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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Can these Politicians help my generation?

I will foremost thank our politicians for where they have taken Jamaica from and where it is now. We have made advancements in turning our country into a modern place to live and raise children. We have made advancement in transportation and telecommunication but we have a far way to go still.

A man was murdered before his common law wife and their baby. Who is going to take care of that child now? Who is going to prevent that child from developing a hatred for a community that knows about its killer but remained tight lipped out of fear. How can you teach our children not harbour feelings of resentment and distrust for their community, the police or our politicians when it seems that no one cares.

Do politicians know how many Jamaicans feel hopeless in a country where you can die any day and nothing comes of your death? Does the youth minister Lisa Hannah know that young people are wondering why she does not have someone on the ground trying to find out what the youths need and how she can help them. We are all too busy playing politics in this country. TOO MUCH RED TAPE, FEAR AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OR THEY WILL KILL YOU IS WHAT WE ARE POISONING THE MINDS OF OUR CHILDREN WITH.

We do not understand that the same people in life that you deprive will be the same people to deprive you. These likkle ghetto youths that nobody cares about will be the same people that will crawl into your windows and steal and murder your family. When will we wake up to the vicious cycles that we are perpetrating?

Do you think that you are safe in your salubrious communities? A revolution is coming and there will be blood to pay. Hungry days are ahead. I keep preaching and asking our politicians to have dialogue with the people. Listen to the people,do not ignore the people. Try and help the people so that they will in turn help you make this nation a better place.

You think only people who are light skin or who have degrees have vision for this country.I decry the system that has kept my people shackled to lies, distortions and fear. My heart bleeds every time someone dies. Imagine today. i accompany my friend who has a masters degree to get a teaching job and she was turned down. She bemoans the system that tells her to get an education yet cannot provide employment for her.

It seems only people in parlour business and hit men making money in Jamaica. Gun deh yah than opportunities for advancement for the young men what do we expect them to do? . Have a gun and starve.

People say that i need to make up my mind.Sometimes I denounce the violence of our ghetto youths and other times i seemed to be empathising with them. My empathy stems from knowing how difficult it has been for them to try and make a living. People with qualifications are finding it difficult to get a job, so just imagine the man who does not have a certification to his name.

Dialogue is what i am asking our political leaders to have with our youths. We have some great ideas on our way forward. An elder woman scolded me for saying that i believe that many of our politicians need to retire and give our young people a chance. She chided me saying that "young people do not have the experience". I looked at her and shook my head. Apparently she was born with experience. She did not garner it over the years through trial and error like normal people do. I retorted "young people will gain experience when they are given an opportunity to try out their ideas and make mistakes like our old folks" ...

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