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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Topics in Jamaican Acute Ghetto Itis

" I remembered how Brother Man described the tongues clacking in the street. It was an illustration of the power of wind moving across vocal chords. Humans have built kingdoms and destroyed nations simply by using their mouth. 

The Ghetto is no different. Mouth kill cock is a popular adage among elders in the Ghetto. It is a place where contriving stories, spreading lies and permeating gossip can land you in a coffin. People embrace a philosophy that if a story don't go so then it near fe go so. It's a profound perspective that rumours and gossip are half truths. News spreads like wildfire. 

Bars, trees, restaurants  and grooming parlours  are havens for replaying and embellishing the life stories of others. Tragedies are recounted with amusement and every story, regardless of how grisly or tragic is verbalized with colorful  characterization. 

The tongue is a venomous weapon. Its serpentine appearance is consistent with the poisonous utterances that often flickers off its pink exterior. 

Within the cackle of malignance, there are always voices of reason. People who are dedicated to teaching, healing and helping with the aid of their tongue unlike others whose main concern is creating drama. 

People who use their mouth too much never quite understand the effect that blathering away can have on any society. Many a men have died because of things others have said, sometimes  innocently and others deservingly. The tongue is as lethal as any tangible weapon on this earth. " 

Bad mind a the wussest disease

Bad mind is a complex emotion. Bad mind is a , it had no roots, its self created, it died not need a stimulus.  It often stems from feelings of shame or hatred  over the accomplishments of others. 
Badmind compels people to do vicious, unreasonable, irrational and imprudent acts. It is a strong emotions that moves the simple minded to concoct convoluted schemes often to subvert the achievements of their targets. 

Bad mind is augmented in situations when the envied position is not easily attainable or duplicated. Sometimes bad mind evolves from not a physical or social issue such as economical position but seeing one as a rival due to one's psychological state. People bad mind others for their lifestyle, intellectuality, friends, spouse, cars and houses. It is not a feeling of mere discontent, it is an evolution of loathing brought about by the inconveniences of a small minded person. 
The comparative nature of our society in evaluating people's individual values juxtapose with that of others is a feeding ground for badmanism. Bad mind people want nothing good for those they see as rivals. Their dislike is unfounded, without fault, provocation or incite. Bad mind has nothing to do with the victim, but everything to do with the psyche of the perpetrator. 

Bad mind people hate the fortunes of others. They see every one's success with distress, they become angry and  disgruntled by even small feat. Bad mind people cannot appreciate what they have because they are too busy comparing themselves with others not knowing that they cannot do more that their genetic limitations. Bad mind people are committed to fomenting the demise of others, they get satisfaction from seeing people fail. 

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