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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tupac Shakur : The Gangster with a Philosophy

Tupac Shakur is one of my favorite rap artist not because of his endorsement as some might put it of Thug life but because their is so many parts of his personality that i can relate to being bred from the consciousness of a lower class culture where the mode of survival is crucial and lives are built upon reputation.

Some people see the music that emanates from the children of the Ghetto as scatological, lewd or appalling but the music is strictly reality. Many artist use the upbeat rhythm as a podium for philosophy, a platform for protest and a medium for social change. I like to blog not because I believe I can write well but because I think I have a message that the word needs to read and the pen is the mightiest weaponry. 

When I listen to Tupac Shakurs "Changes", Dear Mama, "Keep ya head up" or "Ghetto Gospel", I moved by a deep feeling of humanitarianism and I am also saddened by the murder of Tupac Shakur. It brings to the fore how people with great minds have to be careful because there are always people working in the shadows, people with myopia, narrow perspectives and very small minds committing to undermine those who try to expose the truths about our facade societies. 

There are parts of me that from reading and watching several shows about Tupac Shakur life believes that he died while he was still coming out of his childhood psyche. He like myself grow up on circumstances where we don't have parents who shield us from certai. Realities, we see life for what it is and people for who they are. I believe with time, Tupac Shakur would have become a man to ignite social change. He wanted so much to transform his black community. He needed the officials to see afflictions of the poor and the reason why black men like him turn to violence. He is not looking to be a sympathizer for criminals. He was seeking to bring about a social change for America's sub culture of black gangsterism. 

There are many people in this world, who will never get the message of change because they are too busy looking at and judging the messenger. The greatest people in the world were sprung from the humblest beginnings. 

Despite the image that he portrayed, I know more than anything that he wanted  peace more than anything else. 

I do not believe that people are merely black and white, they have their gray areas. People are multidimensional. They are many layers to an individual's personality. 

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