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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Families and Foreigners

Every Jamaican knows that every family have relatives who live abroad. Most families have them so call informers whose main purpose in life is to be a tale bearer to the kin living abroad by keeping him or her updated on the occurrences in the family back home. 

There is no way a foreigner living outside of Jamaica can be privy to what is happening on the island if there are not people who are wantonly feeding her information. 

Foreigners are keen to fight over inheritance albeit they do not live here and does not contribute to the active maintenance of said inheritance or their fore parents. 

Some family members do not get the notion that you cannot seek to set up people outside against people that you live with because when the visitors are gone, you will be left with the same people you were " bunning out". 

Many Jamaicans do not think futuristically, they are often too concerned with what is happening at the moment with little regard for how it will affect their tomorrow's. And when it is over, they move on to create more temporary sensations. 

And then foreigners too create dissensions and head back home leaving the Yardies to sort out their own issues. 

Why can't families be loving? Mainly because Families have discordance within their own little niches, competitions to outdo each other and favoritism played upon by parents an leaving sibling rivalry. 

Old people have a saying that if you dying and your family not on it, you might live. 

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