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Monday, October 7, 2013

Tango-ing with the Narcissist

You know of my experience with narcissism and how due to my ignorance and immaturity I was almost pulverized by the cessation of this non relationship with a guy who from all indication has psycho-emotional issues. 

I recently met someone who reminded me of the narcissist. There is something inimitable about these type if men. A strange attractiveness that is embedded in their emotionless eyes or their theatrical body language. You want to get beside this human being whose existence is so fragile yet thinks he is gods gift to women. 

I will admit that it is this magnetism that allows him to fish in new women and keep his exes running back to him for one more dance with their tormentor. 

He, himself cannot identify it but he knows very well that he is eccentric. He knows he has qualities that very few women possess and that is what keeps sane sensible women dragging on the ground after him when he dumps them. 

His actions may seem staged but this is who he is. He cannot help it. His character cannot be mi nicked. You have to be Borned that way. It's  a Tom Cruise, Shaggy and Vybz Kartel rolled into one. You getting everything you love and all that you do not like. 

You either have it or you don't. Smart women know that a man like him comes with a hefty price. You know you gonna beat women off him with a stick and if he's not conscious certain way then you up for some heartache. Do not feel bad when he leaves, he has many a broken hearts in his wake. So you have to be mentally prepared for his exit. 

And don't even bother trying to get the narcissist to fess up to his misdeeds. He will no doubt deny them and blame it on the women. He will never be accountable for his behavior. 

What can you do? 
You can choose to stay with the narcissist or you can run for your life. He cares about nobody but himself. He's not even trying to care. He is naturally without emotions for anyone, he is simply egocentric. You cannot win with this man. He will drain you dry and then leave to find another victim to suck off. 

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