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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jamaicans wring the wrong opportunities dry

I stopped over in Negril and saw a cousin of mine who began to explain to me how many Lobster peddlers were trying to exploit the business that many water sport workers brought them. 

He emphasized that Jamaicans want a tip from the tourist even though they are selling a commodity at a profit. 

Jamaicans are always trying to hustle people in business. It is one of the  biggest deterrents to doing business in Jamaica.i rented a car once and even after I paid the dealer, he asked me for a tip. A lunch Money. That is just greedy. " him red yeye" for the money that I he saw in my purse. I kept thinking no wonder we are breeding so many criminals because people are just downright greedy. 

Greed is what is fueling this economy. People have greed more than ambition in Jamaica. Everybody wants money, no one knows how to get it and no one is willing to work for it but everyone thinks they deserve it. 

We have some very foolish criminals. The ones who assumed that because month end is payday, it means that you will be having your money in your house. People are getting smart nowadays. People know that criminals are opportunistic to money but criminals don't seem to think a lot.It is the same red yeye" business that parents cultivate in children when theySocialized  their children sometimes unknowingly to think themselves deserving of others possessions  simply by nature of being themselves. 

They do not think they need to work for it. Look at the extortionist, who never shares his spoils with ordinary citizens but thinks he is deserving of ransom for your hard earn money and yet him never see you and " floss" you yet. 
Truth be told, he would readily collect a price on your head and send one of his "squadies" come "don" you. 

We have become a people committed to money, honoring money and worshiping money. We will do anything for money. We have washed our hands in blood for money. Ever tried to get blood stain out of your clothes. Difficult aint it? Same way it can never be washed off your hand. 

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