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Monday, September 9, 2013

Should you take back a ex who disrespected you badly during separation

I have dissed men in the past who when I see them a couple years later u wished I was more accommodating because of the status they hold now and not because I find them attractive or their personalities intriguing.

Others that I treated  with indifference; have matured so much both in their personalities and socially that they force me to acknowledge that in life you should never entirely write people off because the same people you turn your nose at going up might pass you going down.

People realize their mistakes and people grow and change but relationships are investments and you have to weigh the pros and cons of dating someone who in your perspective is below your class. You simply have to look at personality traits and hope that he/she grows into someone you can build a life with.

I also know that when someone shows you who they really are and how much they invalidate you then you must believe them. If a person treated you like they do not value you as a person, the core intrinsics of your personality then believe them because they genuinely don't.

How someone treats a person whom they claim cannot do anything for them says a lot about that persons core beliefs and character. Humans will flock the mango tree because it is already grown and producing fruit and they will take a machete to the small tree since its young and may never produce.

Love is a treacherous emotion. Your heart will tug away at someone who you know from experience will hurt you again. There is a clear indication that humans believe that they should be with someone despite how they feel that person feel about them.

That is the reason why we have so many people murdering their partners because people keep getting together for the wrong reasons. Why would anyone want to be with someone who does not value your life? Who dates you for dependency or money?

You will always be angry at the ex who hurt you because getting back together does not give you closure. If anything you are giving someone another opportunity to hurt you. That person can safely conclude that you love them than you do yourself because anyone with any shred of self respect would not wanna go back to someone who treated them the way that ex did.

Emotions are never about rationality , you cannot help how you feel and many times getting back together gives you an opportunity ton see if this relationship could really work. Its a risk you sometimes have to take to experience whether or not, it was worth the heartache in the first place.

Apology is never enough. A man will say whatever he needs to says to get tail.  In order to take back someone they must first demonstrate that


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