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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Real Ghetto Stories

The Ghetto is a killer of dreams. It is a toxic environment and it is a fragile context to be in. You are liable to lose your life either by bad man or police. Poor people only have the right to be silenced and feared. Everybody else dictates the rights of Ghetto people but themselves. 

Police officers assert that Ghetto people deserve what they get out of life because they put up with too much slackness. They try to fight down people who are aspiring to transcend their lives, they protect criminal elements and they riot against the police officers. 

Everyone in the Ghetto is viewed as a criminal or aiding and a testing criminality. The wider society contend that Ghetto people have a chilling perspective on life. 

They hold placards for injustices but never  hold demonstrations for the many innocent people that are killed by people within their own communities. 

Ghetto does not need more soldiers and police, it needs a social reformation brought about by the parents and elders who inadvertently inculcate the next generation with mores that are detrimental to the advancement of our society. 

Our mothers are the agents for social change. They put up with so much slackness that they create monsters without even knowing it. Yes everyone knows its your child and you have a responsibility to protect him and it is only natural to support whatsoever he wants to di with his life but not at the expense of an entire society? 
Whose rights supersedes whom?

 The right of a mother to support her killer son or the rights of a society that embraces the notion that we must express our disregard and opposition to criminals even those that are family and friends. 

 What about the rights of the children of other mothers? The many families that this son left in mourning, he took away from them that which he cannot give back. What mother can justify that...? 

Mothers and family members create criminals. The mothers who take the blood money and feed their families. The women who sleep with these men who murder another man's wife. Men who have sisters and daughters who rape other people's sisters and daughters. 

Mothers do not teach their children to show empathy. They teach them to try and daunt people into submission or becoming an accomplice. 

Ghetto Mothers teach their children to leech on people who look as if they have a lot of bread on their table and hope that the crumbs will fall into their lap. They do not tell their children to become bakers themselves. They do not create builders, they create parasites and menaces to society. They think that they will always be there to protect their children but they won't. 

Nothing that binds a society as the values and thoughts that are encouraged from childhood. I often look at the children of people from outside the Ghetto and majority of the time, they are less inclined to be agents of crime and murder. 

A family's belief system shapes the mores and values of a child. 

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