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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another Excerpt from The Barn Raiders Story

The Frog croaked and sneered with contempt. Franco had made an agreement with him, he was not about to me intimidated by him nor the little Rottweilers that ate the crumbs from his table. He was his own boss and money making was his game. He had his money so he could do anything that he wanted and no one could stop him.

 Raty could not believe the little boy who bucked and sneered like a bull. He puffed more like a big black bull frog, eyes bulging out in anger. He watched how his dark lips curled and unfurled in anger. Nothing would suit Raty more than to smooth the creases that formed in his forehead as he rant and threatened Franco over a measly five thousand dollars. 

Franco was being rational while Raty wanted nothing than to beat him to pulp. He smiled, a non threatening stab wound to the stomach would  turn that tougher than nails attitude into water.  He could not walk in Franco's shoes. He was in fact a Nobody. Raty waited for the hint from Franco to " done" him. 

The Nigga reared his ugly head and roared " mi no response fe nobody, me a my own don, and you a thief me money" 


Mimi hugged Franco and stared at this man who looked like a little Pitbull snorting, the only factor missing was the  frothy water running from his nasty mouth. He was in desperate need of a visit to the Dentist. She found it appalling that he could be here glorifying his artifice of a status that he self acclaimed supposedly from his criminal activities. She found every Scammer contemptible. She did not know who told them that a money gleaned from the proceeds of crime was something to brag about. Franco sold drugs but that was more sanitized than scamming. 

This Idiot considered himself Franco's equal purely on the basis of the money he boast of having. Mimi shook her head. This was the heights of decadence. The epitome of monumental ignorance, glaring around as if his ugly, crusty face would daunt anyone in Franco's group. He was a criminal, worst kind than Franco because He sold a product while this snake conned old people out of their hard earned income. She understood what was really wrong with the world now. People like this Bull Frog believed that money could buy them class but it doesn't because no one from Mimi 's father society family would ever regard or accept any scammer as someone of legitimacy. 

 She wondered what was preventing Raty from rinsing off his face with a couple blows. Someone needed to knock him down a few inches, put him back in his place. He was obviously getting ahead of himself. Using his mouth to inflict wounds, she saw Franco flinch when he mentioned his mothers one room house and numerous siblings. Franco hated when people used his upbringing or his background to insult him. He also hated people who liked to stray away from the central issue. This boy was digging for amno, firing his mouth off like a gyal. Mimi dropped her gaze to his chest, he had breast: that confirmed it, too much fucking estrogen. 

He rambled on about his gun and money. He belted out jibes at Franco, he remained unreasonable, unwilling to listen to Franco's side of the story. He shot darts at Mimi and Raty, 

" you think mi fraid a you badman friend and you whoring Gyal?"

Mimi glowered at him.  That is one thing about "dutty Neygahs" they know which buttons to push. This one was pushing one that would lead to a trolley and a trip to the Morgue. 

Mimi was about to respond when Raty pulled something dark from his waist and the entire place came alight. The Bullfrog clasped his chest, hands searching his body frantically.He ran up and down, frenetic,disoriented, eyes threatening to leave his eye lids as they bulged from adrenaline rush the gunshot sounds emoted. Franco burst into loud Guffaws. 

He pointed at him " as of today, you are dead to me. I write you off. You are nobody"...



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