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Monday, September 9, 2013

My Digicel Experience: Service Industry in Jamaica

I have not had consistent access to the internet for the last three days. I call Digicel so till mi get frustrated and furious over the idea that a major catastrophe did not occur and I am without internet for three days. its not like hurricane past through or we had a major outage. Something was wrong with the signal output as it kept fluctuating.

I called digicel and was on the phone for 30 minutes on average and yet at the end of these numerous complaints and conversation I was not given a resolution. The agent only apologized for the inconvenience and hang up. Three days later and my web stores, affiliate website, my blog has not been updated and I am losing my Google ranking all because Digicel cannot seem to resolve the issues with my internet service.

I have been experiencing this disconnection of service for three consecutive weeks but never for this long. I am so tempted to buy a landline modem from LIME and tell digicel go to hell.

In Jamaica service industry providers often treat treat rural people like we are idiots. I bet my last dollar than an issue like this would not be ignored in the corporate area. But Digicel has forgotten how expensive their internet per month is costing as much as the minimum wage that most Jamaican unskilled laborers get as salary per week. It would be cheaper to sign up for LIME internet service which post paid cost 50% of what I am paying now.  I remained loyal to Digicel because of the mobility of their service.

Now Digicel pisses me off. First they give us some confusing rates to compete with Lime 2.99 that for the most part never gets activated on my blackberry. It would seem that I am still paying the ten dollar per minute rate. My friends abroad all tell me how much digicel has been pilfering Jamaicans for the longest time with the exorbitant fees.

Digicel should know from history that us Jamaicans easy to get fed up and switch. Look at the mass exodus we made from Lime former name cable and Wireless when Digicel offered their bigger better network service.

Now imagine me holding on for half and hour then hang up and feeling more incensed than i did before. After that bling wait and listening ton the shrill voice of that singer during the holding period only to hear a bunch of regurgitated bullshit from their customer service Representative.

Half and hour later and my calks again seem futile, I can only wait in miserable silence while my blogtalkradio, my webinars for my clients and my web stores and services are inaccessible. What made me more peeved was that these agents were treating me as if I am an imbecile and didn't know what I was saying to them or what was happening with my internet.

I tried to tell them that the three signal like symbol at the front of their standard Ethernet modem was not lighting up.Most times only one light signal is blinking and the rest are non responsive. At other times I see one or two lighted and steady on the box. In rare times I might see three lights blinking and then its back to one being steady. I tried to explain to the agents that I had queried other users and they were experiencing issues including access to web care and self login to add credit to their account. This was not an isolated case and two of the agents had assured me they had been apprised of issues in that area for two consecutive weeks.

What should I do ? I have no choice but to wait in limbo until Digicel decides to find someone on the ground to check out my modem. I am very much going to insist that I get a rebate or refund for the days lost. I am just frustrated with this internet service provider.

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