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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Good Samaritan

I notice something about poor people and it is that when you decide to offer them a helping hand they take it as an opportunity "live pon you". 

It is as if an act of kindness is interpreted as a demonstration of weakness. People believe you open yourself to exploitation. 

I often extend a helping hand to people with children and people who are in need because I often feel sorry for the Children. 

But I know I run a very serious risk by helping people to feed these children especially boys who might end my life later. 

My grand mother tells me that if you ever feel sorry for mawga dogs, they will turn round and bite you. Someone might add, how can one be sympathetic with or be sorry for the very same people who short of reason will get rid of you in the blink of an eye. 

I've realise that it is easy for people who are not from the ghetto to condemn me. Its true. I must be in support of the lawlessness, decadence and criminality that flourishes in the Ghetto. I can never be an intellect or one of them and have any empathy for people who chose a illicit, mundane and reckless behavior as their modus operandi. 

Why do I fight for people who by all means do not want to be apart of my warfare.  I should probably let them fight their own battles. I am fighting a losing war. I am putting my fragile existence in jeopardy for a people who by all accounts do not care about me. 

I do not back lawlessness but I am very supportive of the human condition. I believe every human being is rehabilitative. We have a choice. We must choose the type of life that we want to live but circumstances renders some of us option less. We just have to work with what we get. 

Some people are lucky not to be related to any "scum of the earth" so they think it gives them right to label and judge people. I often believe that it they would come off their high horse and live the life of one of these persons for a day, they might gain more perspective into how "easy" they think it is to survive on "worthless" neegga level. 

How can someone who has never lived in these social circumstances be in an advantageous position to decide what they think people who are within that capacity should think. 

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