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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Young people depressed by overwhelming Youth Deaths

When I was growing up, I never thought about death. I did not realize that in the midst of life, there was a chilling reality that one day my life will end. They say human beings are the only organisms who are conscious of their inexorable demise. 

I was twelve years old when Sheldon head was decapitated by a bus. I use to play with him at the Standpipe. We were school mates and I could not understand fully why I would never see him again. I remembered his mother wailing, her hands on her head, then encircling her waist, grabbing her abdomen from whence she gave him life only to have it snatched  away in the blinking of an eye. 

I had class mates from primary school who died during high school and people I know from High School who are died after graduating. If there is such a thing as Ghost's world, then death for some must be like homecoming. 

A young girl around eighteen was explaining to me how fearful she has been since several killings in the area and accidents that claim the lives of very young people. 

I tried to coax her out of her melancholy by rationalizing about the universe. It is what gives me comforts at times when I am in despair and have lost all faith in humanity. It keeps my feet upward, daring to thread over the horizon and into the unknown Future. 

I do know based on the order of  events in nature that life has a way of working itself out. I believe in karma it's reflective of the universe. The sun comes up and then goes down in the evening, night and day then night again, the rotation of the earth, death and birth of a star, death of a planet, death of animals. Everything is intertwined and connected.
 Nothing is separate and distinct. Our sun will die one day....

Our planet will die too one day... Everything is only a matter of time...

Death is just the next great adventure. Get your mind organized. 
Energy can never be destroyed, it is merely transferred.

So when you die, your energy, soul or spirit moves supports it. The earth does not belong to man,man belongs to the earth. 

So don't sweat the small stuff... Don't worry about things you have no control over.

Everything that we know now will soon pass away. 

That's just the way it is...

Don't fear death shann. You were dead millions of years before you were born and was never inconvenienced by it...mark twain. Alas Child. Good Night

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