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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Social Revolution needed in Jamaica.

We need a social revolution if we are to move forward as a nation. I believe we have issues with government and economy but it stems from the permeation and reinforcement of bad values within our society. It is evident in how we have corruption seeping into every vein of our public sector. We teach our children that education gets them out of poverty, we should be endorsing ethical education so that people do not only concentrate on getting out of poverty but creating a better society.
Teaching that education get one out of poverty in this present days is so stuck in time past and gone. We need to teach along with the quest of education how to survive in this challenging oppressive economic world, learning to deal with doubts, despair, setbacks and other personal growth should be included in early curriculum.

we have an archaic system of education that has become so committed to teaching our children academia and often leave out the socio-emotional and psychological development of our children. We have inadvertently created the society that we have now when we ignore the other facets of development of our progeny.

I might had that it is no different in the USA either, many are being over burden with long range student loans an few job prospects wonder it some had pursued their passion and dreams if finance would still be a challenge; the alternative will never be known only conjectured.

i am a proponent of self education. I believe that our curriculum is expired and inept. Most of our so call intellects are only people with certification. They too have been mired in this falsity of our society. Parents ecnourage children to seek traditional forms of employment so we have overcrowded teachers colleges and nursing schools popping up all over the place; which leads to eduflation. We need a programme that campaigns to transcend the thinking of this generation and beyond into the twenty first century.

Too many times the people in our communities that should be validated are placed on the back burner like our teachers who have contributed years to the development of our societies greatest assets, it's intellectual properties. Yet nuff a We bequeath respect to some people who don't even deserve it. Ppl who can't even write a letter of recommendation to give some a we pickney so them can go look a work inna corporate Jamaica. No man can demand that I respect him, respect is earned. When you a command the respect of others they will gladly lay down theirs lives in defense of your cause because your life values so much to the advancement of our societies.

I have been thinking for sometime now that I should go into our schools and begin talking to kids about crime and violence. And our social responsibility to each other.I think education is I
Important, it is vital but we need a social revolution and the only way we can get that is through ethical education. We have to become committed to teaching our children not just how to get out a poverty but how to create a better society.

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