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Friday, December 20, 2013

I don't care if you don't like me

A friend ask me this morning 
"Are you Emotional, I get that a lot from your writing and he sent me this picture on Whatsapp"

I don't know. But I really believe if we had more emotional people we would have a more peaceful world. People say emotions makes you irrational. I beg to differ because I have read of carnages perpetrated by people who claim they are rational and without feeling... Perspective is everything... To each his own. I can tell a man to look but I have no control over what he or she sees...whatever I put out is interpreted differently by people based on their own notions or preconceived notion of me. I have no control over their interpretations...

I don't try to change how people feel about me. I just live my life. I am not perfect and I have made mistakes along the way but those who are without sin please go ahead and cast the first stone. I love all of me cracks, warts and all... Took me a while to get here and nobody can ever make me turn back...xoxoxo

To be continued...

Just had the most revealing convo with a friend of mine... He's like " where do you fall in this race" you like some mullatoo... The slaves don't like you cuz they think you gonna betray them and the masters can't stand you and continue to remind you of your place beneath them. 

Nothing fe do with advocating criminals or the protection of criminals.  I don't really understand but I've come to realise that Facebook is no longer for me. I can write what I want on my site. You my intellectual peers think I am supporting a class of hoodlums and the same "hoodlums" believe my values to me supercilious and contemptible. Smh... I realise I am fighting a loosing battle. Well off citizens assume that everybody downtown must be involved in or in support of criminality and poor people see every body across the border as oppressors and the reason they cannot change their life situation. I've come to realise that there's no place in the world for people like me anymore.

I've also come to understand that because I was not born to a certain class of people, I am automatically validated by my socio-natal class. While I see a lot of people that my peers rate up who are the biggest criminals and them don't even know it. You know how many people on our list are credit card phishera, brokers and scammers. How you think them maintain them flossing life especially and those who sell drugs and contraband. When they see certain things written on my profile they don't confront it online, they call me and ask me a " wah do"... And me neva say it to you yet...

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