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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where is the Justice in our society?

People view justice differently depending on how it suits their individual needs. I see a man readily advocate the murder of an innocent man because his friend was offended by the said man yet will quickly jump to physically assault someone who offends him.

So a crime becomes OK if it is seen from our perspective.

My grandmother always said that show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Why are you surprised that a man who endorses gangsters and rove with alleged thugs would defend the humanity rights of a simple boy from no where, with no money, no gangster ties and no clout.

Whenever someone close to me dies, I am force to check myself. Some people death does not faze them. I go through periods of introspection where I question my own humanity and what role do I play in this grand scheme of things. I question the value of my life. I see my humanity within every other human being and that is what often makes the ending of a human life so troublesome to my weary mind. I value everyone, even some who we might deem do not deserve it.

Everybody cannot be right. We will face injustices but what we do about it decides how our children will handle it later and what kind of society we are shaping for our children. Imagine if our ancestors just sat back and watch the white supremacist keep us in slavery, we would still be a nation in slavery with bigger issues than we have now.

One day you here another day some punk slips you into unconscious oblivion. I look at these little boys walking around in my natal community whose mothers cannot afford to send them to school but they are still having children themselves. These boys who are stealing people's rabbits and puppies, selling them to unsuspecting buyers for money. Yet their mothers are busy wearing hairstyles, buying new clothes and "breeding" again for some "careless nigger". I mused that in all probability one of these little boys might take my life in the future. Not just a probability, at the rate of things... a damn near possibility.

What do you suppose we as Jamaicans lack most ? Comment answers. I think empathy. We have become a selfish people only thinking about ourselves and our own and whatever we can get at the price of whoever with disregards for whomever...We do not think that "what if this had happened to me?' would the taking of this my life be a fair price? Would death be a fair punishment? What is this was my family?

We do not think like that,we say its ok, or i do not care because it never happened to anybody for me etc.

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