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Thursday, March 6, 2014

What does justice mean to you?

We see justice differently in our society and many people like to swirl around blades of labels attached on those who hang on to the hapless metaphors of what consists our often biased and prejudicial existence. We might not say but it's clear to those who have the eyes to see that some of us are considered better off entombed and other mortals get to make that decision. 

Kahjeel Mais a passenger in a taxi was murdered by Patrick Powell, the driver of an X6 who reportedly flee the country after shooting at the taxi the Kingston College student was traveling in. I am yet to hear various sections of society decry this dastardly act and see the classism in how the shooter was on bail and the case perennially pushed back since 2011.

 When will Kahjeel Mais family get some justice? 

Kahjeel Mais life was not worth much and the claims by the defendant are that the driver was responding to a preconceived rumour that car theives often bad drove prospective victims and he had shot under the premise that they were trying to rob him and he did not know it was a taxi. Kahjeel Mais life was cut short and he continues his life with his family and friends as if nothing happened. 

I am not saying the shooter might not be experiencing conflicting emotions, maybe  remorse and hopes for some form of redemption but it highlights our frenzied concious beliefs than one life worths more than another. 
It is not only evident in Kahjeel Mais case but in case of the little girl who was shot and killed by a police officer while sitting on her step. The officer was chasing a man that was running away from him and shooting at him. Some "stray" bullet killed the little girl. 
Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Music alone does not create criminals, murderers are bled from broken homes with an erosion of family values. A police office friend of mine pointed to the young men in his community whom he has a great relationship with, I've known him my entire life. And he says look at these guys we grew up with, all us use to go to the same church and none of them we knowingly a gun man or bad man. He says bad parenting is what creates society's deviants. Parents who are more concerned about winning an argument than doing what they know is right and scolding a child who has offended another. For this reason we have adults who don't care about anyone outside of their family and friends. It's not just a ghetto people thing, it's an everybody thing. 

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