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Monday, December 2, 2013

Jamaican Police Officers need Psychological Evaluation

The Jamaican society is expressing collective disgust for the surging crime rate. We do not insist that the police soften on criminals because criminals rarely if ever express any mercies for their victims. 

We however believe that under the tenets of our democracy and the statutes outlined by our constitution that we would prefer if alleged criminals entered judiciary process and legal processing instead of the hurling of corpse into Van backs. 

The police force in Jamaica do not understand how it affects their image when they commit extrajudicial killings and then the media report claims that it was a police shoot out and citizens on the ground know that it is a blatant lie and affront to the grieving families. 

We also need to bring attention to mental health in Jamaica. Most police officers suffer from post traumatic stress conditions and it maybe responsible for the high levels of verbal abuse and brutalities that they often subject civilians to. 

Many have to face marauding gun men and grisly crime scenes that will alter or compromise their mental conditions. They need a police therapy session to assist them in processing the psychological taxing of occupational stress. The police officer is a human being too. 

The Jamaican Constabulary Force hierarchy must keep in mind that police officers are cut from the same mold of the criminals that they hunt. Our society has a culture of deviance which is evident in the pervasive corruption that exist in all facets of the Jamaican society. 

There should be an ethics vetting and orientation programme for new recruits including essay writing to discover how cops will deal with a particular situation. New recruits are often force to confirm to the culture of archaic policing by commanding officers through buttress or threats. 

We cannot win the war on crime and violence if the civilians hates the police or the police believes he is superior to the citizens. The resentment is building and such a situation will only feed crime not stymie it. 

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