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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bring back some Great Men: Nelson Mandella

Prisoner to president... You have taught me that anything is possible in this life...I don't doubt for a minute that the world is mine to conquer because you remind me that I am as big as my dreams. It doesn't matter where I am for as long as I know that I will get there regardless of the obstacles I face even if it means spending twenty years in prison. 

You like so many men immortalized in history remind me always that great leaders have risen from the dumps of our society and that my background does not define me. 

You are a leader who leads by example. No leader can truly free a people until he himself has discovered what it means to be in bondage... 

Go Mandella... 
Hurts me to see our young men refusing to emulate men of honour like you but instead alluding to idiots like 2 chainz. 

You are one of the forefathers who fought openly against racism. Men who paved the way so that we can be free today and no longer collectively validated by the colour of our skin... 

Instead of a race moving forward, we regressing because we have forgotten our roots and are dishonouring the legacy and sacrifices of those who fought for our redemption. 

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandella. The world has lost a great black Man.

They do not know not understand that many have died and brutalized so that they can live the way they do today. Free. If it was not for the sacrifices of men like Mandella but Africa would still be in psychological captivity. 

Our young black men take their freedom for granted. Free to become who they want to be but they choose primarily, high percentage to become gangsters and hustlers instead of men committed to the Advancement of our race and society. 

A true leader of an enslave mass can never free his people if he has never experienced bondage: nor can he lead them to freedom if he does not first free himself. 

I understand more now than ever that we live in a world that will never produce the heroes of our past. 
 People are afraid to become heroes because they  are wary of becoming targets for those who cannot find heroism in their own lives. 

Too many heroes have died by the triggers of those they readily wanted to take bullets for. 

"Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them." — John Maxwell

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