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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kindness in Jamaica

Mr. Brown is a man in his seventies with two small boys to manage. Sometimes he is unable to send them to school or provide a night's meal. He comes to my home two miles away for monetary assistance to buy the chicken back and rice that have become so expensive for poor people. 

I give to him not because I have a lot but because I know what it feels like to have nothing. I know about hunger and I have experienced lack and poverty. 

People think that kindness will be misinterpreted as weakness. They are afraid to give because they believe that people will live "pon them". 

I saw a little boy and began to tell him about school and pursuing his education.  He later came back to see me primarily because I had spoken to him and ask me for a lunch money. I gave it to him and explain to him that I might not have it all the time but when I do, I will assist him. I did not want to give him the impression that I will always be there for him.-after all I am not his parent. 

I realized that his mother insisted that he ask me for things. I could not understand which parent would encourage their child  to actively beg others. 

I concluded that this mother did not understand what she was teaching these children to do. She was inadvertently and probably intentionally telling her little boy to prey on those that she perceives to be wealthy or possess in abundance.

Now I understand why people are reluctant to be generous. We are socialized to think that another's wealth or success is our entitlement through proxy or association. 

This type of mindset is what breeds the criminal culture. Sense of entitlement without diligence to the accomplishment of others. 

I have often found it difficult to find angel investors for people in my funding network because Jamaicans have a bad association with money. They see money as being more dear than life itself and find it very difficult to be part with it. 

They are also very apprehensive about giving away their money that they worked very hard for to some else so that they can pursue their goals without much hard work. 

They believe that poor people should wrestle their way out of their grotesque roads and ugly architecture only then will they assist them or give them any of their money. They will praise them when they have achieved and not before. 

Legalizing procreation in Jamaica

We are the World, We are the Future!!!

I once read a book that asserts that If there was a law that forbade people who were not financially able from starting a family then we would have a better society. 

The author may have some truths in his claims because the dominant factor in the social maladies affecting Jamaica ties to people who were born in poverty. Most if not all criminals have similar backgrounds, single parent mother with several other smaller children, absentee father and high school drop out. It is a fact that most felons have similar familial and social backgrounds. It means that crime is endemic to lower socio economic groups. 

The author claims that basic child rights would be secured and the standard of living improved  because we could not procreate without first improving our economical standards. 

We would not have great poor masses as the poverty lines would be marginalized and therefore the poor population contained. If poverty is reduced then criminality is easier controlled and tracked in its small pocket groups. Reducing the poor population also minimizes our long term exposure to criminality. 

The author endorses the need for government to pass a legislature that forbade persons who are not financially capable from having children or too much for that manner. Some might say this is unnecessary because we have a free system of healthcare and access  to contraception. 

It is indicative that unwanted pregnancies and derelict women having children may be attributable to deeper social problems than merely sanctioning reproduction. 

If basic financial stability is made a legal requirement before one can start a family the author purports that this prerequisites  would preclude children from being born into poverty, without proper nutrition l, shelter and access to education and health care which would in turn create a stable environment. 

Most young people I know who choose a life of debauchery have backgrounds tied to poverty and mothers who bred too many children. A young man growing up in a family setting where mother has too many children will become embarrassed by the time he is a teenager of the way he lives. His mother might encourage him due to his academical failures in school to seek a trade or work. She might be unable to continue his education and he begins to seek subsistence elsewhere. 

If he chooses a life of crime. He will become a scammer, a robber or a lackey for some criminal network. He can get money to give to his mother to take care of his siblings and improve her economical standings by expanding her house. The mother might or might not be privy to what he does for a living. 

A female in a similar family settings may begin sexual relations with older men in order to continue her education or contribute to the maintenance of the household. Some mothers intentionally push their daughters into these situations. In many cases, you have a woman with daughters, who are all high school dropouts and teenage mothers. The mother often hopes the daughter manages to "use her head" and continue her education, some do but many become just like their mothers. 

Many homes have mothers and their daughters having babies in the same year. Grandmothers pregnant with several small children and grand children in what may be referred to as a single family unit house. 

This means that the cycle of poverty would stem to several generations before it can be eradicated. We know of families coming from stuffings in the board structure to keep prying eyes out or who "you could take tick juck them out" whose children ended up " passing the worst". 

But we know that those who have managed to get out of poverty are in most cases born smart and others superbly talented. We do have stories of people without aptitude or flair who simply never gave up or give in. 

Effecting social change fosters a better society and that is imperative...if not remedial. We cannot move into the future positively. If we hope to have a better world, we need social reformation. We will just be a land of savages with technology if we do not improve our nation's value system. 

"Excerpt from Jamaican Acute-GHetto-Itis"

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crime stimulant in Jamaica

I was listening to a debate on the television about the recent surge in violence within our schools. The consensus was that the school children's behavior was a reflection of a degeneration of values within our society.

The school is after all a microcosm of society. It is a smaller community within a larger society with small people who live what they learnt from big people. 

I think the greatest factor with crime in Jamaica is that we have not learnt how to effectively deal with conflicts and resolve the issues that we have with each other. 

A lot of murderers are reprisals or punishment for perceived offenses brought on by others. Many people believe that death is the only fitting penalty or justice for wrongs. 

We have become lovers of things and not of humanity. We have become a people with little regard for human life. We hold instant gratification in high regard. We value our material accumulations than the lives of our kindred. 

People who curse criminals also create them indirectly. When the police kills a man with a baby in the womb, who will take care of that child? When we hire hits on people that we have conflicts with, aren't we contributing to criminality? 

I hear people talk about how technology especially cell phones have contributed to some of the problems that we have in our society. It seems people use technology for the wrong reasons. 

My mom tells me that nothing will change. She's of the belief that we have to live in fear and terror. We must be vigilante. She is of the belief that the only way to preclude oneself from the scourge is to befriend those who are on the dark side. 

Good Jamaican People

There are some people very evil people in this world and then there are others that make you take a step back and begin to have a hope again in the humanity. 

These people are the generous who will extend a caring and helping hand to those in need. They do not give because they are wealthy but because they understand suffering and are motivated to erase dispirited feelings even if it is momentarily. They understand that we mean more to each other than we presume we do. 

The people who make us laugh. You automatically become happier in their presence. You look forward to meeting them and when they leave, you are saddened by their passing because you know that we have lost a candle in the dark. 

We are humbled by motivators because they have a way of touching our souls. They provide direction in a world of maze. They unravel the puzzles of life. They are our inspirational speakers, philosophers and our value reinforcers. They make sense of our meaningless lives and they put our fears and reservations in perspectives. 

We question religious leaders but we accept their logic. Because we believe that they and many people who are mediums between this world and the next provide insights into what we do not understand. We accept sometimes grudgingly that they relay to us that which our human capacity cannot begin to conceive. 

I often watch the ferocity with which wicked people attack others. They display this feral energy and tenacity to commit nefarious acts. I only wished good people would show the same level of intensity to fight the dark powers. They are afraid to demand that we become positive in our life and endorse love and positivity. Good people should make their      need for peace, resolution and prosperity. 

The dream killers in Jamaica

I remember when I was this age and life was not sweet but I had high hopes for the future. My peers and I thought we were going to change the world. We wanted desperately to get out of this place and see the world. Sometimes I wonder where and when or even how did I veer off that course. 

My Christian friends tell me that they believe in purpose of faith. The truth is I've never asked god for anything that he has never given to me. Whatsoever I envision he often brings to pass and reminds that he will never let the righteous go hungry or be on the streets begging bread. 

I believe our children lose their enthusiasm overtime because of lack of affirmation. Jamaicans believe in boasting about their children's accomplishment but rarely caters to the self esteem development of their off springs. They like to give credit "behind back" . 

The child who did well in kindergarten but fell off in high school got beaten down by life. The primary school scholar that topped the class and never did well in school got distracted by life. The high schooler who pass all subjects but never goes to college or do well at the tertiary level was mauled over by life and adulthood. Children need affirmation at all areas of their lives. 

So I take time out to encourage young people. I remind them that despite everything happening around them that they should dream as if they will live through an eternity. 

I remind them to be committed to improving our society and that they can reinforce good values by just being kind to people. 

I say hi to the Janitor lady cleaning the floors at the building not because its mandatory but because I am compelled to see the good in others. I do not laugh at cane cutters because I am supportive of industrialism in whatever spectrum it may be. I congratulate the men who walk on the road in dirty building clothes because I am happy that they are working and not loitering on the road side, contriving mischief. Affirmation is very integral to the advancement of our society. 

We must not kill the dreams of our children. We must teach every child how to soar like eagles. We must remained dedicated to providing support to the younger generations so that we can retire  in serenity and confidence because we did our youth generations well and they in turn created a better society. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Punishing the Sinners

I have a club of friends who believe that sin is the reason why we are having so much trouble in this world. They are confident that sinners will be punished and we are suffering as a people because we do not turn from our sinful ways and turn to god. 

I think sins are equivalent to wrong doing.  I do not know one person who has committed atrocities or knowingly condone acts of terror upon humanity that flourish indefinitely on this earth. 

The bible states that only for a little time and the wicked shall be no more. They shall be cut off from the face of the earth and their generations shall be wiped out. 

Nature has a way of restoring karmic balance to this world. Things work too perfectly in nature for me to doubt the existence of a supreme power. 

We have to be careful what messages we give out. What energies we transmit in this life because it will be returned to us twofold. 

The Good Samaritan

I notice something about poor people and it is that when you decide to offer them a helping hand they take it as an opportunity "live pon you". 

It is as if an act of kindness is interpreted as a demonstration of weakness. People believe you open yourself to exploitation. 

I often extend a helping hand to people with children and people who are in need because I often feel sorry for the Children. 

But I know I run a very serious risk by helping people to feed these children especially boys who might end my life later. 

My grand mother tells me that if you ever feel sorry for mawga dogs, they will turn round and bite you. Someone might add, how can one be sympathetic with or be sorry for the very same people who short of reason will get rid of you in the blink of an eye. 

I've realise that it is easy for people who are not from the ghetto to condemn me. Its true. I must be in support of the lawlessness, decadence and criminality that flourishes in the Ghetto. I can never be an intellect or one of them and have any empathy for people who chose a illicit, mundane and reckless behavior as their modus operandi. 

Why do I fight for people who by all means do not want to be apart of my warfare.  I should probably let them fight their own battles. I am fighting a losing war. I am putting my fragile existence in jeopardy for a people who by all accounts do not care about me. 

I do not back lawlessness but I am very supportive of the human condition. I believe every human being is rehabilitative. We have a choice. We must choose the type of life that we want to live but circumstances renders some of us option less. We just have to work with what we get. 

Some people are lucky not to be related to any "scum of the earth" so they think it gives them right to label and judge people. I often believe that it they would come off their high horse and live the life of one of these persons for a day, they might gain more perspective into how "easy" they think it is to survive on "worthless" neegga level. 

How can someone who has never lived in these social circumstances be in an advantageous position to decide what they think people who are within that capacity should think. 

The Reality of the World we LIVE in

I often wonder why Africa was considered one the wealthiest places on earth and the people who lived their were the poorest people on the planet. Texaco and Shell made billions of dollars yearly yet the people who lived in vicinity of these oil reserves are some of the poorest people on mother earth.

I conceded that it has a lot to do with the powers that may be. The people who live in the area could not effect the political process involved with changing the statusquo of the area because they were not at the helm, they did not have the reins.

Someone I grew up with recently suggested that people who scammed should go and plant fields as a form of employment. I realise that she was probably right. Agriculture has always been reserved for the not so very bright and those without a future. It maybe the reason why parents deterred their children from becoming farmers because of its association with poverty and slavery. Now i live to hear a liberal Arts major telling me that my people should all go back to farming.

It is easier said than done. When these young men plant products, who will buy it from them. It could work, we need to eat more of our own products as imports and the sliding US dollar is killing our economy. But would the powers that maybe: be interested in buying from the young farmers.

Would our government be interested in investing 50 million dollars in creating processing plants for the excess fruits from fruit trees instead of renovating the homes of wealthy politicians?

Would our manufacturers and importers be interested in having a legislative ban on imports and force our people to utilised local produce?

I wonder how many of our intellectuals and Wealthy people would give us farmers a part of their incomes as an investment in such a proposed worthwhile venture.

Who stands more to loose if a project like this ever takes effect?

My friends who know better think I fight for people who do not care about me as a person.
They may have a valid point. My community and poor people does not respect me or even value my opinion because the lifestyle that I encourage is not one that they think will give them the instant gratification that they need.

Many people think that I should just leave Ghetto people to their own wits and ends. Move uptown and treat them with condescension. It is a healthy suggestion but there are many young people, stalwarts in their academical area who are afraid to come back and live in their natal communities. To give back to the community that nurtured them because they are afraid of jeopardising their lives. I want to make Jamaica a place where our university students have no issue coming back to their parental communities and working to uplift instead of migrating elsewhere.

My father was not the best parent emotionally or psychologically. My mother had her issues but as an adult when I hear them talking I realise that something happened during their formative years that made them into the adults they were. I am force to see them as the children they were and not the adults they are today. I know that''s how mothers of young men who commit crimes see their children. They do not see them as a murderer, they see them as the babies they once held.

Some people will not understand our plight. It is not for them to be able to sympathise with those that they consider beneath them. We do not justify criminality. We embrace and emphasise humanity. The human being who makes mistakes, who tries as best as possible to survive his conditions. I clamour for those who cannot speak for themselves, who know what they want but are unable to voice it.

I know that this task is not an easy one. Most Revolutionist are dead. I also know that the people I often defend do not value their lives the way I do. They do not even care. Someone once said to me that if I believe that any one of these young people would have been so intensely passionate about my demise as I am about theirs?

Would they even care if I die tomorrow? They probably don't because I see talentless people waste thousands of dollars while budding entrepreneurs with great ideas have to struggle to bring their goals to fruition. Many Inventors died penniless and people who did not care about the advancement of our living conditions get recognised for creating genocides.

I will continue to say it. We do not need more professionals. We need teachers, healers, lover, philanthropist and Humanitarians. We need people to teach our societies to care more and love more. Despite what you think you have, it is only your human interactions that count. The time you spent with your friends and family is what will evidently count when you die.

I would have exchanged all the money in the world a loved one has if I could get back his life because in my opinion, it was not worth it. I would rather have my family here than have his possessions to look at. They mean nothing without him around.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Bad mind is crippling Jamaica

Bad mind is the Jamaican Vernacular for envy and covetousness. It is a treacherous emotion. For the very thing that a man bad mind you for is the very thing that he wants for himself. 

The bad mind individual his insecure about the future of his own development. He hates people who make his dreams easily attainable while he struggles to achieve small victories. 

The bad mind woman believes that he/she is deserving of success without effort due to a false inflated sense of self that was nurtured during childhood. The bad mind man thinks everyone is an enemy to his success when he is a threat to the victories of others and to himself. 

The bad mind individual probably had parents who filled his head with successful fantasies, encouraged an empty self esteem that bred into narcissism. 

Narcissism and bad mind goes hand in hand, the bad mind person has an inflated ego. He or she believes things about themselves which are fallacies.Bad mind is not just a mild envy, it is a force of darkness that if left to grow will spark serious issues in any social settings. What began as admiration quickly grows into dislike and hatred due to "BadMind". Envy is natural, we are only human to hate feeling unaccomplished, dissatisfied with our station in life and feeling slighted by the smooth achievements of others. Bad mind transcend the dark side of the feelings of low self worth by inkling the individual to seek annihilation instead of self upliftment  

They measure the value of their existence  juxtaposed with that of others. They use people as yardsticks to validate their lives. It is not easy living a life in competition with others for there will always be men greater and lesser than thee. 

The bad mind is a slithering snail. Bad mind people spend more time orchestrating your demise than concentrating the same energies into uplifting themselves. They have missed the grand points in achievements and do not comprehend that accomplishments are not brought about by wishful thinking. You must persevere, be diligent and tenacious in whatever task you are doing and make death the only stumbling block to prosperity. 

The bad mind person does understand the concept of death very well. It is an ultimate weaponry. The frail state of our existence makes death a tool that anyone can use to preclude or pulverize any progress that we hope to achieve. The prevalence of "hitmen" makes it even more easier as your life is worth nothing in the eyes of the man with the Gun. You are as dead as the depths of the bad mind man or woman's pocket. 

What is the cure for Man? 

People must learn to accept who they are and lie themselves. Embracing their unique qualities and make the best of the god given tools that they were endowed. We must teach our children to use the genetic cards they were dealt at conception to the best of their abilities. 

It includes encouraging them to follow their dreams and to never use others as measuring sticks to validate themselves. 

We should instill certain mores in our children and encourage values on our society that beseech our people to be committed to achieving through hard work. 

We must not sell false dreams and hopes to our generations. They can become who they want to be within their own capacities and not that of others. We are all apart of a grand system and everyone contributes to the function of our society on a whole. 

Some of us were born to lead and others to follow. If you cannot improve the state of a situation then do not attempt to perturb the status. It is not about you, it is about us as a people. 

We are a network, we are interrelated and we are dependent on each other. Every action stimulates an equal reaction.  We must be careful what pawns we remove from this game of Chess! We might by engineering our own demise simply by dominoe effect. 

What is really mashing up Jamaica?

I am of the belief that the greatest stymie to the progress of any country is unity and a sense of oneness. We do not have that in Jamaica, we have a sense of segregation and parochialism which is destroying our efforts for nation building. 

I recently passed several police officers after members of the police force murdered my innocent cousin because of his association with criminals they claim. I am rather miffed by this society whose judicial tenets asserts that everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty and yet they killed little Gussy under the premise that he is a gun man when he has never been to prison and don't even have a police record. 

I stopped to speak with the officers and the expression on their faces were automatically aversion and disgust. I quickly realized another factor that we have with our police forces and it is that they think they are separate and different from the rest of the community when in fact it is members of these communities that make up the Jamaica Constabulary Force. 

I was considered a threat because I was not apart of them and without provocation or incite, an umbrage colleague told the officers that were speaking to me with his face grimaced in anger and repulsion to " make me gwaan bout me business" 

I heard Police Officers threatening young men to shoot them. One officer said " who dead, dead already and we have more to kill". I will only assume that they are just trying to intimidate the young men from retaliating in protest for Gussy's death  and they are not threatening arbitrary killing of innocent boys who are peeved about the murder of their friend. 

Police Officers so not offer counseling to the bereaved families instead they assert their authority more on the community which is only fuel to flare up anger and riotous behavior. 

There is a particular group in an adjoining community who I regularly speak with some members and I found it rather disheartening and infuriating that not one of them extended condolences to me for the passing of my kin albeit it is rumored that they themselves are not excluded from injustices. I would have been the first person to extend my heartfelt condolences to them if a member of their team passed away. 
They quickly show me how disunified and unconscionable people can be when injustices are meted out to people who they claim are not apart of their clique. 

What happened in Tivoli Gardena during the Dudus Extradition is a testament to the injustices and police excesses that can happen in these so call "operations" . 

Another grand issue that Jamaicans have  is that we do not learn from our mistakes.  I was recently speaking to some young men who are friends of my slain relative and if you see how them a big up them chest. They have missed the bigger picture altogether. 

These young men nowadays only respect scammers and bad man.  They see intellects like myself as people who might betray them.  They do not value my opinion because the truth is that I do not have money like them so they relegate me to some lowery status in their vacuous minds. 

But these Scammers fail to realize that having money does not make you "smady" in Jamaica. Gussy drove a BMW X5 and was murdered like a dog. Money does not change your social status, it only improves your economical conditions. You are not automatically given clout or reverence because you have money. Gussy's death should be a lesson to all of you basking around in your self made importance. You should all know by know that you really mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. You do not factor on society's radar. Push come to shove, society might decide to get rid of you as you are seen as a liability, a detriment to the advancement of this society. 

The greatest issue  affecting our society is that we need some youth political advisors for our politicians. They do not have a clue what is happening on the ground. We need elected Junior MPs and advisors to ministers under the age of thirty five. 

They would be surprised at what a shadow cabinet of youth politicians can do for this country. It might just be our way forward into the future. We need to try something else instead of these old tactics that are not working. 

Scamming and violence were not born out of "worthless poor people" with depraved characters. The decadence within our society is at all levels. And we on the grounds know that if it was not for scamming providing some money to boost the small rural niche communities. Then we would far more problems that we have now. 

I am of the opinion that God knows exactly what he is doing. I have spoken extensively about the problems that money in the hands of fools can brook. We have evidentiary value from our observations to conclude that these young men have not used their ill gained wealth to the advancement of their communities. 

It is not entirely their fault, it is due to the misconceptions of a parochial culture. Children are socialized to believe that they should pursue upliftment for themselves in order to measure higher on the social continuum alongside their peers. So scamming gives them an opportunity to gain wealth over their peers and this bears fruits of bad mind and violence. And what is the worst disease affecting Jamaica? Bad Mind

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fighting your battles...

I say Namaste because I like what it means, I encourage Christian values not because I am fervent about Christendom but because I believe the core principles of Christianity are good human morales and societal values, I believe that I can never do the job that my destiny beckons of me until I discover inner peace. People call me a sleeping giant but I do not need labels to define me... I am a stepping razor...don't watch my size...I am a piece of the universe, sentient and manifested...I am awake...

I went to church today. And I observed how people use their beliefs about the external forces that we all at some point  think are guiding our lives to find happiness in a world filled with sorrows. Church did not make me particularly happy, if anything it made me sad because when people prayed for me, it makes me feel as if they are pitying me. I was particularly cognizant of the way the members of the congregation stared at my "yard casual attire" . 

It is quite ironic that in the midst of this, I found the strength and the resolution I believe I need in order to move forward with what I now fervently believe is my life's mission. 

I was almost dissuaded though by members of the police force who claimed that things will never get better. 

I wondered if they disavowed of my stance because they believe a movement like mine could expose the cracks within their own fraternities. 

Heroism is a big issue for me. I love the obscurity of my life. My gift puts me in a position that will destroy the solitude that I so often embraced. 

We cannot continue to sit down and watch people destroy our country and allow us to live in fear. I am appealing to our people to become aware of where we are going. Create a network and begin to empower our people towards change and prosperity. 

..Many of us live as if we will never die and when we will be as if we never lived...we are quickly forgotten and the world moves is as if we were never here...RIP

Young Gussy's Life should be a Lesson to Us

We as a nation of people are not largely introspective. It is fine time that we begin to look into ourselves and see that the methods that we have been using to fight crime and violence are redundant. The ministry of security must realize that the tactic of murdering criminals have created more social maladies now than it did thirty years ago. We have a fractured justice system and an inept legislative process that often exonerate criminals therefore leaving the police officers with no other choice than to exterminate alleged murderers. 

Innocent people like Gussy get caught up in these melodramas because even though people claim Kirky was a bad boy, he was never prosecuted by the courts in all his suspected cases, in the eyes of the law, he is still an innocent man. 

Police have been killing murderers from I was child and yet we have brook a society of more criminals. It signals that the technique of crime fighting is at its best ineffective. Until we address the social maladies that breeds criminals then we will be doing this process over and over again. 

Police Officers are merely slaves who were given guns and now feel as if they are masters and so to feel truly important in this society they must enslave others. Their guns and badges does not make then a master, they are still slaves with only a driving whip and a free pass. They are the agents of change and they are not using this weaponry effectively. 

We have proven that killing our young men only stalls the crime rate for a few years until our pubescent boys become adults face the same pressures of those that are gone before them. They have not been socialized how to deal efficaciously with peer pressure , lack of available employment, covetousness and masculine validation. Every young man wants to feel important in his community. He wants women to love him, his elders to admire his accomplishments and his peers to envy and worship him. Our young men are not schooled on how to be adult men of virtues. 

Gussy father deserted him and his brothers when they were children. Gussy was never accorded proper values by a male role model. His father abandoned his sons and left them to their own plights. 

His mother hustled on the street side to send them to school. They lived in abject poverty. People did not even want to take a glass of water from their house to drink primarily because of how the place reeked of squalor. And Gussy managed by means unknown to rise out of his derelict state to become a true gem in our communities. 

People claim Gussy was a scammer, he may have been but that is the course that most of our young men are force to  take because our government, leaders and people like even me have failed to create avenues for employment and occupation for our disaffected youths. 

We have failed our children. We failed Gussy. People said Gussy had options, I believed he didn't have much. Imagine growing up in house with too many children and feeling embarrassed as a teenage about where you live. Gussy's mother never turned away any child from playing with her children. Gussy wanted more for his family and scamming may have allocated him the avenue to do so. 

A lot of money comes with great responsibility. Money attracts people, it is a compelling concept and a magnetic factor. Money is such a powerful tool in Jamaica. People want money more than religion or anything else. Money is the machinery to survival. Money make people want to be your friend. The good, the bad and the indifferent. We have to choose wisely who we are and who we allow to be in our company. Having money does not insure us from certain demise. Money only seems to create more problems. 

Gussy may have needed someone to teach him how to effectively utilize his money and how to guide his financial future, I would have opted to be that person if only he had requested that I did. But Gussy is still young and easily distracted by momentary gratification in his life. He probably thought me like most people wanted his money and were only pretending to care about his well being. 

Gussy like many young people think that the accumulation of wealth should be used for chaos and funding criminal networks. Money should be used for the advancement of our society and community. If some of these scammers were venture capitalist, funding talents and entrepreneurial ideas within our communities, we would not have to bury so many of these scammers. But it all chalks down to values. The values one embraces ultimately decides what choices we will make as an individual. 

I hope Gussy's life is a lesson to our young men that this bad culture is only a temporary gratification. All gangsters must die. Do not become collateral damage. You should never put your self in precarious position that people can reason out you to be a liability to society and are for we by circumstances to annihilate you. 

I see his friends mourn for him and I know the lessons learned from his death may be short lived. They feel fiercely about the need for change because his death is recent, as time goes by and the hurt palliates, they too may fall back into old habits. People do not change overnight but I hope Gussy's death was a lesson to them. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Real Ghetto Stories

The Ghetto is a killer of dreams. It is a toxic environment and it is a fragile context to be in. You are liable to lose your life either by bad man or police. Poor people only have the right to be silenced and feared. Everybody else dictates the rights of Ghetto people but themselves. 

Police officers assert that Ghetto people deserve what they get out of life because they put up with too much slackness. They try to fight down people who are aspiring to transcend their lives, they protect criminal elements and they riot against the police officers. 

Everyone in the Ghetto is viewed as a criminal or aiding and a testing criminality. The wider society contend that Ghetto people have a chilling perspective on life. 

They hold placards for injustices but never  hold demonstrations for the many innocent people that are killed by people within their own communities. 

Ghetto does not need more soldiers and police, it needs a social reformation brought about by the parents and elders who inadvertently inculcate the next generation with mores that are detrimental to the advancement of our society. 

Our mothers are the agents for social change. They put up with so much slackness that they create monsters without even knowing it. Yes everyone knows its your child and you have a responsibility to protect him and it is only natural to support whatsoever he wants to di with his life but not at the expense of an entire society? 
Whose rights supersedes whom?

 The right of a mother to support her killer son or the rights of a society that embraces the notion that we must express our disregard and opposition to criminals even those that are family and friends. 

 What about the rights of the children of other mothers? The many families that this son left in mourning, he took away from them that which he cannot give back. What mother can justify that...? 

Mothers and family members create criminals. The mothers who take the blood money and feed their families. The women who sleep with these men who murder another man's wife. Men who have sisters and daughters who rape other people's sisters and daughters. 

Mothers do not teach their children to show empathy. They teach them to try and daunt people into submission or becoming an accomplice. 

Ghetto Mothers teach their children to leech on people who look as if they have a lot of bread on their table and hope that the crumbs will fall into their lap. They do not tell their children to become bakers themselves. They do not create builders, they create parasites and menaces to society. They think that they will always be there to protect their children but they won't. 

Nothing that binds a society as the values and thoughts that are encouraged from childhood. I often look at the children of people from outside the Ghetto and majority of the time, they are less inclined to be agents of crime and murder. 

A family's belief system shapes the mores and values of a child. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

When the law kills your Family in Jamaica

Security is mostly a superstition.
It does not exist in nature, nor do the children
of men as a whole experience it. 
Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run 
than outright exposure. 
Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
Helen Keller

When Checky died i spoke about his death everyday because i wanted people to remember that a life has been lost. Someone like us with dreams, children and family "drop out" and we should even for a second pay homage to that person. Truth is only people who knew him really cared,most of us do not.

I am experiencing the same feelings of hopelessness and meaninglessness all over again. It would have been easier a gun man had murdered my kin but it is more difficult when the people who swore to serve and protect are the culprits and when they can create stories and people believe them.

Facebook has taught me a lot about what people are really concerned about. We no longer teach our children to see our world as one people, we teach our children to separate themselves. We socialise our children to believe that they are distinct and separate from what is happening to those people ova deh so.... I have over three hundred Facebook FRIENDS and only about ten people extended condolences to me. What the fuck happened to the other 300? NObody fi dem nah go dead!

I show support to people in their times of bereavement not because I am obligated to but because there is something within me to forces me to identify with suffering in others. I am naturally a compassionate person.I know death is no old wives tale or reserved for certain people. I don't like many people think death is some type of penalty. Dead people probably deserved what happened to them because they are bad or wicked and god is punishing them for their misdeed. There is no punishment in death because we all have to die. Just that some people will go before others. We all have a end.

I realise that Jamaicans need a deliverance. I am not going to say we need god, We need Goodism that is what we need. We need an overhaul of our value system and the way we have conditioned ourselves to think as a people. We are not fighting an easy war. I believe that the tenacity and fervency with which many of our people go about their lives, embracing their beliefs is a testament that something, may be something supernatural is propelling the scourge of evil that has overtaken our island. We are fighting as my Christian friends would say not against man or powers but the principalities of darkness.

We are heading into a dark age. We might not know it but we getting there very fast and very soon. I see our lives already engulfed in a world of sadness and dark times. I have heard stories about the things that our police officers have seen and experience. They have to build a psychological fortress so that they can be able to function after what they witness. I can imagine that the death of my cousin was not very easy on the youngsters in the force.

I am asking what is it are they teaching the future police officers? Are they trying to make them immune to the taking of a life. I know the police officers have to act tough because criminals are harder than rock stones. Police officers maybe unfeeling but murderers overall do not have a heart.

I said at the beginning that I talk about dead people because I want to keep their memories alive. But it is not an easy task to do because my cousin was killed and people calling me next day about their businesses. Clients asking about their investments. They offer condolences and its back to business. I am prepared to know that the same way that we treat our dead with disregard, its the very same way other people will treat us when we pass away too.

Whose rights is more important that of the police or the criminal?

They say safety is just a superstition. You can never be too careful in this environment because your life is invariably affected by the people around you and that you come in contact with.

Have you ever thought about if you could turn back the hands of time when someone you hold there are lost to you forever. Would you have handled things differently?

My cousin was murdered by the police recently and I am numb from crying and regurgitating, rehashing what I should have done about my cousins life. Maybe if I had tried to influence him more. Infiltrate myself into his life then maybe he would still be alive but I understand that it does not work like that. He never really wanted my advice. I have conceded that i did try to reach out to him and I felt as if I was encroaching on his personal space.

I feel as if I watched him slip down a slippery slope, always saying that I was afraid of the lifestyle and pathos that he was now embracing. Always saying yet reluctantly expressing that I believe that this kind of lifestyle would lead to his demise. I was not worried because it does not always happen like that. I only wanted to scare him with the vehemence with which I often caution him about that bad boy friend that he kept.

Now I feel terrible. I see his potential and his life looks as if it was a waste.
Some people even say that he threw away his life. He made himself a liability by allying with alleged bad man. I am still incredulous about his death. I did not see him therefore it looks like a dream, a fallacy, a story or maybe a nightmare.

He is a lesson to our young men that badness does not pay. It also serves as a reminder to our children that money does not always guarantee protections. Money does not buy you clout or immunity from the police officers. Do not think that because you are rich that you automatically are excluded from being treated crappy by the police officers. Police officers already knew that Foote was a likkle ghetto bwoy who ran into some money and did not have a really big background to fight them.

People saying nothing will come out of his death because they want to believe that his killing was justified or maybe because they have seen this happen too many times to believe that any justice will come from acts of police excesses and brutality.

I keep thinking about the hypocrisy which is the moral fabric of our nation. Police tell you to inform on gun man and you become afraid because gun men will come and kill you. You inform on the police and you can end up dead because police can always claim that they were in a shoot-out and found you suffering from gunshot wounds. And how you died later at hospital.

I realise that i have to be aggressive in my "Jamaica Youth Empowerment Network" in teaching my children about the degenerative values that we embrace as a society. I shook my head in despair and disillusion when i read the news and listen the blatant lie that the police officers told about what happened. Their fabricated story of a shoot out that we the residents knew never took place.

I wondered whose rights supersedes whom?

The rights of the residents or the rights of the police to protect the faux notions that they put out to the media. Whose rights supersedes whom? The rights of the parents of this gentleman or the rights of the police officers to protect the social image and credibility of their abominable institution? The individual rights of people to be protected by the laws of a nation or the right for police officers to tweak the law to serve their own ulterior, selfish motives? The right for every human being to be given a second chance and not be gunned down like an animal, crying out for help in their own home.

I know that my cousin was no saint but he did not deserve to die. People commit far more atrocious acts than him, reprehensible deeds and no one gave them seven gun shots. Apparently the ministry of security have money to buy shots why these police officers keep wasting their ammunitions on innocent young men.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Are the police officers apart of our crime situation too?

Do not think for a minute that I do not understand the plight of the police force. I know that they are frustrated with the crime situation and are often blamed for our crime statistics. I do know that we often place unrealistic expectations on them 
But I do not particularly enjoy being calling gyal by some psychoemotional loath twat using his shield to to carry out injustices. 

I empathize with their plight and I know that their presence also reassures us as a community. Without them being around, we might be unable to contain the activities of negative elements. 

When the police officers murdered my cousin, I realized that he too placed himself in a compromising situation. My friends told me that the guy he died with devaluated his life by association. There are some people who are of the belief that even though he died like that, heau have gotten what he deserves. 

I cry for him not so much because I miss him but because of what I believe this community lost in his death. I do not know what the future holds but I imagine that Gussy would have eventually grow into the man I can see peeking out of him from time to time. 

Many people in this life are given second chances, third chances and even more while Gussy was not given any. He was presented with one chance to turn his life around and he fail because of trepidation and youthful folly. 

Why Gussy was living with a gun man as it was rumored is because he knew of the fragile environment that he lived in. He knows the police cannot offer him protection and he is also a very kind person therefore he attracted other elements. 

These police officers who solicit money from scammers but never offer them any real protection from the gun men are the ones to be blame. These police officers that hurl profanities at angry residents when they commit controversial acts of murder and mayhem are no better that the real or imagined criminals that they hunt. Too many innocent people ending up in the body pile up. 

Police maintained their presence in the community after they murdered Gussy because they feared a riot. They use acts of intimidation, treats and violent  language and gestures to get people off the streets. I found it rather ironic that the same police officers who often told us to inform on criminals, cordon off an entire area, a crime scene. Drove people away who wanted to witness, insulted family members and regularly hurl insults at residents. Now some of these police officers use their jobs as an cover to become murderers. They like many slaves who become masters feel that in order to feel big within themselves they must enslave others too. 

I told some people to leave the streets because Tivoli Gardens incursion is a telltale signs that only the two Ps have rights in this country. Police and Politician , we the lower P (people) forfeit our rights by virtue of being excluded from this group. 

I also believe that something of that nature happens everyday. crimes against humanity and police injustices. I ask who is going to take care of Gussy's child? 

The cycle continues, this baby boy will grow up with a hatred for police officers. A child who will never know his father. I know my cousin is not a saint. He will be weighed and found wanting but he was young and foolish. 

He stands as a lesson to other young men that not everybody are given second chances. Some of us are gives one chance to make good of our lives and if we fail, we die and we loose out. 

I am sorry Jermaine Foote

Who is a murderer? Do we call the policeman a murderer when murders this young man who is a stalwart in this community. 

I am not saying that Jermaine Gussy Foote was a saint. But god knows he did not deserve to be gunned down like a dog by the very same people who swore to serve and protect us.

He is not innocent in this. He is a lesson to others that we should desist from entertaining certain elements around us. We become collateral damages in a war that was never ours to begin with. When you harbour certain people around you, you are no longer an assets to society, you become a liability, someone that society believes that they can do without. 

You unknowingly, unintentionally begin to be a proponent of a certain lifestyle. People will call it as they see it. 

When you get rich, you cannot live in the Ghetto. It is this fear of living in the Ghetto that makes so many people who get rich leave the Ghetto. 

I often wonder what purpose do we have in this life? Are we only living to die? I am thinking after the derogatory behavior and obscene utterances of members of the police force, I think that we have a real morality decay within our nation.
I know the police officers are frustrated. Fighting crime is not an easy feat especially in a country where police officers are considered kryptonite. I am worried, it may seem that only poor people and lower class citizens do not have any rights in this country. 

We still living in slavery. We can't talk when gun man kill man and we are forbidden by law to speak or investigate when police officers murder civilians. Only the rich, the privilege and the moneyed class are save from the scourge of untimely death. 

Everytime a man loses his life whether he was good or bad, I wonder if it was all for a waste. What are we living for? I often ask whose rights supersedes whom? The right of the police officer to call me a gyal and they know nothing about me? For them to treat my cousin life like a sacrilege? Whose right cancels out whom? Why it is ok for the police officers to say that they encountered a shoot out when we know contrary to that fact. We know a shoot out never occurred so why is my cousin being labelled a criminal. He kept bad company so he was not a saint. But was his bad choices worth his life and who determines how much our lives are really worth? 

We kept a candle light vigil for my blood because we understand that not all of use are given second chances in this lifetime. Some of us are expected to make good choices and if we fail to do so then we will die. 

We are not given an opportunity to do a trial and failure. It is killed or be killed. We must take his life as a lesson to us about the choices that we make. They say you cannot stop fate but I believe man chooses his own destiny. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where are you now in your life?

There was a time in my life when I felt pretty lonely. I was not only lonely. I was very angry. I had spent my entire life trying to please people. Always had someone or another telling me what they think I should or should not do. 

I often comply so as not to let them feel bad but then sometimes I am tired of being philanthropic. I would love if every once in a while someone would go put of their  way to enhance my life experience.

I have conceded that today most people only care about themselves. I tell the guy who looks dirty that I think he is a hardworker, he laughs because he knows most people look at him with scorn. 

I am very courteous to janitors and cleaning kafirs because they keep our environment sanitized. I do not think for a minute that people who dabble in sullied areas of life like the garbage collector or the sewage man are someone beneath me because they can tolerate certain stench and environment, that I would find insufferable. That's an admirable quality. Just imagine what our world would be with  feces and garbage lying around, we would have so many diseases, our life expectancy rate would cut in half. 

Too many people live for free in this world. Completely stagnant. Neither coming or going. They are just blowing in the wind until their candles burnout. 

Some people would have me hate my body. I have no intentions of ever allowing my self image the haul on the crowd attached to my sleeve. No one is going to make me feel bad a out myself ever again. 

Finding the Goliath in You!!!


There is always something to do. There are hungry people to feed, naked people to clothe, sick people to comfort and make well. And while I don't expect you to save the world I do think it's not asking too much for you to love those with whom you sleep, share the happiness of those whom you call friend, engage those among you who are visionary and remove from your life those who offer you depression, despair and disrespect.

I was called a sleeping Giant today. I have gotten accustom to drawing people into me. It is a remarkable quality. I am by all means magnetic. 

People often commend me of a greatness they see peaking out behind those incisive eyes of mine alive with animation. I wonder sometimes if god really has a plan for me! We won't even go here this time. 

It has forced me to question myself. Am i really a sleeping giant? Can i do so much more than I am doing now? . Am I really shrouding my real potential and not expounding enough on the talents that god gave me. 

I know there's heroism inside of me but I live in a very fragile environment where people i know have little regard for the validity of human life. People hold no resignations about getting rid of people that they perceived to be a threat to the so call statusquo. So I mope around in obscurity, writing here and there, believing that my pen is mightier than the sword. 

All heroes die. What cause can I champion in my country when I believe for the most part that the powers that may be are not ready for where I am taking this nation? The blatant disregard with which my mp treats my emails is testament to that. Sometimes I feel that I am fighting a losing battle! 

How can I fight for a people who are not ready for any sort of revolution? I am tired of seeing people die within their own communities, among their own people and nothing comes of it. How can I fight for a people who have been tattered their entire formative years by parents who by all means do not know any better. 

What about our intellectual Class? 

It's social slavery all over again. The intellectual class who are moving up through education do everything to distance themselves from the lower class families that most were spawned from, instead they kiss the asses of the rich so that they will be acceptable in their society. 

They become public servants, enslaving the Lower class masses so that they can feel like they are truly of a superior strata. But they are nothing but puppets for the rich. They all know it. I often hear lower class Jamaicans talk about "society people". They maybe right because within a nation we have society people and then we have ghetto people. 

I ask again whose rights supersedes whom?  The collective rights of the rich or doing what is right for the poor? The collective rights of our society or the individuals rights of one lone gun man? The rights of children or the privileges of wealthy pedophiles? The opportunism of the politician or the opportunities for the poor. Whose rights supersedes whom? 

We have greatness within us so we are all sleeping giants. We have been too long a victim of a system that seeks to deaden our spirits. We are too busy trying to survive that we miss the bigger picture. They have made us  committee to these rituals that we have lost ourselves. 

That life was never for me. I am sorry. I am not that big of a conformist, I could care less what people who are here now and few years it will be like they never existed have to say. 

We are all just passerbys on this road. There is no destination here. You live and you die. That's another thing I do not believe in. Sufferation. You are born to survive then you die. You are ever born to suffer? Are you a sleeping Giants? 

Find Investors for Your Business


Never be embarrassed about your dreams. The flat screen television, the computer and the iPhone you have, the car you drive and even the house you live in was once only an idea until someone created it for you. You just need to find a way to transcend your ideas into actuality. 

I have been introducing high yield investments to many of my colleagues. I show them from my experience how they can manipulate a system to get sufficient funds even for a merrier Christmas. Not many people jump on to the idea because they prefer to stick with traditional forms of investing physically or with financial institutions. 

Some people have ran with the idea and invested by themselves. I know that when people work very hard for their money, they are reluctant to let someone else spend it for them. Some people do not believe in risking what you already have in order to gain more. An investor once told me that he does not care to work for his money twice. 

I understand the virtue of his arguments  . But I cannot allow him to think that when he banks his money, it just sits there in the bank. The bank takes his money and invests it in many ventures similar to the ones I introduced him to. I also understand that the bank gives him          protection  that I may be unable to offer him. 

When you are hunting seed financing for your business ventures, it is best to do it on a platform that exposes you to Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist on a wider playing ground. Friends and family will not help in many cases. 

I remember when I wanted to do my first book and had thoughts of buying an industrial printer. I asked a family member to let me take out a loan on some furniture and she said no. I live to see the same family member asking me for money. I ended up being funded by a Canadian that I met for the first time in my life. Most of my investors are not from my circle. They are people I meet and share my dreams with. I don't have one investor that is a friend or family member. Oh not one. 

Need some money now get on the CrowdFunding platforms. 

You can easily raise money for any worthwhile venture. You don't have to beg it. You just have to be honest about what is it you are doing and what you are ideally looking for. There are a lot of people out there who invest for a living and are waiting for the right opportunity to spend some money nurturing someone's greatness.