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Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to go from pennies to a million in a year living in Jamaica?

Jamaicans belief that only people involved in illegal activities do actually make money. With that conviction most if not all persons who make a living without being traditionally employed are rumored to be involved in illicit activities and money laundering.   

I have been blogging for six years now and have managed to create a steady flow of income in the last two or so years of writing online 
I will not say that it was an easy task. For the first year I managed to make only 10 cents per month and that was because I was only blogging sporadically when I felt inspired. I lost my Job and i used the blogging platforms to make my Internet payoff itself. Internet is expensive and I decided that I was going to invest so much time in my blogging that it should be able to pay my Internet bills .That is what they call blogging with a purpose! And it went from 50 dollars every three months to over 50 dollars very month on one platform. Back in the day I did Expert columns, EZine Articles,Bukisa, TRiond and Helium. 

Now I have become somewhat of an expert that I am now teaching young people how to make money online by providing  services online and data. 

This is an uncharted area and a niche that needs to be filled. There are many ways that one can make money online. From writing about what you know to offering your virtual skills to online business people. 
The Internet is a minefield of ideas for money making. Some people charge you at least 200 dollars to learn the courses to make money online. gives you a free consultancy and a autoblogging platform for only $1500 JMD. 

Here is a conversation. I had with a new blogger recently. 

Blogger: And I was jus looking around to see wat a could do to occupy my time , whilst sharing my story, my journey.

Me: Ever tried a free blog on Wordpress or

Which is best? Can I set up a blog on tumblr? Wordpress is good?

Me: Wordpress can be your personal platform. Then monetize it using google Adsense chitika.

Say you want a monthly income???, helium, Bukisa are good income blogging platforms. 

Many platforms that pay you to write for them

Blogger: So Wordpress does not facilitate for an income? 
Me: yes through advertising revenue on your page. It's like t.v. You provide a service, entertainment or data and people advertise with you hoping to get potential customers from your viewers/readers. 

Blogger: I will try 
me: concentrate on your niche, Jamaican living abroad or something like that, RESEARCH IT! YOU HAVE PPL WHO A SIX FIGURE BLOGGERS! MAKING MILLIONS IN USD BLOGGING ONLINE! 

Start up sites are good too you get to dominate cuz you been there from the inception. I joined wizperts a year ago by invitation and I used to give advise for free now I am being paid for my advise. I have over 400 request for advice daily. Imagined if I logged on to that platform more often. 
Me: I don't know if you do hyips online but they are a great way to make money if you know how to integrate and manipulate the process. Not many Jamaicans have gotten a hang on what the Internet can offer them so those who do early will reap the benefits.
There is so many things I could teach people but I don't you know. Been thinking about putting a class together soon and I took down my pics cuz one of the investors told me to cuz he said you can't trust people in these times.
I wished I had created a website like Facebook or tumblr that I could resell for usd millions. If you wanna see how much you can make flipping websites like I do visit some site marketplace. I use and I make great money off referrals like 10% for selling a site for a builder or flipper. 
The Internet is a gold mine and smart ppl like you can capitalize on it.

Blogger: Is prefect money a site I can join?

Yes it's a payment site like PayPal
Me: I often let my clients join it so I can easily make payments on investments through direct deposit or western union
You use it to invest money in hyip funds.And I love that you can top up your account using western union unlike PayPal where you have to use your credit card or bank account. 

blogger: how do I get traffic? 

Me: you can buy it that's the easiest ways. I have a network that sells it. And you can stimulate it using social media sites.And constant blogging encourages traffic. Cuz you gotta build a platform for confidence so that your readers keep coming back to see what you gonna write next. New content drives traffics and it keeps readers looped to you.Your readers will recommend you on Facebook and then their friends will recommend you. A viral article will generate thousands of traffic. When you get one of those its up to you to  keep most of those readers committed to reading you by subscriptions or so forth. Here's another tip. You can sell your subscribers email addressees. That's how spams end up in your email anyways. Someone sold your email address.
Try googling your page to see how you rank using keywords. Say someone should google My Views. Would they find your blog on googles first result page or ten pages or hundred pages down??? Higher your rank, the more your income potential. 


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