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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Monday, December 30, 2013

What is our Jamaican Society coming to?

What kind of society glorify criminals and discredits hard working people? 

What kind of society believes it is ok to kill children and rob old people? 

What kind of people reserve punishment for others but fail to address or even recognize the ills on their own ways. Imagine a scammer calling a burglar theif. Six a one and half dozen of the other. Or the mother who calls other people's children thief yet her entire subsistence is dependable on the "scamming" money her son makes to feed the family. 

Why is it that all Jamaicans assume that everyone who does not have a job must be a scammer if they appear to be making money? Only scammers making money in this economy? I think not. The Internet creates new millionaires every god forsaking day. 

I have encountered criminals who rave and rant if someone takes something from them calling them every decadent name under the sun yet believe it is ok to rob and kill other people. 

We have a generation of narcissist who believe that the world should bestow upon them that which they did not work for by virtue of being themselves. 

I don't see how I should worship a don who can't do anything for me? He can't write a recommendation letter for my child. He cannot convince any authority figure without violence or duress to grant me a Favour? He cannot influences any propitious change or improvement in my life yet he wants me to respect him. My respect cannot be bought not coerce. 

Any smart leader understands that a respect that is gained through commanding love and honour from others will never fail you. Any person who demands respect unknowingly, create false friends and true enemies who mask their irreverence until an opportunities arises and they eliminate their leader. 

People feel
That when them
Hold down people pickney them a do
Nothing... Them a create them own menaces. Cuz the same pickney weh you wish feNo
Nothing will
Become the thorn inna your successful
Child's side... Think about that...

We should become committed to ensuring that each child in our society has a great future. We cannot wish ill on other people's children. We have so many problems today because we did not seek to empower and liberate our children. We thought them to compete and subvert each other's success. Now we have a successful generation completely under siege and fear of the lawless peers. 

What is really Success? 

If your success is defined by being indifferent to injustices and adapted to murder and mayhem then you are a part of what is wrong with this world. We don't want "successful people" who turn a blind eye to the real issues affecting our humanity and society. I like  Dr.Cornel West want " leaders" people who love each other enough and respect the lives of one another to be unbought, unbound, unafraid and unintimidated to tell the truth. Not only tell it but stand up for what they believe in...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another Excerpt from The Barn Raiders Story

The Frog croaked and sneered with contempt. Franco had made an agreement with him, he was not about to me intimidated by him nor the little Rottweilers that ate the crumbs from his table. He was his own boss and money making was his game. He had his money so he could do anything that he wanted and no one could stop him.

 Raty could not believe the little boy who bucked and sneered like a bull. He puffed more like a big black bull frog, eyes bulging out in anger. He watched how his dark lips curled and unfurled in anger. Nothing would suit Raty more than to smooth the creases that formed in his forehead as he rant and threatened Franco over a measly five thousand dollars. 

Franco was being rational while Raty wanted nothing than to beat him to pulp. He smiled, a non threatening stab wound to the stomach would  turn that tougher than nails attitude into water.  He could not walk in Franco's shoes. He was in fact a Nobody. Raty waited for the hint from Franco to " done" him. 

The Nigga reared his ugly head and roared " mi no response fe nobody, me a my own don, and you a thief me money" 


Mimi hugged Franco and stared at this man who looked like a little Pitbull snorting, the only factor missing was the  frothy water running from his nasty mouth. He was in desperate need of a visit to the Dentist. She found it appalling that he could be here glorifying his artifice of a status that he self acclaimed supposedly from his criminal activities. She found every Scammer contemptible. She did not know who told them that a money gleaned from the proceeds of crime was something to brag about. Franco sold drugs but that was more sanitized than scamming. 

This Idiot considered himself Franco's equal purely on the basis of the money he boast of having. Mimi shook her head. This was the heights of decadence. The epitome of monumental ignorance, glaring around as if his ugly, crusty face would daunt anyone in Franco's group. He was a criminal, worst kind than Franco because He sold a product while this snake conned old people out of their hard earned income. She understood what was really wrong with the world now. People like this Bull Frog believed that money could buy them class but it doesn't because no one from Mimi 's father society family would ever regard or accept any scammer as someone of legitimacy. 

 She wondered what was preventing Raty from rinsing off his face with a couple blows. Someone needed to knock him down a few inches, put him back in his place. He was obviously getting ahead of himself. Using his mouth to inflict wounds, she saw Franco flinch when he mentioned his mothers one room house and numerous siblings. Franco hated when people used his upbringing or his background to insult him. He also hated people who liked to stray away from the central issue. This boy was digging for amno, firing his mouth off like a gyal. Mimi dropped her gaze to his chest, he had breast: that confirmed it, too much fucking estrogen. 

He rambled on about his gun and money. He belted out jibes at Franco, he remained unreasonable, unwilling to listen to Franco's side of the story. He shot darts at Mimi and Raty, 

" you think mi fraid a you badman friend and you whoring Gyal?"

Mimi glowered at him.  That is one thing about "dutty Neygahs" they know which buttons to push. This one was pushing one that would lead to a trolley and a trip to the Morgue. 

Mimi was about to respond when Raty pulled something dark from his waist and the entire place came alight. The Bullfrog clasped his chest, hands searching his body frantically.He ran up and down, frenetic,disoriented, eyes threatening to leave his eye lids as they bulged from adrenaline rush the gunshot sounds emoted. Franco burst into loud Guffaws. 

He pointed at him " as of today, you are dead to me. I write you off. You are nobody"...

Scamming: The Thief that does not Hide

Scammers only respect other scammers. More so scammers dislike theives are quick to call other people theif when dem a the biggest thief. I don't know how they can glorify or even sanitize a criminal activity.

How can someone brag about money that they gleaned from criminal activities. Scammers think their wealth is legitimate  but it is not. I refuse to allow any scammer to make hard working people feel as if they are inferior because they make less money than them or do not have the luxury of wasting money like them.

More so I don't believe that people who disrespect and condemn hard working people and consort with gun men and thieves are worthy of my respect and my regards. I have come to realize that money in the hands of fools are bound to create problems. 

We have a bag of criminal narcissist walking around with their chest distended in the air thinking that money obtained from the proceeds of crime is recognizable wealth. The prevalence and acceptance of scamming in Jamaica is a tell tale sign of a depraved state with people centrally focused on getting out of poverty by whatever means possible. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Claus Do you ever come to the Ghetto ???

"People will hate you. Sometime their dislike is not a reflection of something you did or even you character. It may simply be because you suggest something in them. It's easier to paint a quality negative if one discover that it is by am means unattainable. "

Crystal Evans 

Santa Claus Do you Ever Come to the Ghetto.... 

I saw this little boy. People say he is bad and he is a thief. I asked him if he wanted an ice cream. He said yes. I gave him some money. He looked at me and asked me " you know me". I quickly realise that this child thought it uncustomary for a stranger to be kind to him. I told him yes, I knew his mother. I turned and walk away and when I looked back, he was walking away looking back at me. 

I believe that each random act of kindness or even compassion sometimes can change someone's destiny and life. He kept looking back at me because I may have just in one single gesture change his life. 

It doesnt take much to be kind to a child when so many of us waste money on liquor and stuff...

Sometimes I sit and think about how people have become completely unfeeling towards their brethren. 

If I was wealthy, there are so many people I would assist and children that I would commit my resources to helping them. So much was revealed to me in one innocent question from a ten year old. 

When I go into town.  I buy matches from children selling, I give kids money sometimes not because I have it but because I know what it feels like to have nothing. Poverty is a crime. 

I don't make it my duty to look down on children spawned from poor families because none of us had a choice with regards to where we would be born, the families that we might have or our natal economical circumstances. Children have to live with and sometimes accept the life they were born in until they can change it. We as a society sometimes must be willing to assist a child in changing his life circumstances. 

Not every child can be saved but every effort must be made to encourage and not condemn every child of the Ghetto. If we want a better society, a more peaceful community and a prosperous nation. 

Santa Claus does not come to the Ghetto. The closest thing kids might have had to Santa Claus is dead. Some might have called him Robin Hood. There are no gifts underneath no Christmas tree and children are stressed out by their living conditions that they like the adults have no time whatsoever to appreciate the true meaning of the season. 

I don't understand how someone can say I am a lover when you have no love for humanity. I see myself in every other human being. They have a complex life just like mine with family and friends. They are plagued by everyday experiences and issues just like me. How could I ever turn a blind eye to a child in need...

Some people do not know that the best gifts in life are already unwrapped. There is nothing truly remarkable than loving people who respect and regard the feelings of others despite the situation. Those people are rare, more valuable than gold. If you perhaps have one of those gems in your life. Appreciate them and treat him or her well because they are a seldom value. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 

Just saying true spirit of Christmas is love... 

Merry Christmas and a happy New year

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Barn Raiders -introducing Mini

Book info: 

tel:9781304679857 isbn 
Print tel:9781304680921

Mama Brown's Family is the storyville of life in the Ghetto of Jamaica. The author utilizes  one family setting to explore critical themes and expose the injustices and prejudices of a crumbling societal value structure. 

Mimi was not in love with Franco. She slither away from his encircling arms and gazed at his comatose face. She could learn to love him and he treated her well. He gave her everything her heart desired and more. She searched his face, wondering if she could settle down and have kids with this boy. 

He often insisted that they where perfect together. Mimi felt her skin prickled whenever he suggested children and touched her abdomen. She was not interested in babies, she did not want to lose her figure this early. 

Money is what made her heart tick away in her chest in a staccato rhythm. It was his shiny vehicles that made her skin tingle with excitement. 
It was the social impact their presence together created that suffused her Bronze skin with a copper tone blush when people stared in awe at them. The only thing that pranced about was her pride and ambition not wistful romantic notions over a barely grown man. 

Mimi rolled back into Franco's arms and listened to the rhythmic beats of his heart. Every thud inside his chest tugged at her conscience. Maybe she could love him. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A generation of young men will be dead before thirty

Former almuni and collegiate Randy Goldson expresses that he believes an entire generation of young men from his small rural community in Little London will be wiped out before they reach the age o of thirty. 

A young man replied several times. 

"They are entangled in webs without a source of escape that is viable to them.... I have been thinking alot about this for the last several months and I have decided to do something about it. My Challenge to other young males that have avoided or have been freed from these snares to step up and be proactive and not only reactive in their solutions. Great Thought Randy Goldson.... Bless"

"well people have been defending media, like it has nothing to do with it... but i believe while media does not have everything to do with it has a lot to do with it. Media influences, standards, values, ideals, perception and education. 

Also humans naturally love enjoyment, its in our nature to enjoy life, but the definition of fun that is widely broadcast is corrupting the better definition and sucking youths into it. Freedom is essential, but one must understand the responsibility that comes with it,.."

"It was the sacrifice of someone  precious that made salvation possible for mankind... and i believe it is man's personal continuous sacrifice that will, repair, and maintain, most but not all the fabrics of society. if none will sacrifice certain pleasure or desires for character development, and the growth of further generations, they we will reap what has been sown.

It was sacrifice of lives (not necessarily death) and comfort that took Jamaica out of slavery, that caused Mandela to be free, and caused him to accomplish what he did, it was sacrifice that gave many nations freedom, built nations, and forged bonds... we should stop with this philosophy, "what can one man do?" as if he can do nothing, But change has to start with the man in the mirror, he has to be a light to brighten another man's path until that man can brighten his own and someone else's. we don't have to do the whole thing let some one else finish it, but there must be start.

"good success is found in the waters of discomfort and sacrifice"

My question has always been what are we the enlighten, intellectual class are going to do about what is happening in our country? It has been my daily crusade and you are the only one who in your third response expressed a notion that I have been entertaining for months????

Thanks for your comments guys... The saddest part for me in all of what is happening to certain males in Little London is that I grew up with these guys. They are young people with promise and potential. I am not sure what happened to most of them between the time that they were in Sunday/Sabbath school and becoming young adults. I am baffled that so many of them have turned to a life of crime.

well for some there arms can reach far for others it may be shorter, but all lengths are important, i start with those i can reach, those around me... you never know it may reach someone who can influence another who has a longer arm than yours. Rosa Parks as far as we know started in a bus an that one event in the bus stretched untill today.

Education... Not just education I believe we had teachers who were dedicated to imparting not only knowledge but precepts and values. I had parents who made education a priority, my father never allowed me to
Mingle or be influence by other people's ideologies. Then my grandmother spent time teaching us values and reasoning with my siblings and I. She was very loving and last but not least church was mandatory every week, rain or shine... Even if you sick... I am wondering if these factors assisted me in becoming who I am...

but while engaging in the evaluation, we must recognize that some things that are fit for us may not be fit for them... and so may cause for a different approach than that of our experiences.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Young people depressed by overwhelming Youth Deaths

When I was growing up, I never thought about death. I did not realize that in the midst of life, there was a chilling reality that one day my life will end. They say human beings are the only organisms who are conscious of their inexorable demise. 

I was twelve years old when Sheldon head was decapitated by a bus. I use to play with him at the Standpipe. We were school mates and I could not understand fully why I would never see him again. I remembered his mother wailing, her hands on her head, then encircling her waist, grabbing her abdomen from whence she gave him life only to have it snatched  away in the blinking of an eye. 

I had class mates from primary school who died during high school and people I know from High School who are died after graduating. If there is such a thing as Ghost's world, then death for some must be like homecoming. 

A young girl around eighteen was explaining to me how fearful she has been since several killings in the area and accidents that claim the lives of very young people. 

I tried to coax her out of her melancholy by rationalizing about the universe. It is what gives me comforts at times when I am in despair and have lost all faith in humanity. It keeps my feet upward, daring to thread over the horizon and into the unknown Future. 

I do know based on the order of  events in nature that life has a way of working itself out. I believe in karma it's reflective of the universe. The sun comes up and then goes down in the evening, night and day then night again, the rotation of the earth, death and birth of a star, death of a planet, death of animals. Everything is intertwined and connected.
 Nothing is separate and distinct. Our sun will die one day....

Our planet will die too one day... Everything is only a matter of time...

Death is just the next great adventure. Get your mind organized. 
Energy can never be destroyed, it is merely transferred.

So when you die, your energy, soul or spirit moves supports it. The earth does not belong to man,man belongs to the earth. 

So don't sweat the small stuff... Don't worry about things you have no control over.

Everything that we know now will soon pass away. 

That's just the way it is...

Don't fear death shann. You were dead millions of years before you were born and was never inconvenienced by it...mark twain. Alas Child. Good Night

Friday, December 20, 2013

I don't care if you don't like me

A friend ask me this morning 
"Are you Emotional, I get that a lot from your writing and he sent me this picture on Whatsapp"

I don't know. But I really believe if we had more emotional people we would have a more peaceful world. People say emotions makes you irrational. I beg to differ because I have read of carnages perpetrated by people who claim they are rational and without feeling... Perspective is everything... To each his own. I can tell a man to look but I have no control over what he or she sees...whatever I put out is interpreted differently by people based on their own notions or preconceived notion of me. I have no control over their interpretations...

I don't try to change how people feel about me. I just live my life. I am not perfect and I have made mistakes along the way but those who are without sin please go ahead and cast the first stone. I love all of me cracks, warts and all... Took me a while to get here and nobody can ever make me turn back...xoxoxo

To be continued...

Just had the most revealing convo with a friend of mine... He's like " where do you fall in this race" you like some mullatoo... The slaves don't like you cuz they think you gonna betray them and the masters can't stand you and continue to remind you of your place beneath them. 

Nothing fe do with advocating criminals or the protection of criminals.  I don't really understand but I've come to realise that Facebook is no longer for me. I can write what I want on my site. You my intellectual peers think I am supporting a class of hoodlums and the same "hoodlums" believe my values to me supercilious and contemptible. Smh... I realise I am fighting a loosing battle. Well off citizens assume that everybody downtown must be involved in or in support of criminality and poor people see every body across the border as oppressors and the reason they cannot change their life situation. I've come to realise that there's no place in the world for people like me anymore.

I've also come to understand that because I was not born to a certain class of people, I am automatically validated by my socio-natal class. While I see a lot of people that my peers rate up who are the biggest criminals and them don't even know it. You know how many people on our list are credit card phishera, brokers and scammers. How you think them maintain them flossing life especially and those who sell drugs and contraband. When they see certain things written on my profile they don't confront it online, they call me and ask me a " wah do"... And me neva say it to you yet...

Lessons Learn in the Jamaican Ghetto Life

The Buddha asserts that in every experience holds a blessing that one just needs to find it. 

It was last night, I was remembering a time when I was really broke. I went to a friend's house early in the morning and asked for a borrows to go hustle on the road. My friend told me that she would check me as soon as I get home. I waited the entire day and my alleged friend never turned up. 

An epiphany struck me at the end of the day because I managed to survive that day without the money I wanted to borrow. In my mind asking for that money was irrelevant in the first place because I did not get and still manage to survive that day without it. I never borrowed or begged anyone anything again. 

If god can provide for the birds and the animals much less me a macroscopic organism created as claimed by chacurist in his very own image.That is how I lived my life since. Committed to the belief that god will provide. 

I have another friend of recent who we were discussing my HYIP Fund.  He told me that he would give me a 100 dollars USD to invest for him. The next day. He reneges on his intent and told me he had several bills to cover. That was under stable and so i let it go. Now what I found rather irritating and downright unconscionable is that the same person would like me to invest a quarter million dollars now in a hedge fund. This person could not invest ten grand with me but wants me to invest quarter million with him. Something was awfully wrong here. 

The problems in our society can easily be fixed if we become less of a selfish people. I have discovered that people are largely about themselves. Nobody wants to lose their money and nobody wants to lose their time doing any ground work. Everyone wants guarantees and every thing " ready done". 

Don't they think for a moment that there were not people out there who wished they had invested in bill gates ideas before he became a billionaire. I know there must a be a lot of people who missed out on great opportunities because they transferred the doubts they have in their own abilities onto others, making them insecure about the capabilities of others. They missed out on a big opportunity to own a good amount of shares in Microsoft. 

I have heard many old people talk about when land was being sold for hundred and thousand dollars. They often rue not buying many more because they never assumed the value of land would escalate this astronomical. 

People with money would share  with those whom they feel threatened by. There are many people with money who if you should beg them, they won't give it to you but will very quickly hand over thousands of a dollars being an ingrate to someone important or to some dude who might stick a gun in their face. 

Now I understand clearly the point the commissioner makes about illicit money funding crime. I've observed that scammers would rather "pay dues" to individuals who create mayhem and murder than give a woman with a hungry child a thousand dollars. That within itself is a harsh reality. Money in the hands of fool will only brook chaos. 

These young men in the ghetto who make money through illegal activities, god probably knew why they were not born in money. 

Imagine that a lot of them would rather pay extortion money to some murderer and criminal whilst the people who live around them live in poverty. You can't even beg them a thousand dollars and get it. What does that tell you about the way that they think? 

Gussy would never turn away a hungry child or a mother in need. He was probably born the wrong place. I see the son of a governor get a scant wake and grave digging considering the fact that he is wealthy and important. Gussy, the child of a street side seller and a promiscuous father who deserted him from he was a preschooler received a historical celebration of life. Your life should be an inspiration to others. 

There is nothing wrong with the universe because it always restores life to its tantric balance. I see a mother through arbitration denied another mother to right bury her child who died in an accident on a plot of land because they wanted money for it and some ongoing dispute. 

I remember going to see the mother and hear her leave a voice message for the opposing family after they stopped taking calls from her. She said, tears steaming down her face " a hope none a unoo pickney no dead". She cried so hard that morning. 

People can be truly heartless. But in the midst of wickedness, the wicked always forget that they too have a fragile existence. They don't spend enough time rationalizing hence they make irrational decisions. As the powers that maybe will have it. The opposing mother's son died three months later. He was electrocuted at his work place.  I have every confidence in god or the power of the universe or whatever one might call it. Not one bad deed had gone unpunished in this Universe. 

I believe fixing this country is easy. Get rid of this personal ambition quest For superiority and start thinking about our collective interest. What's the sense you get rich and then you have to build fortress to keep the beggars out.

Agrarian societies were more peaceful. Capitalism has only fueled a materialistic world and egoism.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jamaicans and Education

Education Saved the Little Boy's Dreams

The mere imparting of knowledge does not guarantee that one will become educated. Many black men are exposed to education but growing majority do not reflect characteristics of an educated cache. Education must cover all aspect of human life for it to be truly effective. An education system devoted to a notion of preparing a few from the paucity of society to become wealthy will never transcend any country. 

It has become clear that teaching kids to get out of poverty is not assisting in establishing and reinforcing morals and values in our society. It simply creates a group of people , well spoken, literate and certified who are of no benefit to the uneducated mass they came from. They perpetuate the notions of condemnation by seeking to distant themselves from the lower class. Even those who pursue politics do so not to liberate the masses or improve their conditions but to auspice their own personal ambitions. 

Education is regarded as an avenue, a rite of passage for social upliftment. A chance to change one's economical status, education transforms but it does not develop. It is for that reason we end up with a society of graduates looking to be hired slaves than entreprenuers,  innovators and inventors. They should be creating employment for the skilled, underqualified and √ľntrained populace instead the educated competes with the less qualified individuals for scarce jobs. It creates a Job Flation where employers underpay certified individuals and one's qualification devalues as you are forced work side by side with practically less trained personells.

We have been clamoring for years for a social intervention for our boys. Young men need special attention and are often uninitiated in how they should handle day to day conflicts that will arise amongst themselves. This lack of direction underpins the growing crime situation where young men resort to violence to resolved squabbles. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My vulnerable side: Crystal Evans the Writer...

I live in a world where people are largely afraid of their vulnerable sides. We believe that people who cry, grieve or express despair with humanity are fractured and damaged. 

We conceal how much pain we feel and put on a front to mask the tornadoes we experience at times. We pretend as if we do not spend long hours questioning our existence,the meaning of life and what happens at the end of it all. 

We like to paint those who whisper from the heart as people who should be socially spun. We don't listen to our hearts, we cling to the voices around us. So we miss out on melody of our own tune. 

They the soul searchers find peace ultimately because they know in the end that life bestow upon us all that we want if only we are willing ask. Demand that life gives us what we need and let death be the only thing that may preclude us from our goals. Even so not even death can prevent some from their purpose which is sometimes achieved posthumously. 

I am everything that I think I am and even more. I bare witness by even this typing instrument that I use that the human mind hath no end. No boundaries. Human mind is a powerful tool. This iPhone was once a dream, an idea that transcended into a physical thing. Anything is possible... 


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Little boys, wasted Dreams and chariots of Guns

A little boy no more than ten years old tells an adult make that he will punch him off his bicycle because he accidentally brushed passed him. I stopped to say to the little boy "why are you pushing violence at such a young age". I recoiled, aploplectic at the way he kissed his teeth and treated my concern with blatant disregard. I blasted him" unoo no see what happen to Gussy? Unoo nah bloodclaat learn? Badness don't pay. Police ago shoot nuff more a unoo".

The little boy turned to me and ask what I meant by that? I told him it is only a matter of time. If he does not change the way he is, he will surely find out.

I do not mean to maledict early demise on the future of these young boys but I know that in any community where boys are untrained, uneducated then it's means that they will be stupid,unemployed adults seeking to create mayhem. 

I have noticed something about violence and it is that it swings both ways. Children of parents who die by violence whether their fathers died by the hands of police or gunmen often become Gunslingers themselves. 

The man that you kill and leave his children without a father or a breadwinner  will grow up to become a thorn in your side or that of your children. Life stream flows both ways. 

When I was going to high school, the cute boys who humiliated teachers and didn't know gnat were all the rave for us teenage girls. I was merely 17 and I realized that after school, the boys that were hot boys when I was say fourteen are now on the street smoking Ganja and loitering because they did not take their eduction seriously and are now lost in this world.

The nerd boys from my high school era are the most attractive men I have ever seen. They have blossomed into some serious female magnets. They have a future but that future can also be curtailed by the boys who were once their peers jealousy and envy.

A police officer asked me what kind of work I do? I told him that I am a publisher, blogger and an Internet business consultant. Crystal EVans and you live down there inna that Lane. I quickly conceded that he did not expect to find a gem like me among rock stones and mud. After all people like me always run away from the Ghetto first chance we get.

I have thought about running away. On days when my despair with my fellow brethren runs amuck. When I too concede that Ghetto people also create problems on them own self.

Every child starts out the same way in theGhetto, bright and full of promise in kindergarten. Something happens between there and high school that separate children. Ghetto children are easily beat down by life because their parents never figured out how to get out and they probably won't. 

Our Jamaican Society needs a Mandela. Someone to stand up for what is right despite the end results. Someone to speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Mothers in Jamaica, Agents of Social Change

Children who become parent less due to violence are like unhinging a door and leaving the house wide open. 

Excerpt from Jamaica's Acute Ghetto-Itis 

We know from those who view the world through their mind's eyes that we are living in a world with inanimate people, a planet of intelligent organism desensitized to the suffering around them. 

People have become immune to violence and tolerant of injustices as long as it does not affect them directly. They see clamoring for salvation and justice for others they are unrelated to as being a burden too heavy to bear. It is not our fight. We must choose our battle carefully but we should never stand on the sidelines, hurl rocks at those who dare take on the challenge. Some people are not warriors. Some of us fight with guns, some with their pens and many with their mouths. We are soldiers of our destinies and generals for the future battalion of children. Whatever we plant now, our children will reap its fruit and shelter in its shade. If you sow a bad tree, the next generation will reap a bad tree full of fruits. 

What are we really fighting for? If you are not apart of the solution then you must be in league with the problem. The greatest dishonor to humanity is to standby and not do nothing. Your silence speaks louder than words, it trumpets consent. 

We must dedicate ourselves to moulding our children. Your child will have to live among other people and whatever you train him/she to be, the world will have to live with it. 

You will not always be there for your children. So it's never a good idea to teach them to create enemies with people that you have conflict with. We do not want our children to be naive about the diabolical nature of the humankind but we do not wish to create a transgenerational war over foolishness. 

Learn to discipline your children, direct their moral stance towards fairness, equality and Justice . Any parent that reconcile the wrongdoing of a child will create a menace to this society.  The mother who does not "split" justice will experience a grave pain in the years to come. People must know that they can conference with a parent when a child misbehaves, performs a misdeed or is outright impudent. The mother who shields an obnoxious child will bemoan that child in the end. 

Every time a mother supports, endorses or disregards wrongdoing: she's tipping scales of empathy and justice into an imbalance. Develop your child's talent and skills instead of forcing them into an archetype based on collective notions of success. Tell your child that there is a space in this universe for them and by doing good, the astral powers reserves a seat of greatness for him or her. 

Children should be made to understand that words can hurt as much as physical blows. Tactile offenses are often dissuaded but  verbal assaults are overlooked, many a wars brook from utterances. Our children must never be muzzled from expressing themselves but they should be encouraged to use language carefully and speak positivity into the tantric nature of their existence. 

We are masters of our society. The one who rocks the cradle rules the world. Mothers are the agents of social change. We just haven't conceded that as yet.