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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Some people think that when you sow bad seed, you reap bad seed. No what you will reap is a tree filled with fruits that have bad seeds. Whatsoever you sow, you shall reap tenfold.

White people sow slavery, destroyed the black man's mentality and are now reaping a society of black people who are unable to evolve from a path of self destruction and regression.

What are the issues really affecting our Jamaican Society so that we cannot seem to move forward?

We understand that a break down in family values is one of the fundamental contribution to the surge in crime and violence within our society as children are inculcated with anti-social values and then reinforced by families who provide safe havens for their criminal relatives. They refuse to inform on them and therefore keep them in the community as a threat and menace to the society.

What are the central factors contributing to the depravity of the Jamaican Society?

1. Absentee paternal culture is prevalent in Jamaica where fathers are not actively involved in the lives of their children and therefore mothers cannot adequately send children to school because of no financial support. Children also need affirmation and our culture encourages abuse of children instead of loving and nurturing the next generation.

2. Mothers with no financial support and a baby to care for often end up with another man who gets her pregnant and abandons her. Before you know it. She has several children to feed without any financial support from their fathers. She ends up raising adults who were not properly schooled, men with psycho emotional problems and women with low self esteems. The process will indubitably recur with these adults. It is a proven fact that children from these family structures often become just like their parents. Gunmen and serial single mothers are often from similar familys structures.

3. We need more factories in Jamaica, Agro processors, Factories for creating clothing, Arts and Crafts industrial complexes and Angel Investor opportunities for our smart talented YOUNG people. A lack of viable employment opportunities is another critical element in helping Jamaica to move towards sustainable development. We are spending too much time trying to repair that which is broke and not sufficent interest in finding recourses and opportunities for transitional development and nation building.

4. Our legal system is fraught with issues regarding injustices and professionalism. Civilians are angry at the police force because they know too well and contribute sufficiently to the corruption that they talk about amony members of the Jamaica Defense Force. They often attempt to bribe police officers who due to the harsh economical times and the incapacity of their salaries to sustain their lifestyles succumb to venality. It may seem that our police officers are bearing the brunt of our economical down turn just as civilians. Remember that the members of the police force are taken from our own society

5. When a nation is a sinking ship then it leaves opportunities for its brightest and professionals to become white collar criminals. Their salaries cannot supplement the cost of living in Jamaica therefore they become embezzlers.

6. Absentee Politicians are a huge issue in Jamaica. When an area has a political representative that is absent predominantly for several consecutive terms then the area becomes an anarchy. Where you do not have leadership it leaves space for qsuedo leaders to be born and for “dons” to dominate. People will no doubt take up the mantle and begin to provide for the community sometimes at the expense of other members of our society.

7. The Anti-Informant culture is a big deterrent to crime and violence. How can citizens be encourage to speak on knowledge of crimes when the police cannot offer them protection.How can any member of a community give the police information and then the officers leave them in the same area with the hooldums. Not only that many police officers have friends among the bad man and therefore people are afraid to inform on them. It is like you are damned if you do and damn if you don't...

8. Our Education system is crippled with problems. We have long market education as a means for social mobility and wealth creation. We never addressed the pyshco-emotional needs of our children. We need an educational programme that not only teach our children to get rich but to be better citizens. We need ethical education so that we can have a better society.

9. Religious Leaders are afraid. They provide the medium between the civilian and the realm. They have forgotten their purpose and religious commitment to maintaining the morals and values in our society. The laws that we have are formed from the core principles of christianity hence our religious eaders do have a part to play in the restoration of our country.

10. Diaspora abandoned Jamaica. The Jamaicans who live abroad run away and never come back. They do not care about the nation. I am often surprised to discover how much many Jamaicans believe that they can only see what they are working for in another country and not their own. They allow every one to come and capture a piece of Jamaica while the wealthy people in our diaspora do not see Jamaica as an auspicious investment opportunity.

When you live in A SOCIETY where the vulnerable and the innocent like our elders and children become victims of violence. It signals not just a decline in regards for human life but an overall decomposition in the validation and sanctity of our humanity. We are a culture of people that enjoy preying on the weak. We respect the strong “arms” but seek to eliminate those who only wish for the collective good of our society and not just that of any one individual or group.


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