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Monday, October 28, 2013

What is really mashing up Jamaica?

I am of the belief that the greatest stymie to the progress of any country is unity and a sense of oneness. We do not have that in Jamaica, we have a sense of segregation and parochialism which is destroying our efforts for nation building. 

I recently passed several police officers after members of the police force murdered my innocent cousin because of his association with criminals they claim. I am rather miffed by this society whose judicial tenets asserts that everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty and yet they killed little Gussy under the premise that he is a gun man when he has never been to prison and don't even have a police record. 

I stopped to speak with the officers and the expression on their faces were automatically aversion and disgust. I quickly realized another factor that we have with our police forces and it is that they think they are separate and different from the rest of the community when in fact it is members of these communities that make up the Jamaica Constabulary Force. 

I was considered a threat because I was not apart of them and without provocation or incite, an umbrage colleague told the officers that were speaking to me with his face grimaced in anger and repulsion to " make me gwaan bout me business" 

I heard Police Officers threatening young men to shoot them. One officer said " who dead, dead already and we have more to kill". I will only assume that they are just trying to intimidate the young men from retaliating in protest for Gussy's death  and they are not threatening arbitrary killing of innocent boys who are peeved about the murder of their friend. 

Police Officers so not offer counseling to the bereaved families instead they assert their authority more on the community which is only fuel to flare up anger and riotous behavior. 

There is a particular group in an adjoining community who I regularly speak with some members and I found it rather disheartening and infuriating that not one of them extended condolences to me for the passing of my kin albeit it is rumored that they themselves are not excluded from injustices. I would have been the first person to extend my heartfelt condolences to them if a member of their team passed away. 
They quickly show me how disunified and unconscionable people can be when injustices are meted out to people who they claim are not apart of their clique. 

What happened in Tivoli Gardena during the Dudus Extradition is a testament to the injustices and police excesses that can happen in these so call "operations" . 

Another grand issue that Jamaicans have  is that we do not learn from our mistakes.  I was recently speaking to some young men who are friends of my slain relative and if you see how them a big up them chest. They have missed the bigger picture altogether. 

These young men nowadays only respect scammers and bad man.  They see intellects like myself as people who might betray them.  They do not value my opinion because the truth is that I do not have money like them so they relegate me to some lowery status in their vacuous minds. 

But these Scammers fail to realize that having money does not make you "smady" in Jamaica. Gussy drove a BMW X5 and was murdered like a dog. Money does not change your social status, it only improves your economical conditions. You are not automatically given clout or reverence because you have money. Gussy's death should be a lesson to all of you basking around in your self made importance. You should all know by know that you really mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. You do not factor on society's radar. Push come to shove, society might decide to get rid of you as you are seen as a liability, a detriment to the advancement of this society. 

The greatest issue  affecting our society is that we need some youth political advisors for our politicians. They do not have a clue what is happening on the ground. We need elected Junior MPs and advisors to ministers under the age of thirty five. 

They would be surprised at what a shadow cabinet of youth politicians can do for this country. It might just be our way forward into the future. We need to try something else instead of these old tactics that are not working. 

Scamming and violence were not born out of "worthless poor people" with depraved characters. The decadence within our society is at all levels. And we on the grounds know that if it was not for scamming providing some money to boost the small rural niche communities. Then we would far more problems that we have now. 

I am of the opinion that God knows exactly what he is doing. I have spoken extensively about the problems that money in the hands of fools can brook. We have evidentiary value from our observations to conclude that these young men have not used their ill gained wealth to the advancement of their communities. 

It is not entirely their fault, it is due to the misconceptions of a parochial culture. Children are socialized to believe that they should pursue upliftment for themselves in order to measure higher on the social continuum alongside their peers. So scamming gives them an opportunity to gain wealth over their peers and this bears fruits of bad mind and violence. And what is the worst disease affecting Jamaica? Bad Mind



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