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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Too much talking in Jamaica and no Action

I believe too much talk is what I preventing us from moving forward. Too much deliberation and not enough action.Too many people more concerned about getting the last talk and having others accept their opinions than presenting feasible and visionary course of actions. I read a lot forums online and see people denouncing crime and violence in Jamaica yet no one is
Putting their money where their
Mouth is. Everybody just love to talk. They haven't realize yet that is what evildoers have over those who want goodwill. Bad people don't just talk, they go out of their way to bring malevolence to those they see as ominous or oppressive. Good people remain passive, talkative in their own small groups but scared of their lives to ever stand up and voice what they really feel. It is ok to be afraid after all, we are only humans hanging on to this fragile thread of life that can be broken at any moment plunging us into permanent unconsciousness and eternal oblivion. So we give a little action and condemn the bad in our prayers hoping that our praying will buffer us from the aggression of the diabolical. If good people would exhibit even half of the tenacity and perseverance that the wicked muster when carrying out their nefarious acts then we would have a better world.

Sometimes I wonder if one of these days I will end up on the news. Portia Simpson Miller, promise minister of Jamaica says she does not watch the news. People were outraged when she made this disclosure but truth is I can somewhat agree with her point of view because watching the evening news makes me depressed. It seems like the news has always been the same thing since I was a child. Nothing had changed, the same old dispirited stories about the myriad of social maladies affecting our country. 

I wonder if one of these days I will watch the news and something truly interesting will be on. An occurrence that I can be proud of. I think people like Tessanne Chin and Usain Bolt should start making public denouncement of crime and violence. I believe we need a peace concert, a platform where the most influential people in Jamaica join hands under the aegis of wanting a better jamaica. The people with the influence should get involved and not only commend on crime for publicity reasons.

I often wonder if these parents and family members of those who harm others in our society do not see the error in their boyfriends, sons and relatives way. It is now a norm for people to boast of them bad man relative in order to intimidate or scare their enemies and rivals. Our troubles is bigger than just stomping out the bad hens, we need revamp of our familial system of values. You see when a little boy goes next door and pick apples without the neighbors consent and then when the neighbour insist that it is not good manners, the parent curse the neighbour. I believe that is where we went wrong, when we gave our children the impression that only family opinion of them count and that if the family was not speaking out against it then it is somewhat ok. As long as you not hurting your friends and family it is ok. You cannot raise a child to disregard the feelings and right of other people in a society because the child you raise will be the adult that everyone has to live with. The parent creates a criminal without even knowing it by giving the child the impression that he has every right to pick apples on someone else property without consulting them. The child is taught to overlook the nieghbours rights and that is where the beginning of our troubles lies. Too many children conditioned by parents to step on others outside of their familial lines. 

Bad people don't relent but good opeople hide in corners afraid of what might happen if they were ever assertive about wanting peace and justice. We know that those who ever wanted good often end up dead heroes. Look at Martin Luther King murdered because he wanted civil rights to be for every human being and not just a privilege for a few. You see it might not be the collective desire of many needed to engender your demise, it is many times the wish of a few bad apples and the willingness of one demonic soul to see your fall through. All it takes to throw the world into chaos, is just one wicked person, only in our human realities does darkness drives out the lights. 

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