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Sunday, December 22, 2013

A generation of young men will be dead before thirty

Former almuni and collegiate Randy Goldson expresses that he believes an entire generation of young men from his small rural community in Little London will be wiped out before they reach the age o of thirty. 

A young man replied several times. 

"They are entangled in webs without a source of escape that is viable to them.... I have been thinking alot about this for the last several months and I have decided to do something about it. My Challenge to other young males that have avoided or have been freed from these snares to step up and be proactive and not only reactive in their solutions. Great Thought Randy Goldson.... Bless"

"well people have been defending media, like it has nothing to do with it... but i believe while media does not have everything to do with it has a lot to do with it. Media influences, standards, values, ideals, perception and education. 

Also humans naturally love enjoyment, its in our nature to enjoy life, but the definition of fun that is widely broadcast is corrupting the better definition and sucking youths into it. Freedom is essential, but one must understand the responsibility that comes with it,.."

"It was the sacrifice of someone  precious that made salvation possible for mankind... and i believe it is man's personal continuous sacrifice that will, repair, and maintain, most but not all the fabrics of society. if none will sacrifice certain pleasure or desires for character development, and the growth of further generations, they we will reap what has been sown.

It was sacrifice of lives (not necessarily death) and comfort that took Jamaica out of slavery, that caused Mandela to be free, and caused him to accomplish what he did, it was sacrifice that gave many nations freedom, built nations, and forged bonds... we should stop with this philosophy, "what can one man do?" as if he can do nothing, But change has to start with the man in the mirror, he has to be a light to brighten another man's path until that man can brighten his own and someone else's. we don't have to do the whole thing let some one else finish it, but there must be start.

"good success is found in the waters of discomfort and sacrifice"

My question has always been what are we the enlighten, intellectual class are going to do about what is happening in our country? It has been my daily crusade and you are the only one who in your third response expressed a notion that I have been entertaining for months????

Thanks for your comments guys... The saddest part for me in all of what is happening to certain males in Little London is that I grew up with these guys. They are young people with promise and potential. I am not sure what happened to most of them between the time that they were in Sunday/Sabbath school and becoming young adults. I am baffled that so many of them have turned to a life of crime.

well for some there arms can reach far for others it may be shorter, but all lengths are important, i start with those i can reach, those around me... you never know it may reach someone who can influence another who has a longer arm than yours. Rosa Parks as far as we know started in a bus an that one event in the bus stretched untill today.

Education... Not just education I believe we had teachers who were dedicated to imparting not only knowledge but precepts and values. I had parents who made education a priority, my father never allowed me to
Mingle or be influence by other people's ideologies. Then my grandmother spent time teaching us values and reasoning with my siblings and I. She was very loving and last but not least church was mandatory every week, rain or shine... Even if you sick... I am wondering if these factors assisted me in becoming who I am...

but while engaging in the evaluation, we must recognize that some things that are fit for us may not be fit for them... and so may cause for a different approach than that of our experiences.

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