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Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Brand Jamaica that we take for granted

I cannot fully emphasise how proud I
am of our brand Jamaica. I am always of the opinion that Jamaican is a good country with a lot of good people surrounded by a few idiots who cower the rest of us into fear forcing us to put up with their foolishness.

A Small island like ours has a cultural movement like reggae and dance hall music, our athletes and sportsmen are the most dominant within the Caribbean region and the world. We have won the Ms World title before, We have been spelling bee champion which means that we have brilliant people and beautiful people among us. We are creative people, people of laughter, humour and fun.Why can't we be committed to ensuring the betterment of our society.

I am proud of the people who represent us on the international front despite everything that others might have to say about Jamaicans. People say we are gay bashers, child molesters, we have the most corrupt political system and security forces but in all of that we have good people among us.

We have young people like myself who in face of death will readily stand up for the betterment of my people and society. I will never let brand Jamaica die or let selfish people who only care about themselves and not the communal benefits of our land we love, destroy the dreams of Marcus Garvey or Michael Manley.

Our young people are cut off from our roots. We need to stop watching TV and have the elders tell night time stories like my grandmother did when i was child where we are encourage to mimic Christian principles and core values. We should be committed to building our nation just as how we are moved with passion to eliminate and hurt our brothers and sisters when they offend us.

I say it over and over again that if good people were as militant as wicked people then we would have a better world but good people live in fear. They know too well that humility will be mistaken as weakness and that in today’s world if you are not "chucking badness" people think you are a softers.

We say what does not concern you that you should leave it alone but we know very well that soon enough the same stick that lick the black snake will lace the yellow one too and the same way a man deal with another man, he will hurt you in the same manner too.

Our Education Minister has called on us to teach tolerance in school but they must know that this will never be enough. We need a cultural overhaul. I see mothers telling their sons to curse neighbours simply because the neighbour insist that if they are going to pick mangoes, call and ask permission instead of sending stone missiles over the lady's yard.

I am not mistaken that these mothers create these monsters, who are menaces to society and then they cannot control them. Most if not all of the young men I grew up with are from good homes with good parents. I use many of them as examples of one can be accomplished when boys are exposed to education and proper values reinforced in their homes. I can attest that all the men who were my classmates in high school are successful young men who will never be caught in certain situations.

We see Beenie Man raising our flag high on an international cable station and I am force to dream again like Martin Luther King about our young boys and the future of our country. I would like for Beenie Man and others to at least become engaged in our education system, spending time in our communities to build back the unity and love that I believe we need to fight crime, violence and corruption.

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