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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Little boys, wasted Dreams and chariots of Guns

A little boy no more than ten years old tells an adult make that he will punch him off his bicycle because he accidentally brushed passed him. I stopped to say to the little boy "why are you pushing violence at such a young age". I recoiled, aploplectic at the way he kissed his teeth and treated my concern with blatant disregard. I blasted him" unoo no see what happen to Gussy? Unoo nah bloodclaat learn? Badness don't pay. Police ago shoot nuff more a unoo".

The little boy turned to me and ask what I meant by that? I told him it is only a matter of time. If he does not change the way he is, he will surely find out.

I do not mean to maledict early demise on the future of these young boys but I know that in any community where boys are untrained, uneducated then it's means that they will be stupid,unemployed adults seeking to create mayhem. 

I have noticed something about violence and it is that it swings both ways. Children of parents who die by violence whether their fathers died by the hands of police or gunmen often become Gunslingers themselves. 

The man that you kill and leave his children without a father or a breadwinner  will grow up to become a thorn in your side or that of your children. Life stream flows both ways. 

When I was going to high school, the cute boys who humiliated teachers and didn't know gnat were all the rave for us teenage girls. I was merely 17 and I realized that after school, the boys that were hot boys when I was say fourteen are now on the street smoking Ganja and loitering because they did not take their eduction seriously and are now lost in this world.

The nerd boys from my high school era are the most attractive men I have ever seen. They have blossomed into some serious female magnets. They have a future but that future can also be curtailed by the boys who were once their peers jealousy and envy.

A police officer asked me what kind of work I do? I told him that I am a publisher, blogger and an Internet business consultant. Crystal EVans and you live down there inna that Lane. I quickly conceded that he did not expect to find a gem like me among rock stones and mud. After all people like me always run away from the Ghetto first chance we get.

I have thought about running away. On days when my despair with my fellow brethren runs amuck. When I too concede that Ghetto people also create problems on them own self.

Every child starts out the same way in theGhetto, bright and full of promise in kindergarten. Something happens between there and high school that separate children. Ghetto children are easily beat down by life because their parents never figured out how to get out and they probably won't. 

Our Jamaican Society needs a Mandela. Someone to stand up for what is right despite the end results. Someone to speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

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