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Monday, November 25, 2013

Respect begets respect Police Officers

see the relationship between the police and citizens as a two way street. You respect the civilians and they will respect you. Respect begets more respect so the civilian too must also mindful of how we deal with the police. Gussy's death taught me two things about police. You have good cops ones that held constant dialogues with the community after Gussy was killed and you have bad cops who come and point them gun inna you face and talk bout " who dead dead already and we have nuff more fe kill... Me left mi heart a mi yard"... Now tell me which onlooker, friend or family would not be angered by such an utterance after the killing of someone you knew your entire life. Now people look down on poor people behavior with contempt, but don't witness firsthand the ignominable behavior of members of the security forces. 

This notion that police have to use bad man tactic to get people to cooperate is a myth. The real bad man don't need to bad up people, him just need fe expose him gun and people will cooperate. No one will ever challenged the man with a weapon. 

We cannot have the people who are suppose to be endorsing law and order behaving like common criminals. This is a significant social element why citizens do not respect the police. 

But then you can't blame police in Jamaica because the police and the criminals are shaped from the same mold. The same culture, probably similar upbringings and exposure to a decadent culture. What we end up with is men with license to shoot with a depraved sense of morality. 

I don't understand how police officers can approach people like marauding gun men. The police thinks we live in a criminal state and the citizen believes that they live in a police state. In a criminal state, every citizen is suspected of doing illicit activity and can only be vindicated by the probe of a police officer or the courts. In truth we are all guilty until proven innocent. Which means any one of us can be shot down at anytime and labelled as a criminal with a gun. 

I do not support crime and violence and anyone who knows me know that me no keep bad man friend. I don't even like see them. And people always tell me I should not make my contempt that obvious but I can't help it. It is the nature of my humanity. I despise those who have no regard for human life, bad man or police. 

If you see life's answer to our problems as blood for blood then we will never reach anywhere. We won't get any long standing results. We will breed a nation of people carrying grudges for the death of their family members. 

Kill for kill is not the answer... Never was and never will be. I don't understand how people see death as some form of punishment when we all will die. Death, involuntary change is inevitable. So death within itself is no form of penalty... 

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