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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blood Money book: why black men cannot handle success part one

Vybz Kartel was recently found guilty of murder but before that he made a song stating " them call it scam but we call it reparation".  This song sought to lend legitimacy to scamming but Kartel's song did not coin this notion, the music is merely a reflection of the society. 

Vybz Kartel was making reference to a notion among Jamaicans that scamming white people was compensation and retribution for slavery. This vague idea drapes a cloth of legitimacy to the illicit idea. It is this ideology that made it somewhat acceptable among individuals who can barely form ideologies for themselves and therefore subscribe to the second knowledge of others, often in superior social capacities but just as uninformed and unintelligent as they are. 

To hate a man because he is black is the same level of discrimination attributed to disliking someone because they are white. White people enslaved black people primarily because they were considered inferior and suitable for tropical labour than the Europeans. We cannot consider ourselves a race moving forward and evolving from the savagery that is always attached to us if we through our criminal and violent subcultures perennially continue to sink to lower levels of barbarism. 

It said that black men cannot handle success. Scamming has proven this due to the chaos and tragedies that often culminates in the life of a scammer. Some might say more money,more problems. Vybz Kartel and many successful artiste cannot detach themselves from the fantasy that they create and a life of crime. So too many scammers believe that true success or Donship can only be attained through loads of money and a convoy of followers subscribing to their philosophies no matter how idiotic or gruesome. 

One cannot adequate investigate the lottery scam without making references to dancehall music and it's glorification of the crime culture. Dancehall bestow respect upon gangsters, Dons and Galist( promiscuous men), it is said that everything about dancehall lends itself to debauchery. 

Dancehall like any other musical forms is an agent of socialization. Whilst parents cannot leave the moral rearing of their children to an artiste, dancehall has been made culpable for many of the ills of the Jamaican society. 

It is alleged if not conclusive that most if not all hardcore dancehall artiste or somehow involved in criminality evident by their consistent run ins with the law. It is the same social factor that affects scammers because they seek an opportunity to get out if poverty and they get it through illegal means but end up back in many cases where they are before or even worst off. 

Some scammers end up broke after being profligating the money they gleaned from unsuspecting victims. 

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