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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How can I get started making money online?

I was asked by a teacher who recently did her masters in secondary education and wanted to do something online as a supplementary income. 

Here's a snippet from our conversation to  put some questions others have asked into perspective. 

Blogger: your brilliant for these online money making ideas, you have shared. How do I get started? 

Me: write about your experiences and expertise. Be genuine, not personal, just sincere and make sure that your readers can relate. Better to write your personal experiences from a omniscient perspective. 

Blogger: #1. I cannot tutor kids online without proper resources

Me: set up a site and tutor kids. I teach graduates and school leavers about the Internet. No it's not difficult. You make money off classes, registration and advertising. I can create a site for you with everything syllabus. Skype interface so you can tutor one and one. People who sell books gonna wanna advertise with you

Blogger: ok that's great if you can help me with all if that. How much would your service cost and how would I make money? 

Me: advertising revenue from google Adsense, chitika, yahoo merchant and many more CPM, Ppc interfaces. You even list books from amazon n carling publishers on your site and make money off commission of sales. 

Blogger: We can start like a partnership. Where u can expand your business. 

Me: we need to sit down face to face so I can show you something about Internet millionaires. Google it Or people who made millions off the Internet. I know everybody wont get rich but if you have an idea or you can build a unique niche that can make you two hundred USD supplementary income the least per month then it is worth your whole. 

Blogger: Don't care too much for history sorry. 

Me: I understand but they will give you an idea of where to start from and what to do. Web application is a big field. Completely unexplored. If we could get investors to invest in this area then it is a huge income generator. 

Blogger: why don't you get investors then? 

Me: people don't really understand the internees potential in Jamaica. Most Internet companies sell complex part of the Internet. Building and designing websites which is good and all but there are millions of good looking website lost in the clutter which is the Internet. You need great content and you also need traffic. You need a committed audience that will keep coming back to read your stuff and that's where they fall short. 

Blogger: damn you are a genius 

Me: Not really I think some people are created for a purpose and I see myself as some kind of messiah. You cannot force people to want greatness, they must first find it within themselves and desire to attain it. I can only guide you. 

Blogger: lol so true my sister 

Me: Start a blog. Even if it is free one on blogger or Wordpress. And start writing your perspectives. 
Then get people to read it and then they will start recommending you. 

If you want to start making money online then look here and ask for help by emailing us at

Remember there are no short cuts to success. Hence why I emphasize using success of others as templates. They will tell you that you can be parsimonious when it comes to getting the best return on the investment if your resources. Time, physical input, intellectual property and the money you can spend to buy domains and traffic pockets. Do not forget email marketing and uploading your blog regularly. 

If you do not like to write then you can do a video blog. That is becoming a big hit now. Try also online radios and televisions in blog types. Research it. Find what it is that you need and I will help you find the rest. 


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