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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Saturday, November 30, 2013

ANother excerpt from book The Barn Raiders

Franco ran down the dark streets of red lane with his shirt in his mouth. He had seen a shadow grabbed his friend around the corner and began ditching blows into his upper torso. Why Raty stopped to unrinate at the junction was beyond him but he ran because he was sure that when he looked back at the shadows, Raty laid motionless on the ground and the creepy silhouette was running towards him with a shimmery object in his hand that illuminated into a spark when it hit the lights.

He careened around the deep corner and jumped into a yard ran up onto the verandah. He crouched immobile on the ground, confident that this was the only way he would be able to escape the dark, quiet silhouette that he knew would soon creep up around the corner looking for him. He only hoped that the occupants at the house did not see him come into the yard and call the police. It would never work in his favor if the police came. They'd either shoot him mistakenly for a burglar or Raty's killer or they would imprison him under similar speculations.

The creepy figure came into the light then masked into the shadows. He took something from his pocket and lit what appeared to be a cigarette in his mouth. He glanced down the road. He took a smoke and stared up the road. Then another figure with the shiny tool in his hands came up to him, looking franticly behind him. He stared over into the yard and Franco could have sworn he looked directly into his eyes. Franco did not move. The figure stared then knocked his friend on the chest with two fingers ad motioned for him to go into what Franco realized for the first time was a waiting car. Franco didn't know if his eyes were playing tricks on him but he knew within himself even if the last glance the stranger telepath towards the verandah did not confirm that he may have seen him.

The Barn Raiders by Crystal Evans

Raty basked in the fear he emotes in people. Trepidation was an unconscious reaction to men like him who understood the horror and absolution of death and yet allegedly murders without flinching. Much admiration must be-given to him who deals in that inexorable dimension of life which mankind most fear.
Raty beat his chest, grounded his teeth  in suppressed anger and crowed " me nah be no good bwoy cuz when you a good bwoy, you dead quick". 

He rocked both sides and picked what appeared to be fish bone from him teeth and faced Franco. 
Raty had emotionless eyes, they did not wear a twinkle or gloss. It was like looking into a dark abyss. It provided the gateway to a chasm of thoughts. You could never read Raty's mind by looking into eyes. His eyes did not relay or betray how he felt momentarily or his experiences. It was a lethal characteristic. He played on the emotional fortitude of others because he himself is a master of his own emotions. 

Raty always provided you with a grin that never reached his eyes. He build a gold teeth to replace one of his premolars and Franco laughed when he said " my gold teeth fe deh way round a back so that a boy know say when him see it, me rate him"

Franco expressed peels of laughter when Raty made that statement. He remembered laughing so hard that he almost choked on his saliva. Raty had skanked away in his eighties, supercat, gangster gait. Franco guffawed because the walking often added a greater impact to the stories Raty told. 

Everything about this man he knew from childhood was geared an social gratification. He wanted everyone to know that he was a bad man. 

From his diamond socks to his frog mouth clarks, mesh mariner and the curshive he tied around his head down to the half rolled upward style of one of his pant's foot evinced that he was a man predisposed to violence. One of his back pocket always had a rather long rag hanging from it and the other pocket filled with race horse paper. He was a zealous gambler and lost his money faster than he could work back for it. Franco did not understand why Raty wanted to work twice for his money. To him that's what gambling meant, working for your money twice. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Jesus is not exclusive, he's inclusive

Someone was just telling me about a religious paraplegic who thought it pious or perhaps sanctimonious to condemn the murder of an innocent youth based on the conjectures he overheard in the streets. 

He is one of the reasons why the church will not any time soon be teeming with young people. His contempt and self righteous pontification was relayed to me by another Christian who believed the sermon was most in decorous. 

I often say that most of the characters in the bible that Christians sought to emulate could never survive in a modern Christian church in Jamaica. Just imagine Solomon the womanizer, David the man who kills another man to get his wife and had children by several different women , Joshua the murderer or Jesus who par wid twelve man aka the Gangsters. Just imagine these people living in modern day society and how Christians would have regarded them. 

Them woulda say Jesus is gay cuz him a par wid a bag a man. Christians would condemn David for murdering Uriah and impregnating Bathsheba. Joshua would be a social pariah for committing murder and genocide upon the Canaanites. Just imagine a modern leader going into countries and murdering an entire nation so that they can colonize it because their god said so. The media would have a field day. 

What makes me really upset about what this young man said was because the community that he came from is over strewn with alleged gun men and I have never heard him decry  the crime and terror that people of that community once was subjected to. But he in his moral superior realm saw it fit to condemn others. Isn't it their god a Jew who said that he who is without sin should cast the first stone. 

I will never stop saying this that if I went to heaven and saw certain people I would make a U-turn. There is no way god would accept these people in his realm. To condemn without investigation is one of the tell tale signs of ignorance and bigotry. 

I do not believe that god is about inequality. God made all man in his image which means that good and bad are apart of the same battery but one is positively charged and the other negatively charged. 

God is not exclusive, he's inclusive, he does not keep people out because they are different. He forgave a thief on the cross so who are we to condemn others? 

I find it entirely disheartening to know that he could overlook the injustices within his own area yet saw it fit to condemn this young man on a public podium . 

Religious people are mostly shackled to half truths. They don't see life in entirety, only through self righteous lens of those they Condemn. Religion is just another opportunity to assert and established inequality in any society. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black men hanging themselves today

  "the  White Man is the Cause of US Hating ourselves and killing each other...Besides that I have a question? Why when Blacks kill Blacks it's called Black on Black Crime? Vs When White people go off and Kill Up everybody in a School or Movies Theater it's called He's insane and needs help?if One lives around a negative environment that behavior will manifest....Be it Black White Hispanic or Asian! This picture gives Us Something to Think about, Something to Remember...If You know better you do better! It wasn't that long ago when Malcolm X and Dr.Martin Luther King were killed,it wasn't that long ago that this was apart of OUR Reality...Now we Hang Ourselves because we won't Stop Look and Listen to those that Struggled for Us!From the bottom of the ocean floor Our People cry out "It Could Have Been YOU". Think about That, look at the photo Hard and See yourself hanging from the same tree....Blood on The Leaves Blood on The Roots....Then make that same comment!The changes start when we Remember what OUR People went through, I weep for this generation...."

Everytime I think about the fact that so many if my ancestors died so that I could be free and I look at what our young men are doing with their freedom. It pains my heart. It has become cogent that black people cannot govern themselves. I think maybe its the reason why they claiming Obama running America into ground. 

I don't see anything wrong with Barsck, I believe if fifty percent of our black male population had aspirations like Obama we would have a better world. 

There are certain books that I read during high school with lessons that were completely lost on that generation. Books like to kill a mockingbird, the pearl, the schoolmaster , brother man and green days by the river... They made me grow a new appreciation for literature outside of harlequins...they revealed truths about life and exposed certain lessons about our society( themes). 

To be continued sleepy gotta go back to bed...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our collective good and common enemies

I believe that if good people would rise up against bad people we would have a better world. We tolerate evil because we are afraid but it should become apparent to us that fear will not prevent cru left from sprawling, blood seeping through the ground on our door steps. 

That's the central reason race, nations and societies remained in unfavorable circumstances like racism and slavery for centuries because people cannot assembly against their common enemies for the collective good of the group. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Topics in Jamaican Acute Ghetto Itis

" I remembered how Brother Man described the tongues clacking in the street. It was an illustration of the power of wind moving across vocal chords. Humans have built kingdoms and destroyed nations simply by using their mouth. 

The Ghetto is no different. Mouth kill cock is a popular adage among elders in the Ghetto. It is a place where contriving stories, spreading lies and permeating gossip can land you in a coffin. People embrace a philosophy that if a story don't go so then it near fe go so. It's a profound perspective that rumours and gossip are half truths. News spreads like wildfire. 

Bars, trees, restaurants  and grooming parlours  are havens for replaying and embellishing the life stories of others. Tragedies are recounted with amusement and every story, regardless of how grisly or tragic is verbalized with colorful  characterization. 

The tongue is a venomous weapon. Its serpentine appearance is consistent with the poisonous utterances that often flickers off its pink exterior. 

Within the cackle of malignance, there are always voices of reason. People who are dedicated to teaching, healing and helping with the aid of their tongue unlike others whose main concern is creating drama. 

People who use their mouth too much never quite understand the effect that blathering away can have on any society. Many a men have died because of things others have said, sometimes  innocently and others deservingly. The tongue is as lethal as any tangible weapon on this earth. " 

Bad mind a the wussest disease

Bad mind is a complex emotion. Bad mind is a , it had no roots, its self created, it died not need a stimulus.  It often stems from feelings of shame or hatred  over the accomplishments of others. 
Badmind compels people to do vicious, unreasonable, irrational and imprudent acts. It is a strong emotions that moves the simple minded to concoct convoluted schemes often to subvert the achievements of their targets. 

Bad mind is augmented in situations when the envied position is not easily attainable or duplicated. Sometimes bad mind evolves from not a physical or social issue such as economical position but seeing one as a rival due to one's psychological state. People bad mind others for their lifestyle, intellectuality, friends, spouse, cars and houses. It is not a feeling of mere discontent, it is an evolution of loathing brought about by the inconveniences of a small minded person. 
The comparative nature of our society in evaluating people's individual values juxtapose with that of others is a feeding ground for badmanism. Bad mind people want nothing good for those they see as rivals. Their dislike is unfounded, without fault, provocation or incite. Bad mind has nothing to do with the victim, but everything to do with the psyche of the perpetrator. 

Bad mind people hate the fortunes of others. They see every one's success with distress, they become angry and  disgruntled by even small feat. Bad mind people cannot appreciate what they have because they are too busy comparing themselves with others not knowing that they cannot do more that their genetic limitations. Bad mind people are committed to fomenting the demise of others, they get satisfaction from seeing people fail. 

Respect begets respect Police Officers

see the relationship between the police and citizens as a two way street. You respect the civilians and they will respect you. Respect begets more respect so the civilian too must also mindful of how we deal with the police. Gussy's death taught me two things about police. You have good cops ones that held constant dialogues with the community after Gussy was killed and you have bad cops who come and point them gun inna you face and talk bout " who dead dead already and we have nuff more fe kill... Me left mi heart a mi yard"... Now tell me which onlooker, friend or family would not be angered by such an utterance after the killing of someone you knew your entire life. Now people look down on poor people behavior with contempt, but don't witness firsthand the ignominable behavior of members of the security forces. 

This notion that police have to use bad man tactic to get people to cooperate is a myth. The real bad man don't need to bad up people, him just need fe expose him gun and people will cooperate. No one will ever challenged the man with a weapon. 

We cannot have the people who are suppose to be endorsing law and order behaving like common criminals. This is a significant social element why citizens do not respect the police. 

But then you can't blame police in Jamaica because the police and the criminals are shaped from the same mold. The same culture, probably similar upbringings and exposure to a decadent culture. What we end up with is men with license to shoot with a depraved sense of morality. 

I don't understand how police officers can approach people like marauding gun men. The police thinks we live in a criminal state and the citizen believes that they live in a police state. In a criminal state, every citizen is suspected of doing illicit activity and can only be vindicated by the probe of a police officer or the courts. In truth we are all guilty until proven innocent. Which means any one of us can be shot down at anytime and labelled as a criminal with a gun. 

I do not support crime and violence and anyone who knows me know that me no keep bad man friend. I don't even like see them. And people always tell me I should not make my contempt that obvious but I can't help it. It is the nature of my humanity. I despise those who have no regard for human life, bad man or police. 

If you see life's answer to our problems as blood for blood then we will never reach anywhere. We won't get any long standing results. We will breed a nation of people carrying grudges for the death of their family members. 

Kill for kill is not the answer... Never was and never will be. I don't understand how people see death as some form of punishment when we all will die. Death, involuntary change is inevitable. So death within itself is no form of penalty... 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gussy's Homecoming: Buried like a King

Today is Gussy's Funeral, he had a phenomenal cleaning day, an inimitable grave digging and historic Wake and I am almost sure he will have a thanksgiving service unlike no other. 

I believe that if Jesus was killed by his own people then any of us, as good as we might be, as Puritan as our moral stance or as transparent a character as we are, our individuality is forever at the mercy of the tribal values.

There are many Ghetto Jesus that we crucify along with thieves because people within our own communities set them up. We have Pharisees and scribes who sit on their self righteous throne and pretend to want good for our collective well being. When In truth they are only seeking their own individual opportunism and salvation... It's a facade, it's not really about us. It is about them. 

The self righteous must be poked with the truth to shatter their fake veneer and allow their real personalities to explode like a dynamite. 

We are the architects of our society which means it is not set in stone. We can break it and rebuild it anyway. Why do we pretend that our notion of a society is not intangible and pliable to our aspirations?

There was a time when slavery was considered acceptable by very Christian, highly religious societies. What does that say about how we as a people see injustices. Well it is ok to be cruel to people if they are from certain economical circumstances or if "upper echeleon" of society deems it so. We tolerate injustices as long as it does not affect us or it benefits us in some way. 

I gave a tribute at Gussy Funeral about how I thought someone like him who has done more good than bad for his community was killed by the protectors of our community was a chilling paradox. Gussy who several pastors attest to assisting with community charities. Grandpus a man who we all knew from childhood was dying in an infirmary and Pastor Evans had approached Gussy with his wish to be buried not by the infirmary but the generosity of his community. Gussy told pastor Evans no problem, just get everything together and I will pay for the package. That was Gussy... 

A boy crashed in a bike collision and his mom could not afford his surgery and she approached Gussy. It cost 100,000 dollars and in a few hours Gussy rounded up contributions from every one and the mother was on her way to saving her son. 

A young man of poor circumstances died, a destitute old man and Gussy along with his friends assist with the burial. Gussy gave to the poor and assist the needy. He has done more for this community than any elected politician, he was only twenty four years old. 

If you wanted to do a business, Gussy was approachable. Everybody could come to him and ask for assistance. Gussy made dreams come true. Gussy send pickney go a school. Why do you suppose the officers allowed us to properly mourn his death instead of treating him like the common criminal some people assumed he must be to be gunned down by the police. 

Man has an idea for a play involving key actors in the Jamaican play community. He approaches Gussy as an investor. Gussy started advertising his play the Wednesday and he was killed the next morning. That's my last memory of his coming from his afternoon football session with his friends driving his brothers jeep advertising an event no one has ever considered doing here. 

Restocking Hardwares, building a pool bar, a craft market in Negril for his older brother. Investing in parties, committing to charities. Is he a criminal or a martyr? 

Well yes he might have been a criminal in the eyes of some people. If so be the case then we have police and politicians that are criminals too but we don't hear anybody demanding that they be gunned down and flung into van back like a dog.

 Oh Right, I forgot, Gussy mother sell pon roadside and him daddy push hand cart fe mind them and when him couldn't manage the economical strain of taking care of the children , he abandoned Miss Madge. Gussy Father admits at the grave digging that if Gussy walked past him, he would not even recognized his own son. He cried when he admitted that Gussy called him several times, saying "daddy cone check me no". He cried that Gussy called and told him about what he was doing and everything he bought. Gussy was a forgiving young man and reached out to his father. 

None a you have any right to judge these youths cause unoo don't know weh them a come from. I carried water from stand pipe up until I was seventeen years old, I had to get up every morning go clean out my fathers business place and the house before u go school. Sometimes me late. I have back problems now from carrying those heavy jugs and I can't sleep till morning light because my body is trained to wake before dawn and do domestic chores. I thought my life was hard then but I now realise that some people have it worst than me. My father never abandoned us. He might not have been the greatest father but I was never hungry and I went to school everyday. Do you think it is fair to Miss Madge for someone to take away her child that she has made sacrifices for and invest in before he came to actual fruition? 

Stop reasoning with your prejudices and classism because that is what this is a about. A girl wrote that we should never assume that my cousin went to heaven because him was never living a life to warrant entrance in the kingdom of God. I kept thinking " what the fuck does she know about Gussy? He has done more good than her and as far as I am concern in a greater position for heaven than she, the pastor himself said that gussy better than nuff so all Christians because he had a good heart . 

I know because Gussy black like a tar and he looks Ghetto cuz poverty no wash offa him yet. Hard life still a show pon him. He does not look refined and he's not related to anyone important. He's a king where he is from and that is most important. Gussy will always be remembered, he's done more for this community than people born inna money yah. I know one particular one, you couldn't even get a thousand dollar fe borrow from him cuz him always bruck and him a drive convertible. And Gussy gave away thousands of dollars. But mr convertible might contend that Gussy was kind and him end up dead cause its his generosity that lures the good and the evil towards him. That maybe do but it never deterred him from giving back to the poor. I have to learn to live with his death. It's gonna take the woman in me to get over his death. 

When i see people from near and far bawling and wailing at sight of the escalade drawn chariot with his lifeless body in a glass casket. I know from every indication that he was loved by everyone. 

Death had an epiphany on me. It has a way of putting life into perspective. When Checky was murdered, I no longer I obsessed about the fifty something pound I gained after my daughter because Checky lived in a gym everyday, everyone knew how he worshiped his body and to see all that hard work go to waste. I would have taken Checky back even if he was fat like that Gabriel girl that played "precious" because I liked interacting with him. Gussy death exposes how much I should never take anyone for granted, cherish every moment I spend with the people I love because you do not know when someone is gonna your life. 

I do not know how anyone can think it is ok or justifiable for Miss Madge to bury her son after all that she has invested in him. After struggling to sell on the road side and pushing hand cart to buy the chicken back and the bag a rice to feed her four sons and three daughters, someone or any one deserves to deny her the right to get grandchildren from Gussy... Smh... Donkey say the world no level. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tupac Shakur : The Gangster with a Philosophy

Tupac Shakur is one of my favorite rap artist not because of his endorsement as some might put it of Thug life but because their is so many parts of his personality that i can relate to being bred from the consciousness of a lower class culture where the mode of survival is crucial and lives are built upon reputation.

Some people see the music that emanates from the children of the Ghetto as scatological, lewd or appalling but the music is strictly reality. Many artist use the upbeat rhythm as a podium for philosophy, a platform for protest and a medium for social change. I like to blog not because I believe I can write well but because I think I have a message that the word needs to read and the pen is the mightiest weaponry. 

When I listen to Tupac Shakurs "Changes", Dear Mama, "Keep ya head up" or "Ghetto Gospel", I moved by a deep feeling of humanitarianism and I am also saddened by the murder of Tupac Shakur. It brings to the fore how people with great minds have to be careful because there are always people working in the shadows, people with myopia, narrow perspectives and very small minds committing to undermine those who try to expose the truths about our facade societies. 

There are parts of me that from reading and watching several shows about Tupac Shakur life believes that he died while he was still coming out of his childhood psyche. He like myself grow up on circumstances where we don't have parents who shield us from certai. Realities, we see life for what it is and people for who they are. I believe with time, Tupac Shakur would have become a man to ignite social change. He wanted so much to transform his black community. He needed the officials to see afflictions of the poor and the reason why black men like him turn to violence. He is not looking to be a sympathizer for criminals. He was seeking to bring about a social change for America's sub culture of black gangsterism. 

There are many people in this world, who will never get the message of change because they are too busy looking at and judging the messenger. The greatest people in the world were sprung from the humblest beginnings. 

Despite the image that he portrayed, I know more than anything that he wanted  peace more than anything else. 

I do not believe that people are merely black and white, they have their gray areas. People are multidimensional. They are many layers to an individual's personality. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Modern Day Crucifixion of the Innocent

So as the days wind down to Gussy's Funeral. I am of a contrite spirit. His death has forced me to question my own mortality and how fickle life here on earth is. You here one minute and you gone the next. I didn't exist before my birth and it will be as if I never existed after I die. It makes me question what is man's purpose for living if he has to die? Are we just living to die?  Everytime I remember when at Dwayne Badwud funeral he was saying to Mario Gomez that he hated the ambience after a funeral, the boredom and expressed that it was the same way he felt after his sister "mum" died. It makes me wonder if Gussy had premonitions about his death. He also made preparations for his unborn child and was putting businesses together for the future of his family. It is disheartening, infuriating and a gaping irony that he was killed by members of the police force when they are so many who have never done anything for this community. Are wicked people winning and good people dying? It has many young men thinking it betta them be a bad boy and police kil them than to be a good guys like Gussy and Badwud and die before you time...police officers don't always get psychogic impact that they want when they kill a man, they might intend to instill fears in others but only as the facts show create more hardened criminals. 

We will never be completely rid of the scourge of violence because acts of violence often begets more violence. Murder is murder regardless of whose perspective we see it from. I know one thing is true whether it happens when I die or while I am alive. This earth, the universals laws and tantric energy of our world, a supreme being or intelligence, god or whatever nomenclature we attach to the power that often restores this world through maintaining the Karmic Balance. 

I have never known anyone who meted out cruelty of evil to another human being and prosper. I am confident not by religious fervour, conjectures or anecdotes but a first hand experience that what goes around will ultimately come back around. 

I have seen many "wicked" people fall but my only concern is how many of us will have to suffer or die before they extinguished. 

One of the greatest handicap of humanity is our quest to conquer death and end suffering. Why is suffering such a big issue when human beings themselves bring despair upon their own brethren. What we probably need to vanquish is selfishness and Egoism. 

People often encourage wars and murder because its benefits their own agendas. We need to seek goals that collective benefits a community than just the desires of an elected few or armed subgroup. 

I can safely say that the Officer that shot my cousin did not foresee the future or probably he did. Some people will say that my cousins association says a lot about the values that he embraces. I do not know about what is going on in my cousins head, I do not try to assume, I simply judge Jermaine Foote by his actions and is kind gesture. His commitment to shedding off the impoverished circumstances he was conceived in and rebuilding his community through providing jobs for young people. I remembered he said," you see when that pool bar finish, every Sunday we ago play pool" . He was killed the next morning.
Gussy is a dreamer and he by means unknown to me became someone that dreamers could come to and get resources to furnish their dreams, farmer raising pigs or the bar maid who wants to open her own bar. He was never a man to turn away a viable idea. He was committed to the auspicious development of his community. He was seen by many as a "rising don". A name he never endorsed but as they say in the ghetto that if them don't kill you with guns, they will surely murder you with your mouth. 

When I look at the crowd at his grave cleaning up day, or the impenetrable crowd at his grave digging,  understood the tentacles of his influence upon this community. I sensed why some people might become trepidation by his rising powers. After all he's from nowhere and his family is poor, uneducated and without social clout. He's not somebody important. When I hear the lies that those who swore to serve, protect and reassure concoct to justify the murder of my cousin and leave his unborn child without a father,I look to the heavens and cry to our supreme being, wondering why does he stand aside and allow Gussy to die. 

Those who judge Gussy are like the Romans who crucified Jesus with the two theives. Jesus was not guilty of a crime but in this society if those with the powers believe that you are a threat to their statusquo they will find reasons to eliminate you. Jesus was killed like a criminal just as how they gun down Gussy with the theives.  Jesus death, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther king and so many others have taught me that none of us even when we are committed to righteousness, redemption of the oppressed masses or social reformation are exempt from death if those who are in power consider us a threat to their own agendas. 

JahVinchi says " give to the poor them say me a don, me fe turn in". Does that mean that if I decide to host a charity for poor people I become a target for the police? Why? When I am doing what politicians should be doing for our communities? I think there are some entities who have a misconception of who the enemies really are. Or is this just a strategy to keep poor people and their aspirants for change cowered in fear. 

I keep wondering who takes care of the children whose parents are murdered? Who will be responsible for Gussy unborn baby boy? This is a chilling factor in our fight against crime and violence. It's evident that the orphaned children of violence often grow up to be menaces to society due to feelings of resentment and ire towards society. 

Everytime I look at Miss Madge, tears well up in my eyes when I remember seeing her with the crocus bags hustling to go sell clothes on the road side or CudJoe pushing handcart to help mama send Gussy, Killa, Foote and Vivieene to school. Or the kids whose father ran away left them since they were in elementary schools. If Gussy dad passed him on the road he probably would not recognize him. For him to die now, it simply means everything he has been through in his life, the heartache and the poverty was simply not worth it. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

How illegal activities shape the Jamaican Society?

Some people think scamming is a bad thing. People in the Jamaican ghetto will tell you that scamming has done more good than harm to their lives.

They will say that they would rather our young men scam some unsuspecting stranger than stick up them with guns and take away the little that they have. 
The promotion, endorsement or even embracing of scamming has nothing to do with morality, but everything to do with survival. 

The endorsement, glorification and toleration of illicit activities on the Ghetto has nothing to do with morality. It has everything to do with survival. 

How can you question a man about his values when the notion is not a staple. He cannot eat values. But if he finds a way wherein he can feed his family then he will not be moved by scruples to overlook that prospect. 

Some people might argue that nothing that was begotten out of wrongdoing will ever prosper. Ghetto people, black people will countermand by insisting that superpower economies were built on the blood and sweat of black people yet we have not seen destiny returning life to its Karmic balance by punishing them for enslavement. 

They believe from experience that only good people get hurt,stepped on and abuse. Police don't abuse people with money. Look at politicians, they have been exploiting the coffers of poor people's money for years and yet no one had ever held them accountable. I hear Mutabaruka call it scamming. 

Politicians a scam poor people, police a scam people, bank tellers a scam people. Mutabaruka emphasize that all the educated people in Jamaica turn scammer. With no jobs, they use their creative energies to make money to subsist themselves. 

What really pisses poor people off is when the people who tell them not to do this or that would never offer a helping hand. A beggar is socially spurned, a gun man venerated and feared. 

The Big Idea Funding Network was created to give young people with brilliant ideas and opportunity to realize their dreams by having people pooling money together. I'd prefer if a thousand  Jamaicans invested a thousand dollars on a project worth a million dollars than one Jamaican fretting about his 20,000 dollars that he invested. 

I was recently selling a property, a big acreage and someone asked me why didn't I get some of my "moneyed friends" to buy the property as an investment. I told him two things that made him laugh and shook his head. 1. People don't invest money with people who look poorer than them because they believe you will Nyam them out. Two people prefer to invest in an institution than a person

I  am not an advocate of earning money through illicit means but I am not a novice to the idea that the worlds wealthiest earn money by spilling blood. Most rich people's wealth is dabbled somewhere in a past mired in exploitation or harm of another person. It is a cut throat world. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mutabaruka Show

I was listening to Mutabaruka's show and I was wondering if politicians just get up and decide that they do not care about poor people or they originally wanted to help people and get corrupted by the system. 

I wanted to become a politicians but I realise sometimes about politics is that people protect their own. Rich politicians don't really value the opinion of poor / intellectual politicians like me. The rich always get what they want and poor politicians have to just follow so that them can eat a food or them stand up for poor people and lose out. 

My family always worry about what I write, I tell them it's the least of their worries because most of the people I write about don't read so I am not worried about them. 

What I am really interested is if politicians intentionally exploit poor people's hopes and dreams or does it just happened during the course of things and they are unable to alleviate it so they leave it make it escalate. 

Here are some ideas. 
Put a ban on imports and force importers to buy local produce. 

Give incentives for farming, Entreprenuers and young people with brilliant ideas. Kids should not have to fend so much to develop their ideas . 


A world of talented People

There's one thing that Talent competitions have taught me and is that we have a melting ofimmensely,talented people undiscovered who give us a glimpse into their lives. So many people out there who will die and never realized their dreams. A plethora of unearthed talent waiting for an opportunity to shine. Diamonds in the rut, being kicked around like rock stones. Waiting for an expert on precious gems with a keen eye for jewellery  to discover them and unveil their worth to the world. 

Violence begest more Violence in Jamaican fight against crime

Murder is murder anyway we look at it. Whether from police viewpoint or a gun man. we must endorse the validation of every human being life. death is absolute, whether a bad man kill you or cannot give back a man's life when you take it, try as hard as you may. we should not be moving towards a society where the least difference or conflicts we have with people we a pree to kill them. The police might be frustrated with the crime situation and I am a hundred percent behind them in the fight against violence but they too should understand it is a fact base on the social trends we have that violence only begets more violence. The Police officers are the proponents of law and order but they too are not above the law. They must be held accountable for their actions also when it violates what is regarded by their Job descriptions.

Police been killing people from I was child and the murder rate only escalates. It signals that we need a socialisation intervention for our children and a social reform campaign to influence and tweak the mindsets of our adults...until then we will only be killing alleged bad men and creating more in the process...crime is not a morality per se issue, it is an economical issue.In a country with so many churches, violence should not be so prevalent but who am I kidding, Muslim rebels are very violent and passionate about their religion that emphasises peace.

Since my cousin was killed, I stop every little boy and engage them in a conversation about what took place that morning. I point to the reasons why they cannot afford to align themselves with the wrong people, thereby devaluing their lives and putting themselves at jeopardy. Hyping about how you a bad man will get you a temporary respect out of fear from your community but it is a death sentence if it reaches the ears of the Police. Crime is not an attractive element. Violence should not be source for social importance and Validation.

We have a very prejudicial society because as long as you are poor and you come from certain place you a criminal and if you a defend your friends and your family then you must be in liege with the criminals.Only poor people are held accountable for their actions. A boy was mauled by a vehicle for a politician yesterday or so and the man reported his vehicle missing two hours after the accident. if you not from a certain cadre of society. YOur life no worth nothing, you thnink if gussy was some big politican or establish rich people son, him coulda dead so...some a unoo will say.."same way'''. but we know this law is only for the poor and not the rich...

Some people in our society are like spectators at a game. They stand on the sidelines and them see everything that is wrong with the players technique. Put them in the game and them cant do a thing. If some of these people who like to hurl mud at the Ghetto people would come live down here for a month, I doubt them could survive it.

Most so call intellectual people and rich people don't buss ghetto youths and that is a fact. If I could count on my hand how many people with money I know or people in positions who could offer a helping hand and most of them would rather steal my ideas than invest in my aspirations. If my daughter hungry, I cannot beg them cuz them don't have it, now if I was say a male and violently inclined what would that leave me to do...?

JAmaica's First Online Community Library

Click Here 


It has been a dream for me to create a virtual platform where kids in Jamaica can go and do researches and get information to assist in their school work from the comfort of their homes. 

So I managed to create a community website that will feature access to free Ebooks, data and tools that will help students maximize and improve their grades. 

Children from all age groups can benefit for the online portal. 
We have a .net, .com and a .info extension that is host a library  platform, an information page and a members platform. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gussy community Hero or Social Pariah?

"“I believe that you're great, that there's something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life, regardless of how young or how old you think you might be, the moment you begin to think properly, there's something that is within you, there's powerwithin you, that's greater than the world. It will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you. It will clothe you. It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence, if you let it. Now, that is what I know for sure."
~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

Yesterday was reserved for cleaning up Gussy's grave spot. 

We had several discussions On Gusdy yesterday. We never see one man grave spot clean up so fast or so much people volunteering. Since some people think you somehow deserved to die then tell me why are so many people uniting and validating your life. Even the supt and indecom visited. Influential people in our community who don't associate with known criminals grabbing raker tick, five wackers, lawn mowers and offering cow, goat and hog to celebrate the life of a social pariah?????

 A lot of people rate "Gussy" because he had money. I respected and valued his character😋.he was ambitious and driven to success and he worked in tandem with everyone, he was also very kind. He had aspirations and goals to become someone truly upstanding in our community. It is for this reason why his death by the agents of law and order is such a riveting tragedy.

A man whose son was gun downed by unknown assailants wept in woes for Gussy and he was also very vocal about the killing of Checky. He quite vehemently spoke about a very tragic consistency we noticed in our community and that is of good people who could contribute to the growth of our communities dying by the hands of violence. 

Checky who build a gym, emphasizing health and exercise vitality to our society was cut down like a notorious murderer and his friend a bystander shot several times. 

In our discussions we emphasized the culture of hitmanism in Jamaica because that's the main reason the crime rate going up. It is because bad mind people, those with vicious minds and morbid inclinations can readily find any Likkle ediat bwoy with a gun to hire and kill people. 

An Assasination is evil on a different tier. How could I not knowing someone, go and take his/her life because someone paid me to do so. We really have a decay in our emotional fortitude in this country. Some people like to pretend that it's only Ghetto youths bloodthirsty and walk up and down murdering people. 

I keep saying that Gussy was no saint but then again Jesus says, he who is without sin cast the first is unfortunate that people capable of and committing worst atrocities than those he was accused of are allowed to be alive and walking our streets. And they rained stones down on you. 

The director for indecom said something rather crucial yesterday. He opined that everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. People clamouring for justice yet no one is willing to put their lives on the line to see that justice is serve and that is one of the greatest handicaps to having a peaceful society.

"Most people think, 
Great god will come from the skies, 
Take away everything 
And make everybody feel high. 
But if you know what life is worth, 
You will look for yours on earth: 
And now you see the light, 
You stand up for your rights. jah!"

-Bob Marley
“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” 

― Martin Luther King Jr

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” 

We are Jamaicans, not JLP or PNP!