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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Legalizing procreation in Jamaica

We are the World, We are the Future!!!

I once read a book that asserts that If there was a law that forbade people who were not financially able from starting a family then we would have a better society. 

The author may have some truths in his claims because the dominant factor in the social maladies affecting Jamaica ties to people who were born in poverty. Most if not all criminals have similar backgrounds, single parent mother with several other smaller children, absentee father and high school drop out. It is a fact that most felons have similar familial and social backgrounds. It means that crime is endemic to lower socio economic groups. 

The author claims that basic child rights would be secured and the standard of living improved  because we could not procreate without first improving our economical standards. 

We would not have great poor masses as the poverty lines would be marginalized and therefore the poor population contained. If poverty is reduced then criminality is easier controlled and tracked in its small pocket groups. Reducing the poor population also minimizes our long term exposure to criminality. 

The author endorses the need for government to pass a legislature that forbade persons who are not financially capable from having children or too much for that manner. Some might say this is unnecessary because we have a free system of healthcare and access  to contraception. 

It is indicative that unwanted pregnancies and derelict women having children may be attributable to deeper social problems than merely sanctioning reproduction. 

If basic financial stability is made a legal requirement before one can start a family the author purports that this prerequisites  would preclude children from being born into poverty, without proper nutrition l, shelter and access to education and health care which would in turn create a stable environment. 

Most young people I know who choose a life of debauchery have backgrounds tied to poverty and mothers who bred too many children. A young man growing up in a family setting where mother has too many children will become embarrassed by the time he is a teenager of the way he lives. His mother might encourage him due to his academical failures in school to seek a trade or work. She might be unable to continue his education and he begins to seek subsistence elsewhere. 

If he chooses a life of crime. He will become a scammer, a robber or a lackey for some criminal network. He can get money to give to his mother to take care of his siblings and improve her economical standings by expanding her house. The mother might or might not be privy to what he does for a living. 

A female in a similar family settings may begin sexual relations with older men in order to continue her education or contribute to the maintenance of the household. Some mothers intentionally push their daughters into these situations. In many cases, you have a woman with daughters, who are all high school dropouts and teenage mothers. The mother often hopes the daughter manages to "use her head" and continue her education, some do but many become just like their mothers. 

Many homes have mothers and their daughters having babies in the same year. Grandmothers pregnant with several small children and grand children in what may be referred to as a single family unit house. 

This means that the cycle of poverty would stem to several generations before it can be eradicated. We know of families coming from stuffings in the board structure to keep prying eyes out or who "you could take tick juck them out" whose children ended up " passing the worst". 

But we know that those who have managed to get out of poverty are in most cases born smart and others superbly talented. We do have stories of people without aptitude or flair who simply never gave up or give in. 

Effecting social change fosters a better society and that is imperative...if not remedial. We cannot move into the future positively. If we hope to have a better world, we need social reformation. We will just be a land of savages with technology if we do not improve our nation's value system. 

"Excerpt from Jamaican Acute-GHetto-Itis"

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