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Monday, October 21, 2013

Who are your heroes?

 I often think about my friends, the people I grew up with and people who have left this earth in my short lifetime realize that I am merely a passerby in this life. Fifty years from now, a lot of the people I know may be dead including my parents, my grandparents, a wide number of my friends and people that i have known my entire life. I too may not be here. We leave this world, gone like the pollen in the wind. 

I remember how I felt about death as a child, I thought it happened to other people and when my schoolmate at twelve years old had his head severed by a bus in the park. It opened my eyes that children too could die. I didn't think much of it because I like most people only think that other children would die and not me.

People I went to primary school with died before finishing high school.Many people from my high school years are dead now and will never reach their thirties. 

I remember people I love like Checky who never lived to see the end of this year. Some people will remain in my heart forever. His death has reminded me  of how fragile our lives are. I used to worry a lot about the fifty pound I gained during my pregnancy. I don't anymore. Checky lived in a gym and several bullets sent the body he worked on everyday into decomposition. That was an eye opener for me. 

We think that we are not heroes but we are. We overcome our own struggles everyday. God knows that the human race has been its biggest enemy and it ain't easy living in this world. It is not even easy being human. Everyday we wake up, we know it is a miracle. Everyday we are alive in this tumultuous world, we are heroes of our modern societies. 

There are still people fighting, dying and paving the way for our redemption. Fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. They are our unsung heroes.

Teachers who teach our children, the nurses who look at our illnesses despite our belligerent behavior, the politician who is working hard to change the statusquo of modern day politics and rallying for the upliftment of the people, the pastor who understands that he is not a gateway to heaven, merely a messenger for eternal life. We forget to salute these people because they don't look the way we want to. They are not gratifying enough. They don't live in the right communities, have the right friends or have any wealth or worthy resource. 

We have many heroes in our communities. The people who take time out to guide our children. The one taxi driver that we can call on any time of the night. The neighbor that shares. The child that helps other children. We are all heroes in our own right. Happy Heroes Day. 

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