It appears that the more modernized our world become, the more bestial we become as a people. Apparently that's we get when we mix animalism with technology and awareness, we get savagery. 

I look at this child deprived of the right to become an adult, to realize her dreams, get married and have children of her own. Yet her murderers and their families will no doubt live to fruition. 

We are too busy on this our world concentrating on the wrong things. We should be flooding our Cable Television with advertisements denouncing violence against our children but instead our broadcast are filled with Asinine Information.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dancehall Music and Our Gun Culture

People within the dancehall are shook up over the death of DanceHall Producer "roach" who was sprayed at a gas station last Sunday before dawn. 

I do not know this producer personally but I remember rocking to several of the rhythms he produced in high school. 

I do not know if "Roach" is a saint but what I do know is that people should be allowed to die on their own terms. Someone wrote this on a popular blog i follow  " think people are entitled to their opinions and no one will ever cower me into silence if i consider something wrong or offensive to me. It is that same mindset why crime is escalating in Jamaica and criminals are at large. It these same convictions that make our ancestors dem live inna slavery for bout 4 century. Roach is an abrasive character but no one deserves to be killed. we must advocate life and not murder. Death is not only right to be meted out to certain people when it suits our perspectives. People should die on natures terms. And remember in life that the same stone that lick the black snake will rass the yellow one to so be careful what you support in this life."

My greatest concern is how many of our dancehall entertainers are being brought down by the gun. Some people are saying that they preach and endorse a certain lifestyle and therefore they are paying for it. 

who draws the line between what is considered entertaining and why some people might embrace certain lyrics as philosophy. I do not think dancehall is entirely responsible for what is happening to our society. They have augmented our conditions   yes by refusing to decry violence than glorifying it in music. 

Our parents are too busy following dancehall trends and sessions to offer any constructive guidance to their children. A friend of mine who lives in the United States told me that if an artiste is implicated in any crime or criminal activity his career is surely doomed not in Jamaica, he blossoms into a don and if he is murdered, he becomes a martyr. People in every corner of Jamaica know that if Adidjah Palmer is murdered tomorrow, he will be more famous than he was alive and no doubt knowing how savant "the teacher" is that he has made plans for his fame posthumously. 

The Internet has made music that are of a violent nature more accessible to our children. Most parents do not have a clue about the Internet therefore they cannot monitor it. They have left the socialization of their children up to the media, cable television and the Internet. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where is the Justice in our society?

People view justice differently depending on how it suits their individual needs. I see a man readily advocate the murder of an innocent man because his friend was offended by the said man yet will quickly jump to physically assault someone who offends him.

So a crime becomes OK if it is seen from our perspective.

My grandmother always said that show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Why are you surprised that a man who endorses gangsters and rove with alleged thugs would defend the humanity rights of a simple boy from no where, with no money, no gangster ties and no clout.

Whenever someone close to me dies, I am force to check myself. Some people death does not faze them. I go through periods of introspection where I question my own humanity and what role do I play in this grand scheme of things. I question the value of my life. I see my humanity within every other human being and that is what often makes the ending of a human life so troublesome to my weary mind. I value everyone, even some who we might deem do not deserve it.

Everybody cannot be right. We will face injustices but what we do about it decides how our children will handle it later and what kind of society we are shaping for our children. Imagine if our ancestors just sat back and watch the white supremacist keep us in slavery, we would still be a nation in slavery with bigger issues than we have now.

One day you here another day some punk slips you into unconscious oblivion. I look at these little boys walking around in my natal community whose mothers cannot afford to send them to school but they are still having children themselves. These boys who are stealing people's rabbits and puppies, selling them to unsuspecting buyers for money. Yet their mothers are busy wearing hairstyles, buying new clothes and "breeding" again for some "careless nigger". I mused that in all probability one of these little boys might take my life in the future. Not just a probability, at the rate of things... a damn near possibility.

What do you suppose we as Jamaicans lack most ? Comment answers. I think empathy. We have become a selfish people only thinking about ourselves and our own and whatever we can get at the price of whoever with disregards for whomever...We do not think that "what if this had happened to me?' would the taking of this my life be a fair price? Would death be a fair punishment? What is this was my family?

We do not think like that,we say its ok, or i do not care because it never happened to anybody for me etc.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Alternative Job Positions!

1.Computer System Analyst
Think of a computer systems analyst as a tech project manager. He or she is often a liaison between the IT department and a client, and has influence over both the budgetary and technical considerations of a project.

2. Data Base Administrator
The more digitized our society becomes, the more important the role of database administrator becomes. By 2020, we'll need about 33,900 new ones to store, organize, manage, and troubleshoot all the content we store on computers.

3.Software Developers
These tech-smart professionals who design, construct, test, and maintain software should see abundant job growth up to the year 2020. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 27.6 percent expansion, or 143,800 new positions.

4. Web Developer
Web developer" might seem like a generic term, but a lot of schooling and skill goes into making a website look good and operate well. According to the Labor Department, about 65,700 new Web developers will enter the working world by 2020.

5. IT Manager
Having a hard time distinguishing between the tech jobs on this list? This tech wizard is the go-to person when your email won't send or your Internet crashes. As the head of the IT department, this professional ensures the company's network is operating smoothly and that dangerous threats like hackers and malware are kept at bay.

6. Interpretor and Translator
Whether it's sign language, spoken language, or written language, interpreters and translators are utilizing an invaluable skill. If you are fluent in a second language, you could find yourself working in a lucrative, secure, and growing position. The Labor Department predicts more than 42 percent employment growth in this profession over the coming decade.

7. Computer Programmer

C++, Python, and other computer languages should be second-nature for an ambitious computer programmer. Some of the most proficient could earn up to $114,000 a year.

8. Epidemiologist are need in Jamaica to treat outbreaks so that we do not have to seek international specialist when we have disease outbreaks.
Epidemiologists study hard to prevent the next bubonic plague, SARS outbreak, and swine flu scare. The Labor Department anticipates growth for this field, as well as other medical scientists, of 35.8 percent up to 202

9. Market Research Analyst
Think of this profession as people-watching for a paycheck. Market research analysts watch people, listen, and study them to determine their habits and preferences. They then advise clients on how to package, brand, and sell products appropriately.

10. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
To do this job well, you’ll have to master the technical, like using medical equipment and making sure the patient is properly placed to get a just-right image, as well as the social, like interacting with nervous patients awaiting information on a medical condition. Sonographers are expecting liberal openings for the next few years.

11. Computer Systems Administrator
Without the expertise of network and computer systems administrators, your office network would be hampered by a string of technological glitches. Aside from maintaining a healthy computer network, they also lend their tech knowledge to managing telecommunication networks. This profession is expected to add 96,600 new positions by 2020.

12.Medical Secretary
Medical secretaries become well-versed in insurance rules, billing practices, and hospital procedures. The reward for their diligence is job security, as the Labor Department projects 40 percent employment growth for this profession.

13. Civil Engineers
We need more of these in Jamaica to fix our roads. The concrete streets you walk, the asphalt highways your wheels caress, and the buildings you sit in were all planned by civil engineers. If you want to be the designer who keeps our society humming, this job is for you.

14. Radiologic Technologist
Technologists use X-ray, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment to assist physicians in diagnosing patients. As with other healthcare posts, this one will also expand—nearly 30 percent by 2020.

15. Cost Estimator
Before the first hammer is swung, a cost estimator must coordinate with engineers, architects, and construction managers to determine the technical, mechanical, and fiscal requirements of a project. These hyper-organized critical thinkers could see their workforce swell by 36 percent this decade.

16. Financial Advisors
We have a lot of therapists on our list: physical, occupational, marriage and speech, to name a few. Think of a financial advisor as a money therapist. He or she provides guidance on how to spend and save your money. Expect 66,400 new openings for this position before 2020.

17.Compliance Officer
Are you a stickler for rules? Consider working as a compliance officer. These professionals are employed in many industries to ensure ethics are practiced, laws are followed, and regulations are met. The BLS predicts 15 percent growth in this field by 2020.

18. Clinical Laboratory Assistance
healthcare facilities, clinical laboratory technicians work behind the scenes, preparing lab specimens and running tests. The best-paid in the profession earn around $56,000 a year.

19. Public Relation Specialist
There’s a lot of finesse involved in producing and distributing communication materials that uphold and promote a client’s image. The field’s elite also have a gift for gab and understand the art of the sell. Expect this occupation to grow by nearly 23 percent by 2020.

20. Paramedic
If you have an interest in working as a paramedic, consider working as a volunteer first. Those in the know say this approach will give you a taste for the job and make you more marketable should you choose to pursue this career.

21.Clinical Social Worker
A clinical medical social worker is concerned with helping people receive proper medical care and support. But the key ingredient to helping patients will be the ability to empathize with them. With more baby boomers needing care in the years ahead, the Labor Department predicts a 34 percent growth rate in this profession.

22. Meeting, Convention and Event PLanner
Openings are ample in this profession—nearly 45,000 by the decade’s close—but there are also a lot of applicants. For an inside edge, earn a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. You should also receive the certified meeting planner credential if you’d really like to stand out.

23.Mental Health Counselor
One day, a stressed-out college student may be sitting in your office. The next, a depressed professional. Not only is the patient list broad, but so is the scope of the work, ranging from diagnosing disorders to coordinating care with other health professionals.

24. Logisticians
Logisticians solve theoretical problems for manufacturing or retail businesses, sometimes proving indispensable in large-scale disaster-relief efforts. Their input can be life-saving. Logistician employment is expected to expand 25.5 percent by 2020.

25. Paralegal
Paralegals are expected to grow at a faster clip than lawyers—something to think about if you’re interested in law but don’t wish to undergo all the schooling (and possible school loans) required to get a law degree.

26. Fabricator
Constructing commercial aircraft, household appliances, automobiles, and toys is a team sport, and the players are called fabricators. Consider this occupation if you’ve always been curious about how products are put together. Just keep in mind that some areas of this field will see greater hiring opportunity than others. Structural metal fabricators will experience 16 percent job growth from now to 2020.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Should you take back a ex who disrespected you badly during separation

I have dissed men in the past who when I see them a couple years later u wished I was more accommodating because of the status they hold now and not because I find them attractive or their personalities intriguing.

Others that I treated  with indifference; have matured so much both in their personalities and socially that they force me to acknowledge that in life you should never entirely write people off because the same people you turn your nose at going up might pass you going down.

People realize their mistakes and people grow and change but relationships are investments and you have to weigh the pros and cons of dating someone who in your perspective is below your class. You simply have to look at personality traits and hope that he/she grows into someone you can build a life with.

I also know that when someone shows you who they really are and how much they invalidate you then you must believe them. If a person treated you like they do not value you as a person, the core intrinsics of your personality then believe them because they genuinely don't.

How someone treats a person whom they claim cannot do anything for them says a lot about that persons core beliefs and character. Humans will flock the mango tree because it is already grown and producing fruit and they will take a machete to the small tree since its young and may never produce.

Love is a treacherous emotion. Your heart will tug away at someone who you know from experience will hurt you again. There is a clear indication that humans believe that they should be with someone despite how they feel that person feel about them.

That is the reason why we have so many people murdering their partners because people keep getting together for the wrong reasons. Why would anyone want to be with someone who does not value your life? Who dates you for dependency or money?

You will always be angry at the ex who hurt you because getting back together does not give you closure. If anything you are giving someone another opportunity to hurt you. That person can safely conclude that you love them than you do yourself because anyone with any shred of self respect would not wanna go back to someone who treated them the way that ex did.

Emotions are never about rationality , you cannot help how you feel and many times getting back together gives you an opportunity ton see if this relationship could really work. Its a risk you sometimes have to take to experience whether or not, it was worth the heartache in the first place.

Apology is never enough. A man will say whatever he needs to says to get tail.  In order to take back someone they must first demonstrate that

My Digicel Experience: Service Industry in Jamaica

I have not had consistent access to the internet for the last three days. I call Digicel so till mi get frustrated and furious over the idea that a major catastrophe did not occur and I am without internet for three days. its not like hurricane past through or we had a major outage. Something was wrong with the signal output as it kept fluctuating.

I called digicel and was on the phone for 30 minutes on average and yet at the end of these numerous complaints and conversation I was not given a resolution. The agent only apologized for the inconvenience and hang up. Three days later and my web stores, affiliate website, my blog has not been updated and I am losing my Google ranking all because Digicel cannot seem to resolve the issues with my internet service.

I have been experiencing this disconnection of service for three consecutive weeks but never for this long. I am so tempted to buy a landline modem from LIME and tell digicel go to hell.

In Jamaica service industry providers often treat treat rural people like we are idiots. I bet my last dollar than an issue like this would not be ignored in the corporate area. But Digicel has forgotten how expensive their internet per month is costing as much as the minimum wage that most Jamaican unskilled laborers get as salary per week. It would be cheaper to sign up for LIME internet service which post paid cost 50% of what I am paying now.  I remained loyal to Digicel because of the mobility of their service.

Now Digicel pisses me off. First they give us some confusing rates to compete with Lime 2.99 that for the most part never gets activated on my blackberry. It would seem that I am still paying the ten dollar per minute rate. My friends abroad all tell me how much digicel has been pilfering Jamaicans for the longest time with the exorbitant fees.

Digicel should know from history that us Jamaicans easy to get fed up and switch. Look at the mass exodus we made from Lime former name cable and Wireless when Digicel offered their bigger better network service.

Now imagine me holding on for half and hour then hang up and feeling more incensed than i did before. After that bling wait and listening ton the shrill voice of that singer during the holding period only to hear a bunch of regurgitated bullshit from their customer service Representative.

Half and hour later and my calks again seem futile, I can only wait in miserable silence while my blogtalkradio, my webinars for my clients and my web stores and services are inaccessible. What made me more peeved was that these agents were treating me as if I am an imbecile and didn't know what I was saying to them or what was happening with my internet.

I tried to tell them that the three signal like symbol at the front of their standard Ethernet modem was not lighting up.Most times only one light signal is blinking and the rest are non responsive. At other times I see one or two lighted and steady on the box. In rare times I might see three lights blinking and then its back to one being steady. I tried to explain to the agents that I had queried other users and they were experiencing issues including access to web care and self login to add credit to their account. This was not an isolated case and two of the agents had assured me they had been apprised of issues in that area for two consecutive weeks.

What should I do ? I have no choice but to wait in limbo until Digicel decides to find someone on the ground to check out my modem. I am very much going to insist that I get a rebate or refund for the days lost. I am just frustrated with this internet service provider.

You will reap what you sow in this life!

I went to my friend Checky's funeral and i remarked on how his friends appeared to be more saddened by his horrendous death than his immediate family. I realize that many people remain as phony in death as they are in life. They are not humbled by a stinging reminder of how fragile our existence is every time, we see someone die. They like many others always miss the lessons that are within every occurrences
in this life.

I noted something when i looked at the man i knew most of my life, inside my own sense of who he is, i know the man laying in this coffin was my friend but his face looked different to me. It would seem that his appearance drained of his vibrant personality made him look entirely different from whom i remember alive.

I began to think about how when by way of appearance, there are many people who their faces often express their personalities and many people who look like Jezebels are often just evil. People said my friend looked ugly in his coffin, it is because he had such colorful, jovial and vibrant character why no one never realized how ugly he really is. It might sound callous at a funeral but there is so much truth in those sentiments.

And his death has opened my eyes to other truths...

Some people think that they can force you to respect them but sincere reverence is never attained through buttress and duress. If you want respect you have to command it by the way you live your life and treat others only then will people value your existence so much that they will never want to hurt you. If people respect you out of fear, they will hide you and clandestinely engineer your demise. Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained and loyalty return, a life redeemed.

When people do something to you, disrespect you, insult, abuse or hurt you, it is a true representation of how they feel about you. Why are we offended by the truth? We want people to think about us the way we do and that will never happen. People have different modes of validation in their minds and people values others based on their own internal valuation system of hierarchy.

We cannot emphasize how important our families and friends are to us. We should exude the same level of empathy for others as we reserve for the people we are fond of in our immediate circle. Just as how you love your brother, you should understand that i love my brother too. Why would you want to kill a man and leave his children to suffer yet want the best for your offsprings in life?

My granny always say that time is longer than rope and a millions of us will come and leave this world as if we never existed. Time is a faithful teacher, it teaches, punishes, rewards, cajole and then it kills you. We cannot do more than our time so we all will have to sit and wait on father time.

There is no absolution for taking a man's life. There is no remission of a human life. Once you kill someone, you cannot shrive on that because you cannot give it back. Death is irreversible. Killing someone should not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you cannot justify killing.

Some people are better off dead yes. But who are we to judge others? I often tell people that i believe we should be allowed to die on our own terms. My friend would never have thought that he would become apart of the murder statistic for Jamaica. The Memories that i have for him that once meant nothing to me are now worth more than gold. I agnized how important it is for me to cherish my relationships with the people who have shaped my life. Life is not about being physically alive, it is about the experiences that we share with others and how we affect the people around us lives.

My friend was an advocate for health and fitness. He took money out of his own pocket to build a gym so that people could work out. He was no saint but he never lived a violent life. It for this reason why his death is such a tragedy. He has shown how little we regard human life as a people.

What do we have to do as a society is place more emphasis on the value of life. Death is no fair punishment because at the end of it all this life is meaningless and we all must die. Death should not be what we remit to someone for offending use because when you murder someone, you only hurt him momentarily, You shatter the hearts of the people who love and care for him. He is in a permanent state of unconciousness.
My grandmother always say that in life you reap what you sow. Wish good for others and good will follow you. Some us are suffering today because our families committed senseless atrocities that can never be remitted. We are doomed from salvation because of the inherited sins that our forefathers left upon our head. What people do to you is their karma and how you react will be yours. So do good and good will follow you.

Rest IN Peace
Lenvil Flemming

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why Jamaican's diss the police but respect the Gun Man: Under the Mango Tree Philosophies


These trees have stories to is one more...

We were sitting underneath the mango tree discussing the recent upheavals within our community when a very intellectual member of our community made a stalwart remark. He said " Ghetto people nuh easy eenuh because danna dead, and people are afraid to talk yet if a did police murder danna, then we woulda have big demonstrations, vandalism of public property and riot" Yet when people within our own communities murder our neighbours we are afraid to publicly denounced what is happening with illegal firearm".

He posed his question to me...

It is something that had troubled me since I was a child and moreso recently and it is a question of why most Jamaicans will publicly crucify the police when innocent people are murdered but turn a blind eye when citizens kill civilians.

I remarked that it has a lot to do with accountability and the culture of hatred that has been recycled over generations for the police force. This abhorrence of the police force stems from slavery when the militia was often called upon to repress the slaves, suppress uprisings and revolts. We have a socio-anthropological detestation of the police force that is inherently cultural and socially programmed.
It is reinforced during the years of colonialism when we fought for our independence and many died by the hands of the police in civil unrest. Our garrison communities are often plagued by extra judicial killings and police brutality therefore children are socialised to respect the Gun man as a protector and justice executor and to loathe the police man as a corrupt, distrustful and abusive representation of the system of oppression.

The police enforces the ideologies and policies of the state which is often spearheaded by members of the ruling or upper class in society. Police officers are regarded as traitors, they have betrayed their community to work for the oppressive system.

There are many rumoured instances within society where "informers are killed because they gave information to the police. This has compounded the distrust that citizens often feel for the police who for many lower socio-economical individuals have failed to protect the majority of its people. Gun men often fire shots to ward off intruders from other areas signalling that the district is protected, offering the citizens a sense of security that the police officers have failed to engender over the years. Popular notion is that if you are friend with police officers, you are labelled an informer and informers within the Jamaican society are assured a swift demise.

Why are Bad Men reverred?

Every body wants to be a badman but no man wants to be a police officer. Bad man culture is revered and the bad man respected by members of the community mostly out of fear than anything else. It is only natural that we will develop a fixation and admiration for the man who deals in what we fear most..death. Not that we do not respect police men, we very much tremble in the presence of the "bad man"police officers that acts more like a rogue cop. The bad men fear the rogue cop because they know the rogue police man will if necessary break the law in his carrying out of justice.

He exudes a level of fearlessness akin to the that of the Bad man. It is this level of unaccountability that makes the bad man feared and the police man disregarded. Ordinary citizens do not fear the bad man police because they know that he serves the purpose of being as ruthless as the neighbourhood gun man. And the average civilians understands that the Gun Man only fears the "bad man' police.

When last has someone been convicted of murder in Jamaica? Most Bad Men roam free until they "rake up the wrong ants nest" and are killed by their own people or the police. All bad men have a bad end. The police is accountable to the states, the government, the judiciary and legislative institutions and most of all to the people that they swore to defend, serve and protect. The gun man has no loyalty to anyone. He fears no one and is not answerable to any governing body. He is loyal to his gun as his bread maker, security and emblem of power. A community knows this albeit not in so many words but this is the central reason why people within an area will know of a crime and are afraid to talk about it because unlike the police the Bad man rarely takes prisoners.

Cable TV has without a doubt contributed to the fascination that we have with men who perpetuate and flirt with death. We are enthralled by how someone could bring about what most of us cannot even envision ourselves thinking. Some people say that young men become assassins because of needs and wants. Killing someone is just a job to them. It gives them an increase level of confidence,control and leverage to know that people fear their ability to take a fellow man's life. The more savagery that they exhibit with their murderers, the higher the respect that they get up the bar.

What turns an innocent baby boy into Murder?

Some experts claim that Childhood Abuse, Mental Incapacity and a criminal culture are the central factors that turn little boys into murderers, rapist and psychopaths.

Many experts attest that most killers are mad in the sense of the word and gain thrill from seeing the life expend from another. Some murderers simply do what they are good at, and if killing gives them a sense of social importance in society. People might not like them but no one will ever disrespect them, people will fear them.

The cost does not outweigh the benefits of the being a contract killer because in a country like Jamaica, a contract killer will never get caught. He will most likely be murdered by members of his organised crime culture, or a young aspirant seeking to stamped his name in the crime culture.

"A big attraction of violence is that the criminal likes to feel that he is acting like God; the thrill of possessing God's power to kill someone is a big attraction"


We feel contempt, anger, and disgust for the maniacal madman who hysterically kills humans out of sadism, perversion, or just lunacy, and we feel equal contempt for the person who kills in anger or by accident. Yet, perversely, our society stands in awe of those who have the ability to kill while coolly in control of themselves.

" why we romanticize bad men and hit men: they are men who control death. No one is the equal of the man who knows death, uses it, and does not flinch. Look at Patton, James Bond, Bugsy Siegel, Vito Corleone

I often wonder if Gun men do not think about the fragility of their own humanity when they are taking another life. I beg to envision that with each death there comes a certainty that his/hers individual demise is imminent. Everything goes up in Jamaica except the price of life.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Can these Politicians help my generation?

I will foremost thank our politicians for where they have taken Jamaica from and where it is now. We have made advancements in turning our country into a modern place to live and raise children. We have made advancement in transportation and telecommunication but we have a far way to go still.

A man was murdered before his common law wife and their baby. Who is going to take care of that child now? Who is going to prevent that child from developing a hatred for a community that knows about its killer but remained tight lipped out of fear. How can you teach our children not harbour feelings of resentment and distrust for their community, the police or our politicians when it seems that no one cares.

Do politicians know how many Jamaicans feel hopeless in a country where you can die any day and nothing comes of your death? Does the youth minister Lisa Hannah know that young people are wondering why she does not have someone on the ground trying to find out what the youths need and how she can help them. We are all too busy playing politics in this country. TOO MUCH RED TAPE, FEAR AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OR THEY WILL KILL YOU IS WHAT WE ARE POISONING THE MINDS OF OUR CHILDREN WITH.

We do not understand that the same people in life that you deprive will be the same people to deprive you. These likkle ghetto youths that nobody cares about will be the same people that will crawl into your windows and steal and murder your family. When will we wake up to the vicious cycles that we are perpetrating?

Do you think that you are safe in your salubrious communities? A revolution is coming and there will be blood to pay. Hungry days are ahead. I keep preaching and asking our politicians to have dialogue with the people. Listen to the people,do not ignore the people. Try and help the people so that they will in turn help you make this nation a better place.

You think only people who are light skin or who have degrees have vision for this country.I decry the system that has kept my people shackled to lies, distortions and fear. My heart bleeds every time someone dies. Imagine today. i accompany my friend who has a masters degree to get a teaching job and she was turned down. She bemoans the system that tells her to get an education yet cannot provide employment for her.

It seems only people in parlour business and hit men making money in Jamaica. Gun deh yah than opportunities for advancement for the young men what do we expect them to do? . Have a gun and starve.

People say that i need to make up my mind.Sometimes I denounce the violence of our ghetto youths and other times i seemed to be empathising with them. My empathy stems from knowing how difficult it has been for them to try and make a living. People with qualifications are finding it difficult to get a job, so just imagine the man who does not have a certification to his name.

Dialogue is what i am asking our political leaders to have with our youths. We have some great ideas on our way forward. An elder woman scolded me for saying that i believe that many of our politicians need to retire and give our young people a chance. She chided me saying that "young people do not have the experience". I looked at her and shook my head. Apparently she was born with experience. She did not garner it over the years through trial and error like normal people do. I retorted "young people will gain experience when they are given an opportunity to try out their ideas and make mistakes like our old folks" ...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How Marijuana can benefit the Jamaican Economy

I have been following the gleaner articles on the benefits of legalising Ganja in Jamaica as a boost to our economy as the plant that rastafarians use as a sacrament is widely considered to have superlative medicinal properties.

There are people on the ground who claim that Marijuana is legalised then it prices will go down but I think it would boost our farming sector which for the most part is largely only marginally exploited for revenue.

Jamaicans already have a passion for Farming Ganja and may would pool with investors to mass produce it for medical experiments and treatments.

Legalising Ganja will not drive its price down but it will become a viable respectable commodity instead of a contraband. The medicinal properties of the cannabis will make it a superior plant to be agricultured and exported at fair price.

This video illustrates some of the remarkable properties of the Marijuana plant and why Jamaica should legalise Marijuana.

Why GHetto children become criminals in Jamaica?

Being a product of the Ghetto, I understand what can happen to your mind when you live in the slum. The socio-psychological elements of the lower socio-economical class of Jamaica will turn any cherub into a monster. The gun has become the emblem of power and living within the confines of fear is a mind murdering component.

But many bad boys will tell you that this is not how they envisioned their future. They once imagined that they would become who their parents wanted them to be when they became adults. Life throws curve balls at a youngster, those who are not psychologically equipped to deal with this life will turned to gangs.Most people in the ghetto do not trust police officers and they hate politicians because they blame the police for harassing them and the politicians for misleading them.They see the government and the police officers as oppressors.

Ghetto People are largely exploited by people with money. Men with money bribe ghetto boys into becoming soldiers of their militia by supplying them with money, clothes and guns. Men with money also have several young women in the ghetto who carry children for them that they never recognise or take care of. Some politicians use the myopic knowledge and wistful dreams of the Ghetto people to put themselves into power.

Ghetto people feel marginalised, abandoned, hopeless, angry. Their children internalise these elements and therefore grow up to live a life similar to their ancestors. Most Ghetto children there is no escape from the life they live or the labels attached to them because of where they were born.

Girls who try to hold their heads up are allegedly raped or impregnated to keep them in their place. Our Children are not safe. Our boys are being drawn into alternative lifestyle practises for the sake of money. In the Ghetto, money is the order of the day.

Money equals life, food and validation therefore a man will do anything to get money. Children are inadvertently taught that people who seems as if they have something in abundance should either be charmed into giving it to them and if they refused then they should be coerce either by badness or death to share what they have. Parents do not purposely tell their children to become criminals but they encourage certain behaviour of borrowing, begging and indiscipline that shapes the mind of the violent adult.

The gun culture is as strong as ever now. Most kids want to become either a shotta or a scammer. Only shottas and Scammers making money in Jamaican Ghetto. How can we convince them to turn from a life of crime when people who live civil lives are victimised and suffering. One gangster said "I do not believe in suffering, I only believe in life and death".

Imagine growing up seeing your dad not having anything to eat or drink, siblings bawling for hunger and cooking outside on the wood fire even when it rains. This will turn any well meaning youngster into a killer, after all a popular Jamaican adage claims that man have to die in order for some other men to live. You begin to want to emulate the don because he has nice cars and a house. He has his choice of women. Who would not want his life. So you are lured into survival. It is not about keeping your dignity or values, it is about your life.

But then we create monsters even within ourselves. When we kill a little boy's father then your family and community becomes his enemy for life. He will no doubt choose a life of a gangster. And otherwise normal child grows up with feelings of vendetta, carrying vengeance for the death of his father. He will never reconcile why someone who should have secured his well being choose to take away his parent from him and leave him angry,sad and bitter. People you know will make your life a living hell, people you grow up with will fight you over scarce benefits and murder your family for money.

Sitting whole day with nothing to occupy ones mind will turn it into an abyss. So its better to create some drama in ones life even if it is mayhem.
Gunshots play havoc on a child's concentration, how can he learn in school when he has to worry about his meal and whether he will live to become an adult. How can you encourage him to go to school when he can stay at home and scam? Make money to feed his family and buy guns to protect his property? The means define the ends!!Most young ghetto men will tell you than their lives is just means to an ends. They do not have a future so they live in the now and pray that this moment last forever.