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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jamaican Mum in Business: Scam Free Ways to Make Money Online!

So you have tried everything and all of your masterful ideas to make money online has amounted to nothing but burn out ideas on top of expended energy. I have been there. Waking up in the morning, completely burnt out from brainstorming ideas of how to make my first thousand dollars online. I started making some money on line when i stopped copying what other people were doing and decided to concentrate on my niche market. I realised that everybody was on line these days. And if i could create websites geared at providing information and services to my countrymen then i will be years ahead of the pack. Find your niche, discover a deficiency and work conscientiously to fill that gap in no time you will have created an audience for yourself.Writing has always been my passion, i cannot tell you how many countless books written in hard covered book during my teenage years were destroyed by fire. I am passionate about sharing information and therefore i make it my goal to educate and inspire others through my words in a unique fashion I have realised that if i do not have my own website then it narrows down my chances of making my own money. I went from 60,000 views in five years to 15,000 views in one month by concentrating on my niche instead of blogging all over the place. Not because a particular topic is popular, it does not mean it is right for you. If you do not have the passion for writing then you might find yourself liking a topic but not knowing particularly what to write. A lot of people like Relationships websites on line but not many are likely to make be successful due to the deluge of information on sex and relationships. Never begin your business without doing proper market research. If you want to blog about what you like then you cannot work full-time on the Internet. You need to research your idea to see if it is viable before you begin it. If google insights turns up unfavorable then you need a different idea. Do not rely on residual traffic for your website. You can stimulate traffic by commenting on others writing with similar topics as yours and supporting writers with websites information mirroring yours. You can add back links to their sites and they in turn will add yours. You have to blog consistently, there are millions of websites on line and maybe a few hundred in your area of service or business, blogging every three months will not get you a high rank on Google to end up on the front page search results, You need to maintain your audience by ensuring that new original information is on your website so that you can make money on line. Do not rely on others to do what you aught to be able to do for yourself. Most of these websites that sell success on line are not necessarily making money themselves, They are making money off the idea of being successful making money on the Internet. There is one person i recommend that anyone else and that Kevin Partner. If you can download or purchase a version of his book on How to set up an on line business, you will have remove some of the scaling from your eyes. There are many websites that pay people to do original stuff like blogging, photography, creating logos and reviewing products. Some recommendable sites like TRIOND makes payments and is available to workers outside of the United States.

Scammers too much flassing, no use for the money

A Jamaican overseas commented on an article I wrote that the lottery scammers in western Jamaica's small rural communities are just like the "old money" upper class Jamaicans they despise, who they claim rarely contribute to the enrichment of the indigent masses. Most Lottery scammers are fixated with flaunting their new found wealth than actually using it to uplift their community. Even though the remittance of Us Dollars into the Jamaican society ha grown significantly, we are still a country with the majority of our citizens living on minimum wages. The scammers have failed in many ways to create employment and foster some redistribution of wealth. If anything scammers have created murders,mayhem and communal trepidation. Money so wantonly garnered will no doubt result in avaricious behaviour, raucous partying and shameful spending of wealth. A youth entrepreneur once said that if scammer would spend at least half of the money that they waste partying, burning and drinking alcohol on one of his ideas, he would be a millionaire and be able to compensate his angel investor tenfold what he had invested. He opined that scammer are paranoid about losing their money and relegating back to the impecunious state they were in before they became fraudsters. Because they are dishonest and understand how the lure of greater wealth engendered others to give them their money, they are also wary of being scammed by entrepreneurs, investors and partners. They would rather waste their money than help some wise and industrious member of the community dreams come through. Not all scammers are wastrels. There are scammers who have contributed to the transformation of their communities. Assisting children to go to school and supporting the entreprenuerial spirits of many of its community hustlers. Many have loaned money to business personnels and soloentreprenuers in support of creating employment and nation building. The car, building and furniture industrious have benefited the most from scamming due to scammers building houses and buying high end vehicles. The fact still remains that most scammers cannot do anything but scam. They lack vision and intellect. Most victims would be offended and partly amused if they saw the people who siphoned off their money. They believe for the most part that money makes someone important despite how he gained it, this is a conviction that is shared, embrace and endorsed by our western world. Money without class, respect or thriving business results in sardonicism, police harassment and ultimately imprisonment. Most scammers are insouciance of the future. They like most LOTTERY WINNERS, will find their wealth trickling away and ending up more derelict than they were before.

Gay Rights Suing Jamaican Television Stations for Denying Broadcast of Tolerance Advertisement

Gay Rights activist and Attorney at Law Maurice Tomlinson made a submission to the constitutional court against Jamaica's leading Television stations for allegedly refusing to air an ad advocating sufferance for Homosexuality. They are contending that it is within their constitutional rights as human being and Jamaican citizens to disseminate information that will challenge our society beginning with our children to mitigate intolerance of Homosexuality. The attorney contends that the Jamaican Television stations have violated the Broadcasting licencing Act and that the advert does not violate any laws hence it is unjustified and discriminatory that the Stations refused to air the Ads. What do you think? Some people assert that it is within the television stations right to air what they please and that they are simply thinking about the backlash that they might get from the wider society if they should appear in anyway to endorse homosexuality. It would definitely appear as if they support homosexuality. Others campaigned that the Gay rights group are championing a cause that is considered illegal by the same constitution and in thus homosexuals are essentially breaking the law in Jamaica. Lesbians and Homosexuals have spent the last few years clamouring for the changes in the buggery laws of Jamaica and for promoting tolerance and acceptance in a highly homophobic society. The pervasive homophobia expressed by many (older) Jamaicans is as a result of entrenched Christian principles, illiteracy and Ignorance. Religious sectarians stated that they believe the Gay minority grou should not be forcing their lifetysle on Jamaicans while it is still a sensitive issue among the majority. They supplied that they do not support the murdering or maiming of Gays but believe an ad promoting this lifestyle was too early, too soon. Parents complained that they have a right to protect their children from being exposed to unhealthy lifestyles and they have sufficient dealing with regarding the indecent dance hall videos to get homosexuality thrown on their table. They understand the importance of tolerance but it would erode some of the core principles of their Jamaican society and culture. The gay rights community are insisting that their fundamental rights were violated and at such are seeking damages for the infraction. Many Anti-Gay Lobbyist proclaim that homosexuality is an offence under the Persons act that forbade two men frome engaging in sexual activities under section 76, this crime is punishable by imprisonment up to 10 years. Section 77 through 79 purports that copulation between two men is a crime and perpetrators can be sentenced to maximum seven years and gross indecency between two men in public is an offence that penal incarceration for up to two years. The Gay Lobbyist claim that due to the social denigration, crimes and abuse of Gays precludes them from seeking treatment for sexually transmitted disease. Some sentimentalist clamor that it is unfair for a human being to live his life in misery and shrouded in secrecy because a society that claims to be sensitive to individual rights and dignities are unrelenting in their stance against homosexuality. One writer contends that criminals and murderers are revered more and treated better than Gays. Most women are somewhat indifferent to homosexuality. It is mainly the men and the patriarchal, male dominant values typical of black communities that makes the transcension to tolerance of homosexuals difficult. Many men insist that gays threaten the sense of sexual security and are an embarrassment to the masculine sex. Some pro-life activist insist that a widespread acceptance of homosexuality would see the cessation of life and the extinction of the human specie. Gay rights Group insist that thy only seek to engage the public " a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry. 2. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own. 3. interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one's own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint." as defined by the dictionary.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Hypocrisy of Dancehall Artiste: Why hating on Tommy Lee

I heard Beenie man saying on a interview with CVM TV, Onstage with Winford Williams that he believes Bounti-Killa should not have exchanged song brawls with Newcomer Tommy Lee who is a kid. He insinuated that you cannot fight down the youths or argue with a kid. I profoundly remember the type of Music that Bounty-Killa and Beenie Man did when i was a child. Dance hall promotes lewdness, female vulgarity, male promiscuity, violence. Dance hall music glorifies the gun culture, the objectifying and sexual exploitation of young women. Our “elders” permeated these values decades ago and the society that we have now, is the product of the seeds sown by chronicler music in the minds of children then.I am not endorsing Tommy Lee music and i would be a hypocrite if i said that i did not like some if not most of his songs. I see him as a creative artiste, i am often amuse by the lyrical content of his music and i will not lie and say it does not often bring me to higher consciousness of badness! I often feel like to link one of my bad chargies fe stop some people from run in!!!!! My thesis is that Dance hall music is built on Badmanism and who a the Badder Man! I guess Bounty-Killa thinks Tommy Lee has taken it on a different level going the devil way, but in truth he has only augmented an integral sub tenet of marketable dance hall music. Sex and Violence sells Dance hall Music. Tommy Lee may not be virtuous in his music, but he is a lyrical genius and what he is doing in dance hall is hardly novel. What Tommy Lee has done is made the violence in dance hall music more graphic, grisly and gratifying. He has taken it to a different level and he has a big, not a small audience following behind him hence the opinions of a few people will not deter his music. I remember some time ago when Bounty Killa blast Ian Boyne in not so flagrant terms on his sanctimonious and contemptuous perspectives and expose on danchehall music. Ian Boyne has always being aggressively opposing to the slackness and violence endemic to Jamaican Dance hall Music and he has been blast countless times by Dance hall pundits for hypocrisy and being a pretentious , uptown ingrate. Ian might not have been wrong in his didactic but i believe as a blogger that speaking the truth will be received differently based on how the facts are written out. The entire tone of your conversation or the undertones of a discourse will surely infuriate a reader even if there is a measure of logic and truth in its content. I listened to Vybz Kartel a lot during my high school days because breast specialist was the artiste of my generation hence Kartel's power and prevalence now. I said it then and i will say it again that Tommy Lee is here to stay. I Know that from the toddlers i hear singing Tommy Lee's "Captain Sparta". My 2 year old runs around the house screaming "yammeeeh heee"! Just the other Tommy Lee attempted at making “non-demon” music as No love and Spartan Angel. These songs were wildy recieve yet many young clamoured that they prefer the grime music that Tommy Lee made before just as my dad’s generation loved the super cat bad man music of yester-year.Beenie man will always be a “girls” artiste just ass how my generation thinks Vybz Kartel like Beenie Man sounds better rapping about sex and women than badmanism. Badmanism fits Movado and Killa and Tommy Lee has definitely outshined them. I must add this disclaimer that I do not endorse violence, i was simply refering to an interview of older artistes who bash Tommy Lee for doing something that they had contrived years ago. It is like our leaders trumpeting corruption and some people might claim that it trickles from top to bottom.There are many artiste who do solid music like Jah Vinchi and Popcaan. We have rising star chronixx and I-octane who are doing well without volatile grimy music. It is easy to excoriate Tommy Lee but his audience is sometimes to be blamed. He is not going to cease concocting grisly lyrics if people continue to buy his music and there goes another topic and perspective to explore altogether. He is young so let us hope like Movado, he grows it out. Read more:

Illiterate, peadophilic Jamaican Men

I have this theory that men who like women that are very skinny or emaciated are often attracted to children. Many Jamaican men are ephebophilic where they are interest in mid-to late adolescent women (ages 15-19), Then there is the other group that are attracted to early pubescent women ranging from 12-14 years, these men are categorically called hebephilic. I was at a grave digging when I heard a grown man ranting expletives at my precocious niece in law. He said in the most brutish tone for her not to look at him, and later on responded that he would poke her into her eyes. I was tempted to confront hi about it but I did not because her father was standing next to me and he did not say anything. I could not fathom what stimulation the eleven year old projected that stoke the ire of this man. It was completely beyond me. I mused that he perhaps was admiring her body and responded in anger when she caught him ogling her. ASHAMED OF HIMSELF FOR staring at a prepubescent girl albeit her body is very womanly, he directed the anger he reserved for himself onto her. Men like younger women,They like the idea of fresh meat! Untouched, unblemished, uncharted grounds. They are also interested in exploiting the naivete and ignorance of a child’s mind to their advantage.It bothers me that grown men, gray back men will seek copulation with prepubescent girls and chronophilic females. If 2 out of every ten teenager is getting pregnant in Jamaica it should signal that our carnal abusers are getting out of hand. Some people are saying that the scamming and prevalence of free money has messed up the little girls head and forcing them into liaison so that they can accrue funds to take care of their families. Young women are also taught vicariously to seek financial freedom instead of upholding morality and virtue. This provides as social setting for men to use money and venality to get young girls to engage in coitus with them. Most carnal abuse cases are not reported because scenarios have occurred where young women are murdered by the perpetrators in order to elude going to Jail. Some Men deny association and married men will do anything to cover their liaison with teenage girls. Girls sometime hide their sexual engagement for fear of parental anger and disappointment. Most women from low socio-economic communities are more prone to carnal abuse and rape by older men and boys. What can we do to stymie the pervasiveness of these hebephilic Men? Carnal abuse should be enforceable on Teenage women who get pregnant, their partners and baby fathers should be made to stand accountability for impregnating young women. We need a lifestyle transformation education programme where young women are educe to have self respect and self worth. Young women should be encourage to seek profound enlightment and not to be bewitched by the flashy cars and monetary gifts by older exploitative men. Our parents should spend more time educating our young women and guiding them through the hormonal turbulence of emotions that comes with puberty. We must also change our painting of sex as dirty and illicit because that has only pushed our children to be more intrigue by it. Parents should explain the responsibilities that comes with sexual intercourse in participative conferences with young girls, exchanging views, diffusing myths and endorsing celibacy until adulthood and marriage. A lot of pundits fail to realise that most young women often consent to intercourse with these older men due to coercion and or ignorance. Girls must be encourage to resist sexual intercourse and taught how to find viable recourse if they find themselves in a compromising situation. The best remedial is often to avoid these situations at all cost by refusing from first encounter to deal with these men.

why do Black men love violent Music

Why Do Black Men Love Violent Music Posted in: Music Making by CRYSTAL EVANS on May 22nd, 2013 | 0 Comments I often wonder why Hip-pop, Rap and Dance hall share similar components. Violence, grimy lyrics, sexism and objectifying of the female body. It may present a perspective that all black people love violence and most black women have little or no problem with men objectifying their bodies and relegating their role in life to solely hedonism and procreation. It was 2012 and for that summer i fed on a diet of Tommy Lee Sparta songs. The truth is i felt like the “baddest” thing in my Jamaican Town, if a boy step to me…The truth is violent music often begets violence thoughts and behaviour. In fact i am not of a violent nature but lords know the only element that prevents most of us from committing a crime is opportunity. It is true that any human being, black or white, Jamaican or American, rubbed the wrong way, will if the opportunity presents itself murder someone, an enemy or oppressor. I am not of a violent nature, i would sooner quell a fracas than run for my “shotty” and demand that someone pays for their infraction in blood. I believe for the most part that human life is sacred, a gift that should not be disposed off indiscriminately , at whim by another mortal. I also embrace a philosophy that i will treat, (try my best) another human being as much i would like to be treated. Now young black men from my observation, in my culture are automatically attracted to violent music because it transcend them to a realm of invincibility. The music provides the stimulus to perpetrate acts that would otherwise be stunted by christian principles or communal disapproval; it sanitises violence and glorifies the possession of gun. It tells young people it is ok, acceptable to end someones life if they offend you, be it slight or grave Read more: Read more:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Big up the Man dem pon the Corner

Have your ever ventured outside of the hotel hubris to experience the genuine Jamaican cultural experience. Jamaica is not centrally about drugs, guns and scammers. There is more to this cultural melting pot than corrupt police man and harassing tourist hucksters. There is nothing like “chilling with your corner friend at the corner shop”. That is the essence of the average Jamaican social setting, a pot of soup, a bottle of rum and some good old Tommy lee is probably characteristic of most “family and friend cook outs in Jamaica. Do not exclude the “reasoning that often follows it” Profound social commentary and shared philosphies on the personality and ideology of the Jamaican communities.It is an exchange of soul, stories and experiences. The central life phenomenas that bonds every Jamaican together. Grudges and disputes are settled as the rum and the food often brings people back together. Chillin by the beach, underneath the ackee tree or around the playfield are crucial social gatherings for Jamaicans trying to make sense of the banality of life and harsh economical climate. Read more:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bwoy I cant take the Labbah Mouth Man Dem!

So my spouse has some male friends that I cannot stand. I do not know if dem a sissy, mama man or just plain batty man but them just chat too much. They try to make problems in your relationship by perturbing your man's brain and forcing discontent into your relationship. They often based this on the notion that if your man chooses to spend time with you then he is completely unmanned. They are a nuisance in your relationship. Your man refuses to get rid of them because they are his friends. His attempts to mitigate the snide comments made by his friends fall dead flat. You simply have to make a stand, its either his friends respect you or they do not come to your house. Your men's male friends are not bothered by your man when they are with their women but they always feel the need to come to your house and call your man at all time of night to carouse with him. Some men are misogynistic, they hate the fact that your man is treating you right instead of treating you like crap. They are upset that he is showing them up and highlighting how much they are falling short. Some will think that he is spoiling you, leaving you to make demands on them when you leave. They are just trying to get your man back on the bachelor bandwagon. They often highly homophobic wants your man all to themselves. They want to go out with your man, bond with him and spend copious amount of time together. They only release your man to you late of night when they go home to have sex with their women or when they are busy.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Badmind a the wussest Disease in Jamaica

Recently i have discovered that many Jamaicans love it when you come to their door step come beg them something fi nyam so that they can feel superior to you. If a quarrel should arise between, you and them, then they will have weapons in their artillery to hurl at you. Imagine the same person that you have been hogwashing your mouth on for years, all of a sudden becomes wealthy, we would assume that these people would be happy for us. No they are not. Because they can no longer programme you and get you to do what they want you to do. Then their imaginations begin to run wild. They start to say how you a get hype...I would like to think that i have every right to celebrate my successes and where i am coming from. IF MY SUCCESS arouses negative feelings in another person then he has some serious social and self esteem issues that has absolutely nothing to do with me. If you are feeling slighted, do not come quarrel with me, trying to insinuate that i should reduce my victory dance so that you can feel better in your mediocre life. I have waited too long for this to not feel good and express my happiness when i achieve. I remember the first time i was exposed to badmind, i came second in my class at Manning and my step mother accosted me and told me to go on the roof top and get a mike and shout it out to the world. The look on her face told me that she was anything but happy for my academical feat. I cried and as a teenager i realized that there were people like my step mother in this world. The older i got, the more of these people i met. Everyone is alloted the same amount of time each day. You are responsible for what you do with your time. You cannot expect to be paid for work that you did not do. You also should not begrudge or envy people who made sacrifices and worked hard while you were frolicking not to celebrate their successes. Remember you cannot want something that you have never worked hard for. Bad mind is the worst disease. The very thing that a man bad mind one for is the very things he wants for himself. Put himself in your position, he would act worst than you are. Just examine people who probably wear a few good clothes and dot have much else. Bottom, Feeders, Hyping. Imagine if they build a house or had a car. No it is OK for them to hype because they are superior to you (in their mind) and hence you should accept life the way they say it is. The bad mind smady do not want to work hard, they think they should have wealth and fame by divine nepotism. They think that the more successful people they tear down or eliminate, the better they will feel about themselves. When they drag you down or kill you, they have not achieved anything much, but in their minds it is a lot, they get satisfaction. They cannot get your car, house, money but they get satisfaction because they have eradicated that which relegates them to their true status instead of the grandiose fake self worth they have in their mind. Who created these type of people? Their bad mind mothers who are jealous of others successes. Bad-mind parents often create and encourage these nuisances. They have not taught their children any better but to watch other people's life, compare themselves to them and bash, demean, belittle them so that they can feel good about themselves. Narcissism begets narcissism. They have not encouraged their children to work hard, anything that anyone has, you can get it too and that they should seize their opportunity.Try to do the best you can to achieve your goals so that you will not have time to preee other peoples accomplishment. You will not feel "small" around successful people but feel as if you belong because you like them did your hard work. They cannot help who they are so it is best to avoid them, let them bask in their self mad importance. Bad mind man and gyal will forever sit at the park watching the jaguars and benz roll by because that's all them good for. What do you do with Bad Mind people? Ignore them, Stay Far from them, DO NOT put them on your mind or else you will be eternally bitter and Angry. Before long, you will morph into them,. becoming more corrupt than they are. They want to proselytize you into thinking you are really inferior and as soon as you begin to concentrate on the stench of their hatred, you lose sight of your goals. You begin to pay attention to these frightful inconsequential obstacles who needs all the attention they can get to be considered significant.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The dependable, handout culture : Jamaican Men and American Women

Jamaicans are not necessarily enterprising. We are not the most inventive people when it comes to business or developing innovative business ideas that will generate income. The truth is that a Jamaican will sooner discourage you from entrepreneurship and investing in a worthwhile venture than assist you in bringing your dreams to fruition. It is a given fact that most lotto Scammers will be poor before this year end because they have not used their "free money" to invest in income generating ventures. They are a product of the culture that does not understand that money will disappear if you keep spending and not earning. The same concept applies to the relationships that these american women have with Jamaican Man. Recently an American woman with six children flew into Jamaica to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars to take her 19 year old boyfriend and his friends on a cruise in Panama. As long as she is in a relationship with this man , he will expect this five star treatment and nothing less. If you for some reason fail to make due on the image that you portrayed initially then there will be trouble in paradise. I know some women do not care because it means nothing to spend a million dollars on a man if it saves me some lonely nights. And you might say that i do not understand. You are wrong. I have met many men who are only interested in free pussy and money. I often tell them i have neither to waste. You can often spot these users early on and to prove their sincerity, simply withdraw spending your money with him and see how he drops you like a bad habit. If he is still interested three months down the line, then he is either one of the really smart one or he loves you. whichever way, he is definitely worth every dime.