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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Building a better Tommorrow

I was just speaking to a group of students who will be sitting their CXC exams come next June. I explained to them that what you do should contribute to the advancement of your progeny. 

I contend " just imagine if our parents had bought more lands, built a refinery, bought Negril when it was just a swamped and no one cared about it. What if our parents had made better choices we would not have to struggle so much in the present" 

We create the future by what we do now. The men and women who contrived our civilization have long past on but we are benefiting from their hard work. We should strive to improve this civilization, our societies and our world so that our children can have a better Tommorrow. 
You know I admire my paternal grandmother because she's a woman who made my life comfortable as a child. I grew up having tv at my house, electricity, my sisters and I had our own room, we had two gas stove and inside kitchen. My grandmother tells her story so many times about where she's coming from and how the outside kitchen ( dirt bottom) is where she lived with my dad and his siblings and look where she is now. It didn't mean much to me then but now that I am an adult I understand the virtues that she was telling my sisters and I as children. LOL! She also added that "men a failure!"

I could never be comfortable living a certain way because I was not raised exposed to particular values. I do not think I am better than people I was simply raised differently to appreciate other components of culture, life and society. 

It is only natural that I will want to have the best things in my life and provide for my child the way my parents provided for me. My father emphasized the importance of education. He ensured we went to school every day. We had cable tv and all the amenities albeit we were granted limited access. 

My life gold now is to provide for my children so that they will have it easier providing for their children.  I want to be able to supersede what my parents gave me. I have to protect this empire because it belongs to my kinship. We should strive for success not because we want it for ourselves but because we understand that even when we pass away. Our children will inherit our world because we live on through our off springs. 

We must secure the future for our children and the advancement of our race. Progress is never achieved in a day .Tomorrow people should thanks us for what we did in the past. 
 We will be eternally grateful to the founding fathers for this technology that affords me this opportunity to share my perspectives. 


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