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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Exploiting our youths in Apprenticeship Schemes

I met a few people in my younger years who for the most part were more interested in exploiting my youthful naïveté and overall enthusiasm and commitment to the growth and development of their business. 

Most of these people worked me for days on end and I did not receive any compensation of sort even until this day. I was a bright little girl with powerhouse ideas but I was marginalized because I did not have experience or qualifications. Business people, mostly men exploited my business acumen, some attempted to sexualize our relationship and when it could not happen, I did not hear from them again. 

I was also misuse by people who wanted me to tutor their children, most of whom I have never heard from till this day. I remembered recently I was in a cafe and mom declared that she was on the phone speaking with her daughter who I did many a SBA for and tutored her to several Cxc grade ones. Her mother after hanging up told me her daughter said hi. The same daughter who would call me up at peak hours of night, anxious to finish a paper or have me write a paper for her. Now a doctor in training could only afford me a indirect "hello". 

I am resolved not to do that anymore. People who want my advice, counsel or opinion have to pay for it. I will do my best to help you to the limits if my ability as long as you put your money where your mouth is. 

I have a child to take care of therefore I do not have time for apprenticeship. I have my own business now so I have passed that level.

I am therefore intolerant of established business owners, wealthy investors and influential business aspirants who like to use the brilliance and vulnerability of a youth population with limited offers of opportunities for career advancement and jobs. 

It is appalling the rate of abstraction that young people suffer simply because they are looking for an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and work ethic.

I once refused to collaborate within a business leader and investor. I opined " survival mentality here. Just all those memories of the TV station owner, the radio station owner, the magazine owner, the guy who started the meat shop, the guy who hosted a local radio and show and all those other people I have "collaborated" with who for the most part simply used me and my brain n left me with nothing. Not even compensation so to speak. I am somewhat peeved here. I am twenty five but I have many stories to tell. So please MR. C excuse me if I am a little touchy on this subject.

 I truly believe that you hVe a great vision ahead and your idea especially for that site is a superb money maker. What I don't want is a boss, that's why I don't work for people. I don't like arrogant ppl or people who use my youth against me and I loathe exploiters. 
I do understand the principles. . And I see my wings spreading further. You have great ideas but I hardly know you so it's only natural for me not to trust you. And it's only a fool who does not learn from her mistakes.
People will form alliances with anyone when they don't have anything to loose... I know that..."

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