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Monday, December 2, 2013

Ten evidence Jamaican Politicians do not care about Nation Building

1. Politician spends fifty million renovating his home when many schools are without computers and children in kindergarten needs to be exposed to the wonders of technology by using toy learning computers. Why not spend some of that money on education in Jamaica. 

2. Ministers of state and their delegation teams racking up twenty million for business, luxury trips abroad while hospitals and many government agencies  are in dire need of computerization for its records. So many computer programmers and smart innovators without jobs and having to migrate when they are so many avenues for employment that need development. Wake up Jamaica's Government. 

3. Fruits that children using to stone dog like Noni, almonds and tamarind fruits are very expensive abroad and are in high demand abroad. Full time government seek some alternative agricultural products to develop and export to build the country's economy. 

4. Lift the ban on Ganja. Marijuana is making waves in the medical world as a holy grail of remedial products geared at fueling optimal health in its usage. The manufacturing and exportation of Ganja would provide jobs for youths and boost the countries revenue through export income. 

5. The Jamaican Politicians should use some of the money spent on putting on Galas and buying expensive SUVs into creating a social welfare centers with social workers in violative communities to assist children and adults who live in commuters affected by degenerative social maladies. We know that social awareness and ethical orientation can transform values and morals in our society. 

6. Our government and private sector community should become committed to improving the technological aspect of policing and crime fighting sectors. We are in need of a DNA lab that can turn out results in twenty four hours. We need trained forensic detectives to process crime scene and lab technician to turn out results. Until we improve out forensic unit then we will not be able to fight crime and scare criminals into deterrence. We cannot depend entirely eye witness accounts in order to prosecute offenders. We need irrefutable evidence and in doing so, we would reduce the need for extrajudicial killings. We also need more forensics psychologist and therapy for police officers suffering from post traumatic stress disorders.

7. Use some of the loan money we accruing to build an aluminum refinery or sugar refinery.i cannot understand why we had to import the end product when we create the natural resource.

8. Offer people within the Jamaican diaspora opportunities for investment in real estates, entrepreneurship and technology.i cannot understand why people outside of Jamaica see potential in the development capabilities of the island and of its own people. Maybe we need to revamp our education system where most children would rather become a corporate slave than a business owner. Why can't the diaspora form companies and invest in developing Jamaica. Not just one individual but pool their money together. 

9. Reducing the cost of education and healthcare is vital to the growth of any nation. A healthy educated population yields high  returns that will contribute to the advancement of any society. The ministry of health must become committed to initiatives geared at improving mental health. It has become evident in recent times that mental health is a big issue in Jamaica. 

10. We need a change in representational politics. We cannot continue to have politicians with a 40 year career. We need to implement changes in our electing structure where a prime minister cannot do more than two terms in office. We also need a set retirement date for when a minister should leave politics. I believe politicians with outdated ideas are what is crippling our economy. Jamaica needs fresh minds with new ideas to lead us into the future. 

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