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Monday, December 16, 2013

Mothers in Jamaica, Agents of Social Change

Children who become parent less due to violence are like unhinging a door and leaving the house wide open. 

Excerpt from Jamaica's Acute Ghetto-Itis 

We know from those who view the world through their mind's eyes that we are living in a world with inanimate people, a planet of intelligent organism desensitized to the suffering around them. 

People have become immune to violence and tolerant of injustices as long as it does not affect them directly. They see clamoring for salvation and justice for others they are unrelated to as being a burden too heavy to bear. It is not our fight. We must choose our battle carefully but we should never stand on the sidelines, hurl rocks at those who dare take on the challenge. Some people are not warriors. Some of us fight with guns, some with their pens and many with their mouths. We are soldiers of our destinies and generals for the future battalion of children. Whatever we plant now, our children will reap its fruit and shelter in its shade. If you sow a bad tree, the next generation will reap a bad tree full of fruits. 

What are we really fighting for? If you are not apart of the solution then you must be in league with the problem. The greatest dishonor to humanity is to standby and not do nothing. Your silence speaks louder than words, it trumpets consent. 

We must dedicate ourselves to moulding our children. Your child will have to live among other people and whatever you train him/she to be, the world will have to live with it. 

You will not always be there for your children. So it's never a good idea to teach them to create enemies with people that you have conflict with. We do not want our children to be naive about the diabolical nature of the humankind but we do not wish to create a transgenerational war over foolishness. 

Learn to discipline your children, direct their moral stance towards fairness, equality and Justice . Any parent that reconcile the wrongdoing of a child will create a menace to this society.  The mother who does not "split" justice will experience a grave pain in the years to come. People must know that they can conference with a parent when a child misbehaves, performs a misdeed or is outright impudent. The mother who shields an obnoxious child will bemoan that child in the end. 

Every time a mother supports, endorses or disregards wrongdoing: she's tipping scales of empathy and justice into an imbalance. Develop your child's talent and skills instead of forcing them into an archetype based on collective notions of success. Tell your child that there is a space in this universe for them and by doing good, the astral powers reserves a seat of greatness for him or her. 

Children should be made to understand that words can hurt as much as physical blows. Tactile offenses are often dissuaded but  verbal assaults are overlooked, many a wars brook from utterances. Our children must never be muzzled from expressing themselves but they should be encouraged to use language carefully and speak positivity into the tantric nature of their existence. 

We are masters of our society. The one who rocks the cradle rules the world. Mothers are the agents of social change. We just haven't conceded that as yet. 

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