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Friday, November 1, 2013

Prison life seen as a life of Honour

There was a time when people would be ashamed to admit that they were ever incarcerated. People would look down on  anyone who was dubbed "a prison bud". 

Those days are over. Young men who spend time in jail now boast of the transient time they spent behind bars as as a means of enhancing their social experience as their peers find it gratifying. 

When a man can kill somebody and boast about it and have people gravitate to him it says a lot about where we are heading as a people. 

When criminals are respected and their associates feared and revered it is a tell tale sign that we have a steeped drop in values within our society. 

My cousin was killed by the police and my well meaning but misguided friends told me that it said a lot about the values of my cousin if he was entertaining an alleged murderer at his house. They implied that my cousin somehow deserved to die by association. 

Though they may have a point there because by fostering a criminal, you put everyone's life at jeopardy. You give him a location where he can scope other people's business and locate prospective future victims. I believe that some people are shackled to criminality out of fear than any sincere desire for that lifestyle. 

This is the logic of the situation but our young people do not see it like that. They see "gun ark" lifestyle as attractive because people fear and respect bad men. They will go out of their way to be nice to bad men for fear that they will hurt them. 

Fear of bad men gives them social importance. People will never publicly denounce a bad man because they tend to die or disappear when that happens. This also serves as a message to others that it is better to keep ones mouth shut. if they do not have anything good to say. 

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