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Friday, November 29, 2013

Jesus is not exclusive, he's inclusive

Someone was just telling me about a religious paraplegic who thought it pious or perhaps sanctimonious to condemn the murder of an innocent youth based on the conjectures he overheard in the streets. 

He is one of the reasons why the church will not any time soon be teeming with young people. His contempt and self righteous pontification was relayed to me by another Christian who believed the sermon was most in decorous. 

I often say that most of the characters in the bible that Christians sought to emulate could never survive in a modern Christian church in Jamaica. Just imagine Solomon the womanizer, David the man who kills another man to get his wife and had children by several different women , Joshua the murderer or Jesus who par wid twelve man aka the Gangsters. Just imagine these people living in modern day society and how Christians would have regarded them. 

Them woulda say Jesus is gay cuz him a par wid a bag a man. Christians would condemn David for murdering Uriah and impregnating Bathsheba. Joshua would be a social pariah for committing murder and genocide upon the Canaanites. Just imagine a modern leader going into countries and murdering an entire nation so that they can colonize it because their god said so. The media would have a field day. 

What makes me really upset about what this young man said was because the community that he came from is over strewn with alleged gun men and I have never heard him decry  the crime and terror that people of that community once was subjected to. But he in his moral superior realm saw it fit to condemn others. Isn't it their god a Jew who said that he who is without sin should cast the first stone. 

I will never stop saying this that if I went to heaven and saw certain people I would make a U-turn. There is no way god would accept these people in his realm. To condemn without investigation is one of the tell tale signs of ignorance and bigotry. 

I do not believe that god is about inequality. God made all man in his image which means that good and bad are apart of the same battery but one is positively charged and the other negatively charged. 

God is not exclusive, he's inclusive, he does not keep people out because they are different. He forgave a thief on the cross so who are we to condemn others? 

I find it entirely disheartening to know that he could overlook the injustices within his own area yet saw it fit to condemn this young man on a public podium . 

Religious people are mostly shackled to half truths. They don't see life in entirety, only through self righteous lens of those they Condemn. Religion is just another opportunity to assert and established inequality in any society. 

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