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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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My Online Radio

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jamaica Date Doctor Channel on

I said it and now instead of making you have to read it you can listen it and you can watch it on my online Television Station coming soon. We are doing some trial radio podcast and shows on, We will also be streaming some live online shows during prime time on I will let you know when you can tune in and how you can access our online television station. We will be featuring topics such as narcissism, abuse, extramarital affairs, dating, break ups. We will be having health topics and empowerment streaming. We are thinking about giving you some previews on Youtube of what our television station will be about. You can also join us on our Facebook page for updates.
My Podcast has Ten ACCENTS... Ten Reasons you are still single... 1. You are more that a sex object. Don't give up the jewel too quickly, Its your only bargaining power. Lose it too soon, you have nothing left to bargain with, nothing to bargain equals lost of interest. Men might not say it but they rarely give credit to women who do not hold on to their trophies. 2. You cannot lose what you never had. You probably knew he was a user from the get go. Men who usually do not mean us well often show it from the onset. 3. Don't date men who will make certain type of women your competition! You hate cat fights, do not date men who date drama queens and ratchets.
4. Don't go chasing Waterfalls, Change your "type" you may find true love! Too many time we are obsess with me who will never be interested in us while the guy who loves is standing right before us but we are too busy chasing waterfalls. 5. I do not wish to overthrow men or rule them, We do not promote sexism i only wish to empower women. 6. Great personality will not land you a ring, Men like other greats such as great sex, great body, great teeth etc You have to value yourself before you can encourage someone to value you. You need to love yourself before you can love someone else. 7. Know what you want and refuse to settle for mediocrity. I did not say less because sometimes less is good enough. Do not throw your values on the ground, be firm and draw a line sometime. Real women have boundaries and Real men do not mind Boundaries 8. When you are dating have fun. Don't be quick to commit. You are not marrying just checking out your options. 9. My heart was broken too, My heart was flung under a bus and my love life shredded but heartbreaks is as much a part of the process as happiness is. It makes me appreciate who i have now so much. 10. It is OK to be single sometime!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why is Jamaica the beggar Isle of the indies

Jamaica may not sit on an abundance of resources such as gold, ivory, or oil but it is a country that has people of talent and young people with great minds looking for an opportunity to make their mark on the world. What is the problem with a Jamaica? The US dollar slides to a hundred dollars jamaican to one united states dollars on friday. People are concerned about the way the dollar has been sliding and are of the opinion that the politicians cannot control the currecny rate and are pushing the country further in debt. Who is responsible for what is happening to our country, we blame politicians because it is so easy yet none of us ever stop to look and see what we have done to keep Jamaica’s economic growth in stagantion. Everywhere ou go in Jamaica, you hear the sentiments that politicians are not doing nothing for us. They are not providing jobs. They are not opening the way for young people. We are still a people shackled by slavery. We teach our children to follow the path of beggars,begging for jobs than to become leaders and innovators so that our country can rise from the decrepit it is in. We are responsible for this paucity that we are in because we have supported a system for far too long that has become expired and obsolete. The mindset that most Jamaicans have is responsible for the economical drought that they are facing as a people. The people who blame politicians yet fight, quarrel and murder each other to put the same politicians back in power every four years. We have not grasp the true meaning of the choices that we have made, conclusively our elders who are often too illiterate, narrow sighted and uninformed to the concepts of living in modernity. Truth is my generation will arrange that our parents and fore parents are responsible for keeping Jamaica in the 50’s. They are the ones who have also i imbibe our children with the nonsense of subscribing to system that has not worked to lift them out of poverty then and will not help us even more so now that our country is worst off. Our adults have destroyed our country and leaving it in shambles. Our politicians need to retire and let some fresh new bloods take the reins. I once read a piece from the Belmoun Ibolele Ayibobo community on the backwardness of Africa and i believe the viewpoints presented on the page is reflective of our Jamaican society with our deep pan African ethos and platitudes. ” But by and large, too many black Africans are too willing to wallow in the blame game, to point accusing fingers at everyone but themselves. They are people who seem totally unaware that as grown human beings they (and other Africans like them) are to a large extent responsible for the choices they make, and how such choices impact their lives. They are utterly unwilling to accept facts that may contradict their world view, which is the dangerous and false idea that we are backward because other people are making us so; that these other people “will never give us a break and allow us to develop our societies so that we too can live in better material conditions…” This indeed true of Jamaica, we are a country of whiners, beggars and bad mind. We blame slavery, we blame white supremacy, we blame politicians, we blame the people that live uptown, we point fingers at everybody but ourselves. When we socialise our children to ingrate themselves on wealthier folks instead of inculcating our young ones to strive for excellence in their brief existence. We encourage modern slavery by stunting our children who have innovative minds and entrepreneurial spirits and instead we insist that they go and beg for a job that will keep them shackled to this financial status for the rest of their lives. We have impelled our intellectual class to migrate than to be here to keep a bridle on the upper class and the corrupted politicians by raising questions and pointing inadequacies, enlightening the poor masses and guiding the wealthy in creating avenues to minimise indigence among the needy populace. I have heard many Jamaicans abroad telling me how well someone like me would do abroad. I think if we all leave then what will happen to Jamaica. I will stay and fight. Our Jamaicans living abroad would sooner spend thousands of dollars to take every last immediate family into American than ever invest in this country. Many vowed that they will never come back here due to the crime situation and the parasitic nature of most Jamaicans. But i beg them to answer that since Jamaica is such a terrible place, why do so many other nationalities come here and are successful doing business here. Everybody makes money in Jamaican except Jamaican. What do you think is wrong with that Picture? “but never ever do anything that may in the long run put an end to that exploitation, even after years and years of the same complaint. Africans never lay out any strategies to defend themselves against the said exploitation; never devise ways to protect themselves against the exploitation they complain about. Even when they sit in so called meetings to do something, such gatherings tend to be chaotic shout fests that produce contradicting positions on any number of issues. And when the meetings are over and everyone has gone back to their home, they forget all about the resolutions and simply let the paperwork gather dust on shelves. The easiest course of action is to whine and whine and do little else “The whiners may even be well-read and informed, and may very well be aware that Africa is not the only place that ever was colo­nised or exploited and enslaved by the bazungu, but that such so­cieties – China and India quickly spring to mind – are well on the way to economic and military su­perpower status while Africa is as backward if not, in certain cases, even more backward than when the colonialists left over half a century ago. The whiners seem devoid of any self-awareness, and, yes, even the educated ones seem unconcerned about how child-like they sound when they go on and on about how every­one is “picking on us,” “exploiting us,” “not giving us a break,” and so on it goes. The whiners seem unaware that with all their com­plaining and lack of sustained ac­tivity to change things, they only serve to perpetrate the stereotype that Africans are helpless dupes everyone will take advantage of, safe in the knowledge that the worst the African will do is com­plain and grumble. “ What do most young people want to do today? They want to become scammers or go to fahrin. Someone once told me that he is amazed at how Jamaicans will take humiliating jobs in the United States and Canada yet refuse to do those work in Jamaica. Many people will work on a farm in Canada but never in Jamaica because they money is not right. No one begs to think that a concerted effort would yield higher grade crops, lead to greater profits and higher incomes. Everybody wants everything ready and done… We need to get up off our asses and work to overthrow the corruption and exploitation that our ancestors have yielded to for years. Truth is most of us are scared to open our mouths because we know that if we challenge the powers that may be then we might forfeit our lives. It is easier to keep quiet. Everyone life has a price these days and hunger will cause most Young men to cast morality and their sense of humanity away.What can we do? Fight like our forefathers before our grandfathers did.Committed to the abolition of slavery even if it means that we will die, it certainly ensured that our children would be better off. Imagine if our ancestors had accepted our slave status then we would still be in slavery today…Think on these things…

Friday, June 7, 2013

How Would a Gay Tolerance Ad Help Jamaica's Society?

Many websites that promotes Tolerance of race, creed or lifestyle assert that in order for any society to move forward there must be a initiative played out geared at encouraging social and emotional care among our children. An ad about homosexuality would sensitise children about Gay Rights thus paving the way for a more permissive and tolerant society. How can society's that were once largely racist, having someone insist and making it constitutionally wrong for an individual to be born of a particular shade and thus be relegated to a substandard life based on his complexion. Some might argue that homosexuals have little control over how they feel and are essentially born-ed with the wrong reproductive organs. Which means that a society or christian societies that once encourage racism and later embraced racial equality should be moved to eradicate sexual intolerance among its people. In a society where machismo prevails, men rarely show emotion and men who do are speedily labelled as effeminate or gay. It is this prevailing notion that has bread into a hallmark, deleterious value system which is responsible for the grave and violent responses men have towards Gays. Men are often encourage to closet their emotion and sexuality within itself is a callous, unfeeling activity that involves dominance and submission. Men abhor the idea of such proclivities with another man. The Jamaican societal value system has ingrained homophobic tendencies and mortiferous responses to homosexuality and the society has done nothing with its education system or through the media to alleviate this. It is true that most Jamaicans are set in their ways. In reality a Jamaican will only change if told a certain lifestyle endangers him or shortens his life and in truth he might very well relapse due to lack of discipline and sheer insouciance. A televised advertisement might not be the answer but the world is changing and the generation 25 and younger are very tolerant of homosexuals due to the influence of social media and cable TV. Some are being aggressive about the transition but as a post colonial and slavery society we know that the change will come but not in our lifetime and for many not entirely so. Blacks are working in the banks now and not everyone think Rastafarians are criminals. We as a society has come a far way and we still have miles to go and hurdles to cross.

Why It is Harder to Make Money Online Today Than It Was a Few Years Ago

I was feeling the need to leave TRIOND because I was not getting enough money for my views and seeing too many crappy articles making it to number one spot on the web front page. I remembered how easy it was to make money online in the past. I joined Triond five years ago, then it was easier to make money on line writing and selling books on EBay. It was easier for web programmers and web designers to make a honest living on line. Many web content providers could make a money blogging for website. It is not that malleable anymore, There are a host of people on line, who are trying to become six figure bloggers, trying to reclaim what the Internet had been ten years ago. I have matured from being an emotional blogger into a powerful Internet marketeer and on line money making consultant. I tell people that i am not just some big shot or con man using rhetoric to coerce gullible Internet dream seekers into buying into some get rich idea using their credit card. I am not interested in that. Moreover i would love to have a free consultation with my clients before i charge them a dime, if i discover for whatever reason that Internet business may not be the way forward for them i will tell them. I will not encourage anyone to sign up with our affiliate sites (which are all free) instead of selling them an idea of wealth that does not exist. The truth is if you wait any longer to start seriously putting effort into your on line business and hiring a realistic consultant to guide you then you may never achieve Internet success. I can never understand how a person who if they were to start a business in the physical world would have to rent an office space, hire workers, buy office supplies and furniture. Yet people expect to make money on line for free. Most bloggers on Triond know that with free sites, you work twice or ten times as hard to make any real money. If you are not prepared to spend a little money at least a 1/4 of what you would spend in the physical world then you wont make it on line, pack up your bags and go back to your nine to five Job. The archives of successful on line entrepreneurs will tell you that there are not fast and quick ways to make money on line legitimately.

How to Improve Your New Television Station with a Website in Jamaica

It is never easy for any business to embark on establishing and improving its web presence. Many rural Television stations in Jamaica are yet to fully comprehend the vast potential of having a website and how it can maximise their business...Web marketeers and online business development specialists often find it difficult to convince a business that is doing well in reality to go online. What happened to Kodak and Sharp can happen to any company that fails to move with the times or become too complacent to consider using modern techniques. If you do not change with the times then your business will not grow past your generation. In the next few years, i am thinking most businesses will have to develop some kind of application to publicize their services and products. I believe for the most part that apps will take over their world and websites will become secondary. It is a killer instinct world, survival of the fittest.... Look at this proposal... Here is an example of one i wrote to a station owner... Good afternoon, Ms Procrastinator, I spoke to you sometimes ago about embarking on a web presence initiative for your business... These are some of the brainstorm ideas i came up with that are unique to your platform. There is no doubt in my mind that The Fool Channel Jamaica has great potential, more so being the first of its kind in western Jamaica. I do believe that a website would maximise the audience pool of the television channel hence creating greater profits through appeal to advertisers. Advertising would be harness twofold through pay per clicks on the websites, banners and text ads. The other medium would be through advertisement placed directly on the station geared at selling books, academical paraphernalia, advertising for classes and private tutorial institutions, boot camps and other learning portals. Live streaming through videos on the website and Youtube can also be a great source of income from advertising revenue. This would give children an indept advantage using various cartoons, illustrations and online reference`s to engage students in learning video learning sessions A blog that is updated daily with information that will be vital to the nurturing of childrens minds, encouraging higher return rates and keep viewers stimulated. A forum where children can become members and share information and concerns about studying techniques, Lessons and upcoming exams. The Forum will be a great source of traffic to the website and one would have evidentiary value of the traffic potential of the site to show potential advertisers. A webinar where children can log in virtually to get one on one tuoring with experienced and qualified teachers from the comfort and convenience of thier home. All they would need is an internet connection. I wrote this review as a precursor to a proposal to how my team and i could transcend the profit potential of the television channel and proffer an on line alternative that will buttress revenues and maximise the business potential of TheFool Channel Jamaica. First advise would be to create a Facebook and Twitter page free of cost for The Lesson Channel Jamaica. Regards Crystal Evans Social Media Marketing Executive Carreau Professional Services Telephone: 8767789755 8768831178 702-516-7701"

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A Man's Ex Common Law Wife Butchers His Child in Jamaica

There is a popular saying that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this trelawny woman definitely was enraged when she decided to take the life of a four year old child that her ex partner shared with another woman. The father ended the relationship with her, five months ago and they have been ongoing war between the man's two baby mothers that has resulted in the death of a child. It is alleged that the ex common law wife and the man's other baby Mother have constant feuds over the man that fathered their children. The accused murderer was in a relationship with the man and apparently could not handle the disintegration of the union and sought to let this little girl pay for her disgruntlement and let her parents suffer her loss. The father was supposedly in a relationship with her for the sixteen years. The alleged murdered in her forties was seen holding the child hands as she goes to school and later on carrying a crocus bag to dumped into a sinkhole some distance further in a nearby community of Sherby Hill. The accused broke down and confessed to killing the child and pointed police to where her remains were disposed off in a 20 feet hole. The child was dismembered, head severed and body chopped several times. The Jamaican society bemoans this act calling it a gruesome murder perpetrated by a selfish woman who incredulously has four children of her own. The society is aghast and crying for justice as this is a common occurrence where cowards punish children for problem they are unable to solve on their own. Jamaica calls for a conflict resolution programme. Too many spouses and children are murdered by their relatives in jealous rage. It is quite unfair that this little girl had to pay for her fathers infidelity and relationship problems. Moreover too many Jamaican women think that fighting off a woman will convince a cheating man stay with them when in truth it often pushes him away. Commentators vouched that now they can see why the man abandoned the relationship with her, she's a stark raving mad woman with devious, horrendous intentions. A little girl is dead, a community left in mourning and fury at a woman who lived among them who some might have called friend and family. Four other children left to bare the mark of the mother who murdered their half sibling. This woman could never have been of sound mind, if she thought for a minute that her satisfaction would not be short lived after killing this innocent child. If there is a god, her children will have hell to pay when karma knocks at their door. Misery loves company, she has destroyed everyone life in order to get her own egotistical and deranged satisfaction. This woman would not have envisioned this outcome. Many are ranting that she should be eliminated, not allowed to live and feed on government's tax money. Some pacific claims violence begets violence but are wanton to thinking that she should not been extended any mercy since she was ruthless in murdering an innocent child

Gay Rights Suing Jamaican Television Stations for Denying Broadcast of Tolerance Advertisement

Lesbians and Homosexuals have spent the last few years clamouring for the changes in the buggery laws of Jamaica and for promoting tolerance and acceptance in a highly homophobic society. The pervasive homophobia expressed by many (older) Jamaicans is as a result of entrenched Christian principles, illiteracy and Ignorance. Gay Rights activist and Attorney at Law Maurice Tomlinson made a submission to the constitutional court against Jamaica's leading Television stations for allegedly refusing to air an ad advocating sufferance for Homosexuality. They are contending that it is within their constitutional rights as human being and Jamaican citizens to disseminate information that will challenge our society beginning with our children to mitigate intolerance of Homosexuality. The attorney contends that the Jamaican Television stations have violated the Broadcasting licencing Act and that the advert does not violate any laws hence it is unjustified and discriminatory that the Stations refused to air the Ads. What do you think? Some people assert that it is within the television stations right to air what they please and that they are simply thinking about the backlash that they might get from the wider society if they should appear in anyway to endorse homosexuality. It would definitely appear as if they support homosexuality. Others campaigned that the Gay rights group are championing a cause that is considered illegal by the same constitution and in thus homosexuals are essentially breaking the law in Jamaica. Religious sectarians stated that they believe the Gay minority grou should not be forcing their lifetysle on Jamaicans while it is still a sensitive issue among the majority. They supplied that they do not support the murdering or maiming of Gays but believe an ad promoting this lifestyle was too early, too soon. Parents complained that they have a right to protect their children from being exposed to unhealthy lifestyles and they have sufficient dealing with regarding the indecent dance hall videos to get homosexuality thrown on their table. They understand the importance of tolerance but it would erode some of the core principles of their Jamaican society and culture. The gay rights community are insisting that their fundamental rights were violated and at such are seeking damages for the infraction. Many Anti-Gay Lobbyist proclaim that homosexuality is an offence under the Persons act that forbade two men frome engaging in sexual activities under section 76, this crime is punishable by imprisonment up to 10 years. Section 77 through 79 purports that copulation between two men is a crime and perpetrators can be sentenced to maximum seven years and gross indecency between two men in public is an offence that penal incarceration for up to two years. The Gay Lobbyist claim that due to the social denigration, crimes and abuse of Gays precludes them from seeking treatment for sexually transmitted disease. Some sentimentalist clamor that it is unfair for a human being to live his life in misery and shrouded in secrecy because a society that claims to be sensitive to individual rights and dignities are unrelenting in their stance against homosexuality. One writer contends that criminals and murderers are revered more and treated better than Gays. Most women are somewhat indifferent to homosexuality. It is mainly the men and the patriachal, male dominant values typical of black communities that makes the transcension to tolerance of homosexuals difficult. Many men insist that gays threaten the sense of sexual security and are an embarassment to the masculine sex. Some pro-life activist insist that a widespread acceptance of homosexuality would see the cessation of life and the extinction of the human specie. Gay rights Group insist that thy only seek to engage the public " a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry. 2. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own. 3. interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one's own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint." as defined by the dictionary.

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