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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jamaican justice system won Vybz Kartel Case

The Jamaican Justice System was placed on trial and it won. it has been a long time that someone has been convicted and imprisoned for murder in Jamaica in a highly publicized case. 
It WORKED because the evidence presented albeit tampered spoke explicitly to the perpetrating of the crime the Vybz Kartel is accused of committing. Justice prevailed and the public prosecutor won a well deserving case. 

It is quite unnerving even to a supporter of Kartel's raunchy style how the defense never once tried to prove Vybz Kartel's innocent but spend more time trying to discredits the police and the forensic evidence. There was by all indication nothing to suggest in Vybz Kartel's life that he was incapable of murder without a reasonable doubt. 

It is not just Kartel who is on trial here. Dancehall music is on trial too and what dancehall music represents and those who believe Vybz Kartel is part of the insidious erosion of the moral fabric of Jamaica would like to see not only Kartel but dancehall put to rest... I see ppl on Facebook showing malicious satisfaction over the inprisonmemt of Kartel and yet have criminals and gun men in them own backyard who them a hug up and would never come on Facebook and denounce them.It was not justice for lizard, it was justice for the society and those who
Sought to maintain the values they accused Vybz Kartel through his music of eradicating through his debauch. Many maintained that Lizard was apart of a clique of depraved individuals and his demise albeit unfortunate was a case of natural selection.

A crowd gathered before the courthouse shouting free world Boss. These people are not saying free Kartel because they like criminality but because they believe the idea of Vybz Kartel is bigger than crime or prison. It is not who is he, it is what they think he represents. It is within this same mindset that lead most poorer class of people voting for Portia Simpson Miller over a brilliant Peter Phillips in the party election. Phillips might be smarter and more savant but Portia represented the inner city and inner city people wanted one of their own to shine. People rarely lend support because of rationale but more so because of likings.If someone likes you then you have their unconditional support. 

It is within the same mental
Framework why we are quick to discriminate. We judge people not on their virtues and vices but by our own predilection and prejudices. We might not like to admit it but we cheapened human life everyday in how we treat people in our everyday interactions. How many of us do not speak to a particular person because we somehow see them inferior to us and if they should die without a moments notice we would be completely untouched by their passing? There are people whose life worth more than others whether we want to believe it or not. It is an unfair perspective but it is the reality of the world we live in.

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