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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Will your Life count even after you die?

I often wonder how other mortals find malicious satisfaction in the death of another. We who are of a higher perspective know that death is Neither choosy or discriminate. We would not relegate our thoughts to gloating like the simple minded man who believes his life albeit short, that nature grants him nepotism by extending his life above others. Death albeit severe is no punishment because many a man before us have passed on and we too when our time comes will cross that river. With the ending of each life, within my circle or on the outskirts of my social life, I can feel death inching closer to me. 

Why am I trying to live if am just living to die... We live as if we will never die and when we die for many of us it will be as if we never lived. Energy cannot be destroyed it is merely transferred so for many us death is only the next great adventure. 

I am never sparing in my condolences. Death shows no favoritism when it knocks at each door, picking off its victims like a caricature in a horror movie... One by one. 

Some might consider death especially of the young a misfortune but we cannot be attached to life forever and fail to evolve into someone whose life merits. Don't believe too much in your own hype for you will not be remembered for what you did for your self but what you did for others. What you do for yourself dies with you and when you die it will be as if you never lived. What you have done for others will make you immortal...

I do know that when someone has lost somebody even a small
Ounce of sympathy or condolence goes a long way than a mouthful of preaching and condemnation. I don't practice running salt into wounds when people die because I know even though some of us will never acknowledge it that death is not for the cursed few or the chosen Jews. 

More is revealed in behavior than words. People might not always tell you how they feel about you but they will show you and expect you not to pick up on it. Non verbals carry as much volume as saying what you feel aloud. It doesn't take a rocket science or a psychologist to peel back the layers of Social behavior to know when people like you for who you are and not for the idea of you and what they think you represent. 

We see it in death. Death exposes who we really are. Even in the end the true value of our lives will rear its head about all other elements. We are entitled to our twisted sense of existence and warped entitlement but there are many of us who the living will be in such a hurry to shut the door on our exit from this physical world. 

Others will be martyred and immortalized in the minds of coming generation because their lives impacted others that their legacies will live on through death. I humble myself by remembering that there were billions of people before lost to the anonymity of death and therefore if I want to be immortal, I must be willing to do something that no one had ever done before or very few dare attempt. 

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